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Hi my name is Kira, well thats what you can call me, i am still kind of getting used to this site, i stopped using it since the reason i came, well i lost it. But i bet there are a lot of people like me so i should finds friends here. My personalty is as follows:
*I love reading scary stories
*I enjoy watching anime with a good story in it
*I hate, yes hate is a big word but i hate rated parts, they just ruin the whole movie, ect
*I love writing poems and stories
*If i write you something, count your self lucky wink
*I dont flirt, i just make fun and laugh
*I stick up for my friends and boyfriend...P.S single, so just friends at the moment
*I love cuddling and talking
*I like being PG rated and not going to far with anyone
*I am on chatango -Kiraheartlessnew (add me okay?)
*I am very talkative
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Welcome to Gaia! The more you understand what this site is all about the more addicting it may become to one's soul eek
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Welcome to Gaia Kira! You are a good girlfriend for showing appreciation for him! He is a very lucky guy, don't be modest. 3nodding

Gaia can get a little confusing because there are so many things to do here, and as of recent the developers have been making some pretty drastic changes (for the better, of course!). If you have any questions at all you can ask me or one of your fellow Gaians by going to their profile and finding an inbox hotlink or here by clicking on the dropdown list right below someone's avatar and clicking "Send PM." It's truly addicting once you get the hang of it and meet the right people! heart

Here are some useful tips on keeping your account from getting pried into and a fantastic way to obtain gold here (one of the very many ways) is to go to the aquarium forum and play Booty Grab, by clicking on one of the first topics and clicking on a glowing tank! Gold will buy you all sorts of really cool, creepy, cute, or awesome items.
Be sure to read any of the appealing Stickies and Announcements on the main forum boards, they can be very helpful!
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Killer Princess Kira
Hi my name is Kira, well thats what you can call me, i dont like this site much because its soooo complicated stressed Well i am just here for him so yeah, i Like the way he says 'So yeah' and i think i have got a habit of saying it too, things i dont like him saying, idk, arggg things i love him saying 4laugh love you, i am yours, and i love his hugs and kisses, i love him as full just not the idk, because i feel like he doesnt wanna talk. He has green eyes and dark brown hair if i remember correctly razz . He loves to say fail when i make a mistake and call me silly but i love it when he does because it shows he cares.................. i should stop now because i am blushing and feel like the other things shouldnt be said to everyone. redface

Welcome to the cult!
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You will Get use to being On gaia after a week or two Just Give it a chance.
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Welcome to Gaia.
hi sorry didnt mean to be modest or anything........well anyways okay if you all say so ill take your word for it
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Hello, welcome to Gaia biggrin
thanks everyone for the warm welcome

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