Welcome to Gaia! ::

Erm, hello everyone!
Wheatley's the name.

I just joined.
What is there to do here?
Testing I hope...
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Hello, Wheatley. I'm also new but you can post lots and play games. cat_3nodding
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Aged Gekko

welcome to Gaia and yeay pritty much theres games, posting, walking the towns and genraly chating to people in forums and pms and stuff like that ^^ did i say welcome? anyways if your in need of a friend or two im allways here to talk to
>> CarpeNoctem:

A fellow newbie!

Hm, games?
Games are fun, great little... adventures to pass the time.

Sounds great!
>> Geo rave:

Ooh great!
Sounds positively smashing!

'Ello to you too!
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Theres alot, but more importantly, get out there, and exploreee :B
>> FaKeStaR:

I intend on doing just that!

Oh my, your hair color..s are amazing!
Simply love it.~
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Welcome :3
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Erm, hello everyone!
Wheatley's the name.

I just joined.
What is there to do here?
Testing I hope...

Hello and welcome to Gaia!
I hope you enjoy your time here. c :

Wow, everyone here is so kind!
Not at all like Aperture Laboratories...
Tending to the um.. not-smelly humans.
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Welcome!! biggrin Have fun on Gaia ^^
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves...

G'Day. Welcome to Gaia! If you ever need a friend or any help with Gaia, feel free to add me and/or PM me. ^^

...it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.
Welcome to gaia heart
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Welcome to Gaiaonline.
Feel free to add me.
Have any questions just ask.

Tip: never give out your password.

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