ok i know im not suppost to make more help thread but i know how this stuff works ok .

--to all newbs that dont know how to use everything on gaia im here to help you out this is a list that will make things pretty easy--

1. Get a trading pass at the bank for 500 gold.
2. Post until you get a good amount of gold that you think is good to get a good outfit.
3. Go to the market place and bid on the items that you want ( its alot of the times cheaper than at the stores depending on what you are wanting some items can only be hade by a enchanted trunk or buying them form other players)
4. Then save up another 1000gold so you can get a vending pass from the bank ( after you have that you will be able to sell you items that you dont like)
5. Post away and go about things as you want cuz thats the easiest way to get money and a good outfit fast

-- this will work if u are not in a hurry gaia takes time so dont rush anything or you'll just get mad--

( i did all of this as a tip form my brother and now i have less than 200 posts and i have this kickin outfit and 10,000 gold extra that i am saving)

--and remember the longer the post in a forum the more the gold--