Welcome to Gaia! ::

say bump 5 times and u will get!
is anyone coming
bump bump bump bump bump
Bumping is considered spam. you have been reported for encouraging other users to violate the rules.

Welcome to gaia is for introducing new users only. Spam belongs in chatterbox only. If you continue to spam here you may be fined gold for every spam post you make.

Please will you read this sticky Welcome to Gaia! Rules & Guidelines [~*READ NOW*~] which explains what welcome to gaia is and is not for. Please contact a mod and have this thread moved to its more appropriate location. Please will all users stop posting on this thread until it has been moved. You can get into trouble for continuing along with the creator of this thread.
one at a time that is cheating but that one can count as one bunp ok u get it!
i want it, and need it but unfortunately im not a newbie
How I get it?

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