Welcome all who come to Gaia for the first time!
I welcome all who want to come and work, make new friends, and just want to have fun, and I need workers. So come to my cafe were you can meet new and exticing people!


So come and see what's going on!
All other details will be explained at my cafe, bar(at night when others are closed(16 and older), and beach for friends and family to come and enjoy!

Pm me if you want a job, but come to my cafe before you do anything. You my have seen my web clip here and there. They look like:

(walks in)

My name Is Kaiou Deep, and I am hiring pplz to work at me cafe and Beach. I'm not spaming, or upsetting this forum. Please come to the cafe's link, and state your name and what job you want, Thank you!

All r welcome and Bumpie!

(walks out)

So please pm me before anything happens, thank you.