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oh,I'd love to have more neighbors on Resort World biggrin
Add me.. I need friends, neighbors.. smile
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Super Carpenter

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Howdy! Feel Free To Add Me And My Main (Vlad Snyder) As Resort World Friends. Durr ^^
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Dedicated Ladykiller

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shamelessly self-advertasing
add me too sometime wink
I'll send a request.. I need more friends too.. smile
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Shameless Ladykiller

Added. Please add me too! :]
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Sex Symbol

anyone may add me biggrin
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Sending request XD
Hey guys, thanks for all of the replies on the thread! Hopefully everyone is making friends. (:
Good luck in Resort World, sorry I haven't been on much.. College is in my life now. haha.
gaia_nitemareleft Goodness, it'd be so nice to have more neighbors for Resort World.. gaia_nitemareright

But whatever should I do? Make friends, that's what I'll do!
So this is why I have come to you fellow gaians this evening! To do exactly that!
A good neighbor I shall be:
I get on almost daily, Loyalty.
I give gifts when I can, Generosity.
I give energy for buildings, Helpfulness.
I'll fend of the varmints from your island, Courage.

LOL, anyways! It'd be awesome if you added me and others who post here who are in need of the exact same things!
So feel free to post, bump, etc. so that others can find you just as easily!
If they look here, that is.

If you just want to stop and chat, feel free!

Please and Danke', emotion_kirakira

I have a friend who needs more neighbors as well and would appreciate adds, too.
Her name is: Charceritops c:

I'll be your friend!
And I'll try my best to be as good as you!
He'yall~ Add me for Resort World c:

Hey Add me For resort world, Please!!
Others who want adds for Resort World:
If you do not want to be on this list, let me know.
If you do, post.

emotion_hug A Fourier
emotion_hug Dittibop
emotion_hug Suddenly Pandas
emotion_hug Smileeloser
emotion_hug SheWhoLovesSilence76
emotion_hug Aragornprime
emotion_hug Zamare2
emotion_hug Bennyraudhan
emotion_hug Erahdel
emotion_hug Izayoi13
emotion_hug Vigo Romanoff

Everyone is free to please add me as well heart
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mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
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Shadowy Hunter

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I've added everyone that has posted on here so far. More Friends please. ninja

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