Welcome to Gaia! ::

Hey everyone! I'm new here to Gaia. I was wondering if anyone would like to be my friend. ninja
Welcome To Gaia
Hey everyone! I'm new here to Gaia. I was wondering if anyone would like to be my friend. ninja
*giggles* hi! i'm froggie_girl427 and i'm a summer babe. what's new?
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i wanna be your friend
Hi and welcome to gaia, i'll be your friend if you want, just to help you out and stuff
hi and welcome to gaia. hope you like it here.
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Hello! And Welcome to Gaiaonline!

If you have any questions or simply need a friend, PM me and I'd
be happy to speak with you. Enjoy your stay!

~ heart ~
welcome to gaia!! hope u have fun!!
Hi welcome to gaia my name is white angel sora ! and im sorta new here but i can help ya out!!! i can tell you how to make money earn stuff make friends and etc !! And if you need any other help or want to ask questions just ask me!!!! or if im not here leave me a message in one of my topics or PM me! and if you don't know what PM means it means " private message" Ok lets move on!!!

HOW TO EARN GOLD!!!!:EASY EASY EASY!! to make money you can make a topic or be in one be in chatterbox! it earns you alot of gold there any ways theres other ways such as...Selling some of your items you don't like (i do that everytime!!) or fish or many other ways!!!

HOW TO MEET OTHER PEOPLE!!!: How to?SIMPLEE! You can be in a topic or make one or just goto gaians chat rooms!!but remeber not all gaia people are nice here so just be yourself!!(IF YOU LIKE I CAN BE YOUR FRIEND )

HOW TO GOTO OTHER PLACES!!:how to? EASY AS PIE!!On the map there is barton town theres alot shops on the right of the map your going to see transporter that takes you to other other other towns!! and there fun tooo!!

remember! PM me for any other questions or need help on what you see ill look it up and see what it is if i don't know what it is ask another Gaia person they help alot just goto the topic gaian help and it'll help thank you have a nice and wonderful day~!! (add me if you want! )
Welcome to Gaia, I hope you enjoy yourself ^_^
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enable ur pm's for every one
ill be ur friend just pm me
Ill be your friend if you want
ya i'm allready your friend!!!!!!!!!! biggrin

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