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` B I R D Y
Boy, do I have a story to tell!

on the eleventh of this month, me and my boyfriend had our two year anniversary. he's truly the sweetest, kindest, most goofiest man on earth, i have no idea how i got so lucky as to find him.
ive only known him for these two short years, but he's known me for much longer. we went to highschool together, and aof course, like any teenage girl, i thought no one could like me, and hardly looked twice at him. but he was always looking at me. he would follow me after class, watch me at lunch, run behind me during gym. i was his biggest crush, and i never even knew it.
several years later, i was on a dating website, and i found him. i decided to take a chance, because he was cute, and looked sweet. we met the next day. he pick me up from tattoo school, and we drove to the river, and just talked. he was so akward, it just melted my heart. that weekend, we went to the coast together. we went sight seeing, tourist-y shopping, and at the end, he drove me high up in the mountains, where we made love for the first time. it was so sweet. that evening, we drove back to town, except when we went to take me home, my family said it was too late, and i had to make do. i stayed with him that night, and every night for a month afterwards. the very first valentines together, he gave me a necklace, a heart pendant with eleven small amethyst stones in it, amethyst being the stone of feburary, eleven being our anniversary heart
the necklace <3
creepin it real

This is so incredibly sweet! I'm so happy that you found someone who loves and cares for you so deeply heart
Bad Lvck Brian

Love the necklace! And happy belated anniversary smile Very cute story
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` B I R D Y
Boy, do I have a story to tell!

~~Sorry forgot to put this quote in when I posted my love story xp ~~

This is a bit of a long story, and it may be a little cliche, but it's the story about how I met my fiance.

I was 20 years old at the time, did a lot of partying like most 20 year olds. I was out to town and stopped by Walgreens for some reason, don't' remember why. It wasn't important anymore once I saw him.

The first moment I saw him, I saw a HUGE man get out of this tiny blue sparkly car, and to me there was something about him that I really wanted to meet. So I being 5'0" jumped out of my truck, and ran up to meet him to ask him if he wanted to go have lunch with me. ('Cause back then I was really brave like that.)

Luckily he agreed and I didn't even bother going into Walgreens, just got him in my truck and took him out to a Chinese buffet. Where I learned he hates Chinese and sushi, and I watched him choke on it cause he wanted to impress me, lol.

I thought it was hilarious, and it turned out we got a long really really well and had the same interests. I then took him up the mountain to see the sites, and back down to get some beer and go out 4 wheeling, where we got even closer.

I was still living with my parents at the time, and being really really drunk now I tried to "quietly" sneak him into our house (my parents have really thin walls in their home), but being as drunk as we were I was pretty sure we were "quiet", when we were probably really loud.

I get him into my room, lock the door, and then I hear a knock. It's my dad and he says "Is there a boy in there with you?" and of course I say "no...." and he says "well, open the door then." and because I do have a boy in my room I say "hah, no..." and then my dad precedes to say "If you don't open the door I'll break it down" (my dad is a very big man and I've seen him do it before)

So I open the door! Thinking that I can stretch up to his height, (wasn't very logical) my dad is 6'1" and I'm 5'0" but I tried to stand on my tippy toes to block the view.. well, I wasn't tall enough to block his view. So he saw him.

He then says to me "He has 10 seconds or I'm getting the shotgun" and at this time he was already passed out in my bed anyways. So I woke him up and told him my dad was going to shoot him, he took it pretty well and stumbled out of the house with me, where we went and crashed in some neighbors lawn. I got a great idea to then go to my friends house.
(At this time of my life, I did drink and drive, cause I was an idiot).

We get into my truck and I take him down to my friends house, who is still awake and they gave us some more alcohol, and we partied a little longer. Then it was time to crash. My friends at the time slept in their living room on the floor, so we layed down with them too.

At this point I was interested in getting to know this guy a little bit more (if you know what I mean wink ), so I try to get him going and tried to crawl on top of him 'n all that stuff. He kept saying "No no no, there are people in the room." at the time I didn't care, I really didn't care who watched I just wanted him and I wanted him NOW!

He fought me off long enough till I got tired and passed out. sad

The next day though I managed to get my way with him, but 4 days later I run off to Denver with him which was over 250 miles away (he had come down to visit a friend, which he had forgot to even do after meeting me, lol), and I didn't come home for the next 2 years.

5 years from that date now, we're still together and getting married this April.

That's my love story in a nutshell. Lol

Whoa. That's quite a crazy story hahaha. Congrats on your upcoming wedding smile
` B I R D Y
Boy, do I have a story to tell!

Once upon a time.. No wait this doesn't got my love story. XD
( pardon the spelling posting from iPhone)
I meet Milan two years ago, and let's just say it is one interesting way of dating.
At the time I was dating this guy I'll call him fireman after his profession. Fireman and I were invited to this kid Justin's wedding. I found out during the party fireman was cheating in me. At this table with me sat this adorkable handsome man, who tried everything to cheer me up. Half way through the night as I played happy couple with fireman, I noticed this handsome fellow was still sitting and drinking.. So I left my cheating fireman and asked this man to dance. Boy was it a bad choice, with his two left feet and 3 sheets to the wind..we danced as much as we could, then suddenly I allowed him to dip me, well down I went and twice. Drunk dancing and dipping is a no go!.
Hours later we headed off to the after party I told this handsome stranger that I was driving.
It was an awfully quite drive, he was to busy staring at me as his drunk Conrad sat in the back petting my hair calling me a good kitty, then suddenly the min the song "a land down under" by men at work came on that was it, it was an 80s bad dancing dance party I couldn't stop laughing
(Wibbly wobbly timey whimey.. Fast forward a month later)
In December of that year, a close mutual friend of ours was hosting a we wrestling event at his house, and on the event page on Facebook people were commenting on how we should change the name to this handsome mans sister cluster ******** party. Of course it was a joke so Milan jokes that he hates us all so as a smart a** I post "marry me" and from then we were hooked.
Our first date was well interesting he confessed that the day he met me at the wedding it was love at first site. The mi. He saw knew he knew he wanted to be the man to keep my heart as his, and that's exactly what happened! 12-23-12 I started dating Milan john Novkoviis
Our story gets more romantic but my posting it doesn't do it justice.. I have attached his tumblr I made and take a look for your self. Towards the way begin your'll see us text out our love story in a fansty feeling as rapunzel and Prince Charming!
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Boy Do I have a story to tell you.

