This is a reminder to everyone that rude behavior and flaming is not permitted in the Welcome Forum.

The purpose of the Welcome Forum is to provide a safe, informative and supportive environment for our new users. Due to the nature of the forum, there will be always be spam and people will make mistakes. This is the way of the forum and cannot be avoided.

Lately, there has been an upsetting trend in this forum. Instead of reporting misplaced/spam threads or asking a Mod assistant to move them, users are flaming and berating those that make mistakes. It's really not necessary to come into a thread just to post "Hey, wrong forum". Can you imagine how upsetting it would be to a new or confused user to post a thread just to get a page or more of "wrong forum!"?

Please keep the following in mind when posting:

  • Avoid making rude posts of any kind
  • Avoid telling new users to leave the forum (i.e. gtfo)
  • If a new user posts in the wrong forum simply report the post
  • Telling the user that they have been reported will be considered to be spamming
  • "Want, don't need" posts will be considered to be spamming
  • "Gaia is not a dating service" posts will be considered to be spamming
  • "Take it to the Chatterbox" posts will considered to be spamming

Spamming in this manner, as well as flaming and excessive rudeness will not be tolerated in the Welcome Forum. Think twice and consider your words before posting in a thread. Users who are found flaming/spamming will be dealt with by the moderation team.

The Welcome Forum is the "first taste" that many users get of Gaia and we don't want to start them off on a bad foot. Gaia is meant to be a positive and enjoyable environment.Remember this and show respect and courtesy to both our new users and existing members.

On the same note, please DO NOT feed the Trolls. What this means simply is to ignore trolling/disrupting threads or posts. These users seek attention, and by posting on their threads and such, you are encouraging them. Instead please REPORT the offending threads/posts, we will deal with them.

Thanks Guys~