There’s currently a marketing promotion put on by Gratis Network where you can get both a free IPod and a free flat screen tv or monitor.

It sounds somewhat questionable but three of my friends have received free ipods (or so I’m told) and there are many websites online discussing this offer. It seems quite legit.

To get an IPod you have to sign up (with an email and physical address, etc.), participate in one of their online offers (more later), and refer five friends. Once you have done this you can pick between the 20 gig full size ipod, any of the ipod minis, or a $250 ipod store gift certificate.

The catch is the online offer: Most of them cost money. However there is one that doesn’t: the Ebay offer. To participate in this offer you click the link to eBay from the FreeIpod site, and sign up for a new (not an existing) account. Use an email address from school, work, or some organization (not yahoo or hotmail) so that you don’t have to give a credit card. Then using this account you have to bid on one item. Pick an item that was just listed at a low price (like the ones going for $.01) so that you know you’ll be outbid. In 3-5 days your account will be credited as having completed the offer.

Now you just have to refer five other people (what I am doing right now). Once each of these friends has completed the offer you will be sent the ipod of your choice.

Here is the link to the FreeIpod site. If you do sign up, please use this link so that I will be credited for referring you (because you will want others to do the same for you):

The free flat screen offer is from the same company, and is the exact same scheme except you must get seven referrals. You MAY sign up for both offers. Here is my link for the free flat screens:

If you still are curious or want more information that is unbiased (I.E. not from me or Gratis Network) take a look at this website:

Thanks a lot. Good luck with the free stuff!

- Dank