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Since it's Valentine's Day and all, I thought I'd make this thread based on what this day is about: LOVE!

Yes, love. But not just romantic love, though those are wonderful too; love for friends, love for family, love for your pets.......Any kind of love counts! I want to hear your stories! And to make this more fun, I'm going to throw in prizes for the stories I enjoy the most!

1st place - Roses and Romance
2nd place - Candy Hearts
3rd place - 3mil

I may also give out little participation prizes here and there so watch out for those as well~

1. Do not quote the first post.
2. Do not PM me begging for stuff. (Chances are I won't receive it anyways)
3. Be nice!

Anyone who breaks these rules will automatically be disqualified and put into my blacklist for the remainder of the event, meaning they will not be able to participate in any other giveaways I host either.

How to enter:
Just quote me with
[quote="` B I R D Y"]Boy, do I have a story to tell![/quote]
and write your story below! Use those narrative skills because I love a good read!

Now, you may also tell your story in different forms: poem, prose, comic strips, anything you can think of! Let those creative juices flow!

The contest has been extended to Februrary 18th at 11:59pm (PST)! That's three more days to get your story in!

Also, although post-and-runs are acceptable, if I see you actively posting and spreading love around, it may up your chances of winning, so stay and chat and who knows, maybe you'll get a little something-something, and believe me, I will be watching wink
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Boy, do I have a story to tell!

This is not about a romantic love, but a love for my cat!
Her name is Misty and I got her from the Pound 2 years ago... She is the cutest, sweetest little thing you could ever imagine!
When I went to the pound and first saw her, I knew she was the cat for me, there was just something special about her... The people at the pound let you play with the cats in a room before you take them home with you, too see if they are what you want, etc. Well Misty was moody, and pacing back and forwards, and trying to escape out the window, and even scratched my mum! But for some reason, I knew that she was right for me! Even though she was over a year old, she was so small! She has such little stubby legs, and she has a crooked tail from a car accident in the past (but don't worry, she doesn't have any pain from it!)

When she was brought to the pound she was starved and covered in fleas (and she was diagnosed with flea dermatitis!), AND she was just left there outside the pound with a full litter of kittens! Sadly, not one of them made it sad They found that she had a Microchip and they contacted her owners. They had moved and just left her there to fend for herself (obviously an inside cat, some sort of fluffy himalayan!).
SO the trauma she must have went through was so great, and the pound told me that she has behavioural problems and absolutely hates other cats! None the less I knew that she was the cat I wanted. So I bought her from the pound and took her home.

As soon as I opened up her carrier in my house there was an immediate change! She started purring and meowing and rubbing against my legs and rolling around! She was so happy to be away from that place, so happy to be home...
I've had Misty for 2 years and she is the most amazing cat! There isn't much more I can say other than she is the cutest ever and I love her so so much 0w0 She is like my life haha Anyway, I'm a crazy cat lady xD I also have a boyfriend of 5 years as well but ya know, Misty is amazing <3

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                    ` B I R D Y
                    Boy, do I have a story to tell!

                    So many years ago, in my preschool class, I became friends with a boy named Tristan. His mom was best friends with my own, so we were constantly being put together for everything. I was bullied a lot because of my congenital amputation, so I had very few friends-in fact, only two. Him, and another girl. I was constantly being made fun of or teased, but for some reason he always stood up for me. We had classes together all through elementary school, and one of my best memories from school was a field trip we went on where we went to a fire station, and Tristan and I got chosen to go up into the basket on the fire truck, and I was afraid, so he smiled at me and held my hand to make me feel better.

                    We got separated in middle school. Our classes were different, and we both looked different and spoke to different people, but it didn't matter. We still made an effort to talk to each other anytime we could, and we'd bust our bums to get into the same groups together for literally anything. Our parents would get us together for group dinners or going shopping, and I still considered him my best friend. But then, he started dating my best female friend. You'd think that at that age it shouldn't have really bothered me, but it did. I kept expecting it to break off, but they were together for a year and six months. I had to listen to her talk about how 'terribly' he treated her. Now, I know that is not true. She'd give herself bruises and injuries and claim he'd hurt her, and she cheated on him with his closest friend while she spread awful rumors about him.

