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I only got to play for a couple weeks after my girlfriend and I started using this site. Can spend weekends with her, but during the week her phone and internet are completely nullified by her mom. Only thing I've done this entire time on this site. Level 10 in 2 weeks, dedicate to a daily thing to work a little.
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The links to it around the site keep disappearing. There's no longer a partner games category in the Games section and it was removed from under mini-games like just awhile ago though you can still get there through the link from your buddies if someone posted activity. "I helped repair the building on your island!" But it looks like this might be it for Resort World on Gaia cry

They still have Paradise Island for Android but then you gotta download stuff and screw that! And checking out the Viximo site it just looks like they're going down the route of gaming on mobile devices... I could be wrong but I dunno. User Image guess i'll spend up the rest of my money and piaastres.

Ah, you're right... Darn, I was getting my hopes up because it's been about two weeks since Gaia said it'd take Resort World off. Thank you for the link, though! I'm going to spend the last of my piastres and make the most of the last day (or week, maybe? emotion_kirakira ) of Resort World!

Why does Gaia keep getting and getting rid of games, anyway? First there were all the OMGPOP games, then Backyard Monsters, then Summer Springs, and now Resort World... sad

keep in mind at least some of these games are by partnerships. if the partners stop the game Gasia can't do anything about it. if you play monster galaxy you can access from their still for a bit.
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Oh, son of a b***h... and I never spent any of my gold pisatras, either. I was THIS close to putting the finishing touches on my main island, too.
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Yeah,all the links are no longer working to get to RW. There's not even a RW forum site anymore. Looks like it's DOA now. You can still play it on Facebook. Just be prepared to start from square one. Depressing. crying
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I played it last night.
crying Now it's really gone.
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Yep its gone."Can't Find Server" -_- I should have logged in last night and just finished everything I was going to, eh, too late now. There also doesn't seem to be anything similar out there either. sad I mean there's other games but it just looks like it sucks... Nothing quite like resort world. I'm also deleting my fb so I won't be playing it on there heh.

All these games are going away, it really does suck. I hardly zomg anymore and Heralds is okay but I'm not too into strategy games. Lets hope Monster Galaxy sticks around. sad I don't even play it that much and I'm worried. More games Gaia please! emotion_8c
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I had fun with it for a year and a half and made millions of Gaia gold from it. Why do you feel your time was wasted?

i miss resort world it showed my creative side. People who were bored are probably kids with a short attention span.Oops, i forgot some of you older (18-22) aren't focused either.
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Resort World was the only reason I came back to gaia after a 5 year hiatus...

See you guys in 5 years I guess.
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How disappointing... sad
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I recently got into that game late last year. I really enjoyed it. One day I went on this site, I wanted to play the game and it was gone. I was disappointed. I wish they'd get it back.

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