Welcome to Gaia! ::

& everything costs a million gold. How get?
Sekai Seifuku
& everything costs a million gold. How get?

You have to play games, surf, posts and sometimes people are generous enough to donate items.
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Shy Bunny

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welcome to gaia smile
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hi,welcome to gaia xp
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Tipsy Tycoon

Since you're new....give Gaia your money.
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Hi ^_^ Welcome to Gaia.
Step 1: Post a lot on the boards.

Step 2: Watch the prices go even higher than when you first started.

Step 3: Cry over the unfairness of inflation for virtual items.

Step 4: Quit.

The end!

Step 4: Quit.
Wow i guess thats one way to say welcome.
Welcome to Gaia!
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Sekai Seifuku

Blame the inflation... *shakes fist*
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Invisible Fatcat

If say blame Flynnms booty... In cash shops, you're able to sometimes win gold, that's why everything is suddenly SO PRICEY D=

But anyways!! Welcome to Gaia! smile don't hesitate to ask any questions ^_^
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Sekai Seifuku
& everything costs a million gold. How get?

Welcome to Gaia!
And I'm still trying to figure that out myself. sweatdrop
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Sekai Seifuku
& everything costs a million gold. How get?
WELCOME TO GAIA!!! Yeah, play games, join roleplays in Barton Town because you earn gold everytime you post something, or you can even draw avi-art for gold; you draw a picture, they give you gold! biggrin Art tranding is located Here, in the mini shops. Go look around!
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My advice is collect 999 gaia cash point from the offer in the cash tree icon
buy the chance item which cost the exact same value
and sell it, you'll instantly get a few mill
but I recommend you to check other items as well to make sure which item worth more for the effort and months you spent to get the 999 gaia cash point from the offers
Anyway welcome to gaia
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Feral Cat

Wrong time to come to Gaia when the market place is inflated.

You wont be getting anything without spending some real cash, good luck though.

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