Welcome to Gaia! ::

What's the funnest thing to do here? =D
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What's the funnest thing to do here? =D

Hi Welcome to Gaia, friend! ninja cool

Playing game, watch movies and anime, go to arenas, Chatting with others, loitering around the site, and accomplishing Achievements is pretty much fun. Hope that helps! 3nodding
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Welcome to Gaia dear heart
The funnest thing to do here is get gold and make your avi cool cool
Oh and forums are pretty fun too. Chat with people, make friends, argue..XD, watch people argue. xp
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What's the funnest thing to do here? =D

Hi, um, the best thing to do on Gaia? I'd say making friends ^^
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I'm new too! I created my account last week. I'd probably say the funnest I've had on here is customizing my profile and avatar biggrin But I've had some trouble making friends neutral
All sorts of fun can be had here.

Anyway, welcome!
i'm new too 3nodding
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What's the funnest thing to do here? =D

Monster Galaxy is good fun, but generally I loiter in Barton Town to RP!
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yum_pie wahmbulance Welcome to Gaia User Image yum_pizza
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funnest? play zomg!!! rofl
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I think there are a lot of different opinions on what the funnest things for a Gaian to do, depending on their personal preferences and stuff. I like everything it all combines to create awesomeness.
Thanks everyone!! =D
Welcome to Gaiaonline.
My favorite thing to do is roleplay.
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What's the funnest thing to do here? =D

That all depends on you!
I like to play zOMG to earn gold.
Or sometimes I'll play blackjack or the slots to earn tickets.
Or you could just leave posts in the forums for newbies!
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Welcome to Gaia! Enjoy your stay!

Some of the fun things are gaming, the Rally/towns, chatting and the forums of course!

We hope to see you around ;D

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