Welcome to Gaia! ::

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I don't have anything to donate at the moment.
But I hope you'll like Gaia anyway!
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Hello there. I'm new also, glad to meet you. smile
Welcome to Gaia.
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Welcome to Gaia ^^;
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hello there ~ and welcome to gaia! well, if you like books, films, music and also anime, you can go to each forum section and share what you like! there are 7 forum all together and inside each of the forums have sub-forum which can help you to narrow down to your interest.. there are a lot of topics and you can share it there!

if you want to hang out or meeting new people, you can always go to the world whereby, you can hang out in the rally, town, virtual Hollywood, etc.. you can also build your own house in town and also make your own car for the rally.. plus, there are also a manga section whereby you can read the storyline of the Gaia world..

if you want to change to your new look, you can always go to the shop.. there, there are many shops for you to choose on based on what you like.. if you couldnt find what you want there, you can always go to the marketplace.

if you're bored and wanted to play some games, gaia also have a game section whereby you can play zomg (no need to download it so dont worry), pinball, jigsaw, etc..

to earn gold in here, you can always play the booty grab (play it when your or other people's tank are glowing), play games, posts in the forums, comments, votes, etc.. you can also buy Gaia Cash (GCash/GC) to buy stuff that you want in Gaia Cash Shop.. you can buy it by using mobile phone, credit card, etc.. if not, you can finished the quest given in gaia cash section to earn free Gaia Cash..
Beautiful Jewel
Hello, nice to meet you! blaugh

Hi there! You like the color green too I guess! Nice avatar! heart

Yes I do! biggrin
And thank you! blaugh
welcome!!! too!!! GAIA ONLINE!!!!
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im new here too! have no idea what im doin XD haha nice to meet you ^^ whee

welcome. blaugh
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Beautiful Jewel
Hi, I'm new! I'd like to make some friends! Anyone willing to donate anything they don't want? smile

First tip, don't make your first post about wanting people to give stuff to you. But Welcome to Gaia! : )

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