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                              Hey, hey, hey!
                              Welcome to all you Valentine loving folks and to all of you anti-Valentine folks out there as well, yes I see you out there Stein.

                              So the name is Miss Black and with the help of Yeata Zi we're bringing you this user ran Valentine's Day thread!
                              There will of course be contests galore and non-stop silly posting because it's Valentine's day and you cannot be serious, so staph it just staph.

                              I had some cue cards of more things to say but I'm pretty sure Hassli might have ate them or fed them to Diedrich not really sure where they went to...And I'm babbling. Crap.
                              Uh....Yeah so welcome to our thread if you scroll further down there will be a list of various activities/contests and who knows what its for you to take part in.
                              So pull up a seat, get comfortable, and maybe have a drink? Lord knows I need one right about now I think I sweat all of mine out.
                              -Cue sad laughing-

                              Oh and on a side note there's a good chance there may be some anons lurking about please be sure to thank these kind anons when you have the chance.
                              Also, there's a good chance I may bestow little gifts here and there at random, because I'm a gift ninja and it's what I do.
                              /Awkwardly does a karate chop

                              wahmbulance Goody Bag Game has returned!!!!

                            • Alright for those of you who are new to the thread or have forgotten I have a game I like to call goody bag. It's quite simple really just be the first 4 people to quote me when you see me post the words, Goody Bag, to be eligible for gold and prizes.

                            • There is only one rule to Goody Bag and that is you're only eligible to win the 1st place prize one time. So if you win the first place prize but end up quoting me first later on in the day you're only able to claim the second place prize. All the other slots are free game though.

                              Good lucks kids and Happy Valentine's Day! C;

                              1st place prize - 5 mil + 4 items

                              2nd place prize - 4 mil + 3 items

                              3rd place prize - 3 mil + 2 items

                              4th place prize - 2 mil + 1 item

                              Round 1 winners

                              1st place - Tsunderest

                              2nd place - Lance Gambino

                              3rd place - BlueRain88

                              4th place - Yulania

                              Round 2 Winners

                              1st place - Lance Gambino

                              2nd place - Jayce Reinhardt

                              3rd place - EviCa

                              4th place -Shiki The Vampire

                              Round 3 Winners

                              1st place - BlueRain88

                              2nd place - XinYunMei

                              3rd place - Emo Kuromi Nui

                              4th place - Lance Gambino

                              wahmbulance Links Out wahmbulance

                              I also hear tell there's an anon gifting thread in the charity forum which you can find here tell them Miss Black sent you. wink

                              We have an NPC matchmaker quiz going on as well be sure to check it out Heart Breaker Cafe Matchmaker Quiz. Be sure to tell them Miss Black sent you. wink

                              Would you like to show the Devs and other Gaia staff members some love for this event? Please refer to this thread found here to show your appreciation for all the hard work they've done for this event. Tell them Miss Black sent ya. wink

                              wahmbulance Finni freebie!!!! wahmbulance
                            • So Finni being totally awesome and a sweetheart to boot did a free item freebie for us in honor of her time spent in this thread.
                              You can find the item here on her profile, it's the little broken heart in the corner next to her name. Be sure to thank Finni for this because she really didn't have to but she did out of the goodness of her heart.
                              She will forever be known as the greatest bunny waitress The Heartbreak Cafe ever had.

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                              • Hrm? What's that? Oh, rules yes rules! We have those...right?
                                I'm told that yes we do have rules you should follow while participating in this thread.
                              • Obvious rules being please keep all content within Gaia's T.O.S
                              • Please do not harass/flame/troll the other users. We like civil folks around here.
                              • Also please make sure to tip your waiters/waitresses they're working hard to serve you after all.

                                Any other rules that I can think of will be forth coming but you should all know by now how to act like a civilized human being without all that high school drama you see on reality T.V.

                                wahmbulance Staff Annoucnement wahmbulance
                              • Since the event is running from the 14th - 18th we've decided to keep this thread up until the 19th. So if you'd like to extend your contests by all means do so and if you need prizes or gold please shoot myself or Zi a Pm.
                                Thanks guys!

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                              A huge thank you to all the users who made this event possible. Thank you all so very much from the bottom of our hearts. C:

                              -If you would like to donate you may send a trade to my mule Madam Graystoke. Thank you all again this is greatly appreciated! C:

                              Valkines Cryas - Donated 2 mil plus various prizes.

                              Ramsicles - Donated 10 mil.

