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hi, my students "forced" me to join gaia...

anyways, i hope anyone could orient me about this site?

Welcome to Gaia emotion_c8

For starters, make sure you read the rules first (go to Forums -> Welcome to Gaia -> top thread)

There's lots of things here... such as the forums, Art Arenas (under Forums section), games and the shops. Gaia also has this Aquarium you can toy around with (under My Gaia tab)

Feel free to ask if you have any questions and hope you enjoy it here! wink

thanks for the warm welcome. im quite familiar with the forum and aquarium already, but what is the difference with the gold and cash? there are some shops using gold or cash as their currency.

Gaia gold is virtual money that you earn around the site while cash has to be obtained with real-life money (or by doing a few things with the money tree at the top)

I hope it was clear enough and no worries emotion_c8