Welcome to Gaia! ::

And dont know what to do
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Welcome! Today's gaia's 10th anniversary!
You should check out the forums and just talk C:
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Talk and buy clothes with your gold! Edit your profile and play some games. 3nodding
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Welcome to Gaia!
You can always ask me if you need help with anything. 3nodding
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And dont know what to do

Welcome to Gaia!! Hope you will have fun here!! =) You can start by exploring the sites here and head over to For the Love of Gaia forum to join the fun!! =)
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And dont know what to do

posting is a good way to earn gold~
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And dont know what to do

gaia_angelleft yum_tea gaia_angelright

I advise searching through the guilds. Find one to suit your interests and join in the mini community there. It might be less daunting, and more focused on something you know you like, than the site as a whole.
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And dont know what to do

welcome to gaia and pm me if any questions
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Hello, welcome to Gaia biggrin
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And dont know what to do

Welcome to Gaia! Maybe try roaming some of the virtual spaces to meet some friends ^^? Good luck!
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And dont know what to do

You can RP in Barton Town Forum
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And dont know what to do
Well Mr. Stache, first of all, welcome. When I was new, I joined a guild which got me together with like-minded people and they were amazing in helping me learn the ropes and earn gold and items.
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Hi, welcome to Gaia.

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