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I just don't know where to start
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I just don't know where to start

Try out the towns or check out the avatar voting areas?
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Hello and welcome to Gaia.
You might want to get gold to buy items, which you can play Booty Grab to get gold.
Booty Grab Guide
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I just don't know where to start

Welcome to Gaia c:
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I just don't know where to start

Make gold by posting in the Chatterbox, playing games, voting in polls and then you can buy clothes and dress your avatar up! biggrin
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Zomg is pretty fun. (:
You get to meet a lot of gaians and make plenty of gold.
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I just don't know where to start
Wow, I wouldn't send someone new to Chatterbox. It's too much of a melting pot of strangeness, lol. I started out on the games tab, playing jigsaw puzzles and stuff, plus a little bit of zOMG. I wandered into Booty Grab on accident, but it's a great way to make money for new dress-up items. The Achievements sub-forum is kind of a nice place to start out, or maybe an art thread. Places where most of the people there are nice.

Anyhow, welcome, and sorry for the wall of text. You can friend me and send me a pm if you have any questions 3nodding
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I just don't know where to start
I know it's best not to throw newbs into the fire from the start, but honestly, I feel like the best place to get your feet wet is the chatterbox forum. It's fun, I promise!
I just don't know where to start

This is staring place After that, you can play game or discuss other items.
Nice to meet you

Valentine cruise in Halong*Emotion cruise*Paloma cruise
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I just don't know where to start

Welcome to Gaia!!! c:

yum_tea yum_tea yum_tea

I would play around in Towns a bit~ c: That is where I started, I mean~
Good Luck~ !
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TY all for making feel welcomed biggrin its a nice change of pace.
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welcome to gaia!!!

Danny Hocken rolled 2 4-sided dice: 3, 1 Total: 4 (2-8)

I am the same. I like the graphics and thought with forums and topics I could read other people's writing and write more myself. I hope to make friends. I also want to know the philosophy of Gaia.
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Welcome to Gaia! Hope you enjoy your stay. If you want to get know some things about Gaia the Gaia Guides and Resources forum where other helpful users put guides together for other users to get the best out of their experience here. Or so I've been told.

And since you're new, you might have a healthy skepticality about clicking links. I can assure you, mine links directly to that forum. wink

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