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Resort World Going Away on Friday, December 21st, 2012

Hey everyone!

We wanted to let you know about a pretty big change coming to one of our third-party games - sadly, Resort World is going away on Friday, December 21st, 2012.

To be honest, we here at Gaia HQ are rather shocked by this news (we just found out about it this morning! eek ) and are sure you fans of Resort World are shocked as well. We don't have a lot of info on why this is happening, but we'll let you know when/if we get updates on the matter. At any rate, we're so very sorry about the minimal notification as well as any inconvenience or frustration this situation will cause you.

Now, we know that some of you have recently spent your Gaia cash on getting Piastres (the Resort World in-game currency) and might not have been able to spend your Piastres yet. Not a problem! While we normally have 30 day refund/reimbursement policies for issues like this, since this is such short notice, we're going to have an extended reimbursement this time!

If you converted your Gaia cash to get Piastres in Resort World at any time between November 1st, 2012 and today, December 19, 2012 you can file a billing ticket through our Help Center to get your Gaia cash back. Also, it should go without saying that as of this notice, you should not continue to use your Gaia cash to get more Resort World Piastres.

Anyway, again, we're sorry about the sad news. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. biggrin

Be well biggrin