                    Soon after they broke up, he left school and went into homeschooling.

                    When you're in school every day, and your friend isn't, maintaining a bond is difficult. For a long time we grew distant, and it was almost four years before we got back into contact thanks to the glory of cell phones and video games. We'd text nearly non-stop, and even though he had a girlfriend occasionally it seemed like he was flirting with me. I was bulimic, severely depressed, and had gone for years hiding my disability under jackets to feel normal, and I refused to think that anyone could ever like me, so I blew it off. We kept gaming together, joking around and reminiscing...

                    Then, one day, I was in a car accident. Our car was completely totaled, and I was nearly killed in the impact. I had complained to him about not being able to go see the concert I had bought tickets to since I wouldn't be able to get there with no car, and as it turned out, he had tickets to the same show. He came and picked me up, and we went together. We had an awesome time, and occasionally I'd catch him looking at the guys who glanced at me as if he was some kind of a guard dog for me, which I thought was pretty cute.

                    After that, we started hanging out a lot more. Movie nights, group dinners, I even stayed the night at his house and crashed on the couch once. His girlfriend hated me, and she was constantly accusing him of cheating with me and telling him he couldn't hang out with me anymore. Finally, he got sick of it, and he dumped her. I felt so bad, like I was the cause of their breakup, and I almost felt the need to apologize though I hadn't done anything wrong.

                    But then he told me that the main reason he left her was because I opened his eyes to what he was missing, and that he'd had feelings for me since we were little, and I had shown him that he deserved better than being treated like he had been. He asked me on our first date only a week after dumping her. He was such a gentleman, and he looked at me like I was the only girl in the world. Today, we've been together for almost nine months.

                    The thing about Tristan, is that he's not just my boyfriend. He's not just a 'lover' or anything else. He is my everything. He's the love of my life and my best friend all wrapped up into one person. I can tell him anything, and know that he would never judge me, and we know each other better than anyone else in the world. He tells me all the time that I was his saving grace, but to be honest, he was mine. Thanks to him, I recovered from my eating disorder, and for the first time in years I started wearing short sleeves again despite my disability. Although I still have my depression, he's always there to make me smile again and remind me that I'm loved and cared for. He does so much for me on a daily basis, and I could never ask for a better man to grace my life.

                    When we go to the mall, he's the one who holds everything, helps me pick clothes that looks nice on me, never once complains. When he met my family? He called everyone Sir or Ma'am, held the door open, dressed in dress clothes, and was the sweetest with all his responses. On my birthday? He knew me well enough to get me Thor cupcakes rather than a cake, which I hate, or something pink and frilly. He bought me new clothes, took me to my favorite restaurant, and threw me a surprise party. On Christmas? He bought me a $360 jewelry set. Gold? No. Diamonds? No. Onyx, my favorite.

                    He knows everything I like, dislike, and tries his hardest to accommodate. Even though he despises them, he even came with me to see Fall Out Boy and waited in line for 8 hours for fast passes. He never tells me I need to lose weight, because he thinks my curves are sexy, and he prefers it when I don't wear makeup. He's the kind of boyfriend I can have days with where we sit around in our sweats playing video games eating pizza and trash talking with, then turn around and take me out to Red Lobster or buy me a new dress.

                    I couldn't ask for any better.

                    He's the one I hope to marry.

How did you know that I love cats? wink
She is so cute omg akjhakjhdsfa heart
Thank you so much for sharing your story! And good on you for rescuing the poor kitty from the pound! More people need to realize that pets aren't disposable and once the decision is made to get one, they should be responsible for its wellbeing. Then there won't be as many poor animals like Misty ending up at the pound, or worse places, then.

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