About five years ago I met my best friend. 'She' was the greatest friend I could ask for. Being...um.. how I am, we decided we would date.I ended up breaking 'her' heart.

Five years have gone by and we are still friends. Through all the abusive boyfriends I've had 'she' was still there. I noticed 'she' began to act more like a boy than anything else. I had to ask 'are you trans' that's when HE broke down and admitted it.

My best friend was a female to male transgender. Later came the confession that he still loved me, and had all this time.

Today we are together. We are still as close as can be and the relationship is going splendidly. He is often afraid of me leaving again. All I have to say is that I won't make the same mistake twice.

He's the love of my life.
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This is so completely adorable! Your cat sounds like it might be a munchkin cat if it had such stubby legs, have you ever considered looking into it? <3

Bad Lvck Brian

D'awwww that's adorable. smile That's one gorgeous necklace!
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      ` B I R D Y
      Boy, do I have a story to tell!

              when i was fourteen i had decided to myself that i am quite gay and prefer those of the
              same gender. as if that wasn't bad enough, being raised as a bible thumping christian
              and all, i also decided i would much rather have a p***s over a v****a. least to say
              it did not all go over well. for most of my younger years, i hid my sexuality and desire
              to be a man away as if they were precious diamonds that thousands of people always
              wanted and coveted. i didn't want to be different, i didn't want to be bullied any more than
              i was already getting due to being overweight and poor. i just wanted to be invisible. i can
              recall sitting on my knees by my bed for hours every night, begging god to help me despite
              my wavering faith for him. at fourteen i attempted my first suicide, and my addiction to self
              harm became increasingly worse. as you can probably conclude, i did not succeed. it was
              a painful life for me. my once all knowing and merciful god had abandoned me, or perhaps
              he was just never there. i had no friends, and i did not trust anyone in my family. it was a
              lonely, lonely existence. i was not living, i was just... there.

              at fifteen i began to be home schooled ( and by that i mean internet school ) due to the fact
              that the bullying was getting out of hand and i had always felt more comfortable talking to
              others through a computer rather than face to face, verbally. i was suffering severe depression
              and had declared myself officially atheist to my entire family. i continued to self harm, i smoked
              pot on the daily, and i dabbled in a bit of stronger drugs. at fifteen, i had already had sex, and
              had tracked drugs like coke and weed and drank alcohol as frequently as possible. it was not
              how i should've been, not at all. it changed when i met my first girlfriend, and my first true friend.

              to protect her, let's just call her jamie.

              it took a few months before i could gather the courage to ask her out, and it took even longer
              before i could meet her in person. she was lovely, and i adored her. all of her flaws made her
              that much more perfect to me and she made me realize that maybe, just maybe, life didn't
              suck too badly. i would spend hours just talking to her. about anything she wanted to talk
              about or anything that was happening in the world. our dreams and aspirations, and how we
              hoped the depression would eventually go away and we could be happy.

              slowly, i stopped doing drugs and drinking, i stopped searching for approval and love in others
              and began to dedicate myself to her entirely. i still self harmed, occasionally, but i was getting
              better. i was dreaming again.

              at sixteen, she committed suicide and to this day i still don't understand what i had done
              wrong, why i wasn't enough for her to live for. all the dreams i had shattered and i lost myself
              in the darkness.

              that happened three years ago now, and i am happy to say i am totally sober in all ways, and
              that i proudly carry myself as a homoflexible woman. right now, i am even speaking to a girl
              i have a certain... attraction to. it's still scary, i still think about jamie from time to time and i
              ask myself quietly if i will ever be good enough to fight for, to live for, to wait for, but i know that
              in order to honor her memory that i must continue to stride forward and live not just for myself
              but also for her. (:
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Story: I'm always alone on Valentine's day and my dad get's me candy that I don't like.


Does it have to be real stories? Can I make a poem or something? Lol
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` B I R D Y
Boy, do I have a story to tell!

My AOT Jean x Miley Cyrus fanfiction

Jean walked. Miley walked.
Miley bumped into Jean.
She wanted to see how good his hammer was.
So she twerked against him.
It was good.
Jean neighed and wondered da fuq was going on.
Miley licked a hammer and Jean was confused. Where did she get that hammer? Why does she lick it?
Miley turns around and says, “Hey boy, I did I turn your colossal titan into an armored one?”
Jean likes Mikasa. Jean is scared of Miley.
Miley gets upset and kill Mikasa. This remind Jean of Marco, so he cries.
Miley chases down Jean and kisses him. Jean rejects her.
So Miley forces him to get the sexy on and she ends up riding a horse.
it sounds interesting but mang i feel like i do not have enough time to finish before the deadline

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