                              Yeata Zi - Donated her time and is just awesome all around. C:

                              Government toast - Donated 2k.

                              trrtls - Donated 10 mil.

                              LIBRAtion - Donated 50k and Tender Loving Manner

                              l Wraak l - Donated 4.3 mil

                              Madam Ace - Donated various prizes

                              Arlette Mori - Thread mascot and graphic designer!

                              Ariacotal - Donated 10 mil.

                              Broken Fatality - Donated 20 mil.

                              DYRL - Donated 310k and 2 items

                              Houka Inumuta - Donated an Sdplus Jenny

                              Voievoda - Donated 5 mil.

                              Kain-Senpai - Donated two items

                              Kinny Angel - Donated 1 mil

                              The Spirit of Valentine's Anon - Donated a ton of items

                              Tsukita-chan - Donated 5 mil and items

                              Jayce Reinhardt - Donated 1 mil.

                              Ashikubi - Donated 25 mil.

                              Bells - Donated 750k

                              Cpt Odd - Donated 5 mil

                              Quixotic Quidam - Donated 1 mil

                              A Happy Day - Donated 3 letters

                              Populus vox deficio - Donated 1 mil + 3 items

                              Generic Breed - Donated 15 mil

                              Everyone who participated - Without you this would not have been possible so thank you! Give yourself a pat on the back you rawrsome beasts. xD

Event Directory
Dice Contest
Flash Space Party
RP Event
Art Freebies
Avatar Contest
Dropplr Art Contest
Pick-Up Line Contest
Love Letter Contest
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                              Hello! This is going to be a good ol' fashioned Dice Contest! How do I play in a good ol' fashioned Dice Contest, you might be wondering. Well, I am happy to say it is fairly easy! All you need to do is roll 20 20-sided dice (under post action). If you get a number of 150 or less you will win an amazing prize! PM me with a link to your winning roll if you win anything!

                              Test your luck!

                              All you have to do is roll some dice and perhaps you will win big!

                              The Rules and how to play
                              • Before hitting the Submit button after you finished writing your post, choose Post Action (default choice should be None).
                              • Now choose Roll Dice. Now you should be able to determine the number of sides on your die (Die size) and the number of dice you will be rolling (# of dice).
                              • Choose 20 sided and enter 20 in the # of dice field.
                              • Anyone getting a score of 150 or less will get to choose from one of the prizes below!
                              • If you win, please PM me a link to the post in which you rolled less than 150 and tell us which item you would like to win.

                              (150 as of 8:48 PM EST on 2/18: Roll must be made after this time to win. )

                              NO PRIZES LEFT. THANKS FOR PLAYING EVERYONE

                              Prizes Already Won:
                              Won by Mirastella Crowley User Image
                              Chixen won User Image
                              won by Sweet Milk Latte User Image
                              Darksp wonUser Image

                              User Imagewon by iandragon30(At the bottom of the page almost)
                              Gumby Ningata won 7 day love.

                              Pixitella won User Image

                              Hestia Carrow Wanted me to share this with you all:
                              User Image

                              Got an design for a Gaia V-Day card? Send me a pic and I will spotlight it!

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                              By Hassli

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                              Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you guys came here to party, and that's just what we're going to do!

                              Link to Party!

                              The password is: Heartbreak

                              The party will be on the 18th (Gaia's anniversary!) at 4-7 pm EST (Time zone converter) Make sure to invite your date, friends, your friend's friends, and a few frienemies if you so desire! Dress up in your best Gaiaversary attire and live it up!

                              Of course, what fun would a party be without some free stuff?

                              Take a nice screenshot of your time at the party and you could win two million gold!
                              The categories are:
                              Best dressed individual: You're an independent Gaian who don't need no date! (Yeah, let's go with that)
                              Cutest Couple: AWWW! Look how perfect those two are together! AWWW! Note: You don't have to be cutesy or even a real dating couple to win. Just look good together. Both members of the couple will receive the prize for this contest.
                              Funniest Valentine Avatar Haha! Look at that guy, can't even get a date from an item! Just enter a screenshot of your avatar that makes me laugh.
                              Best Screenshot This is for anything else that stands out as amazing. Group photos, funny moments... anything you'd consider a great moment. Note: Only the person who submitted this picture is eligible to receive a prize due to the nature of the category

                              Rules for Screenshot Contest:
                            • All avatars must be presented in screenshot form, while in Rose Underground.
                            • You must state the category you are entering this under.
                            • Please crop your picture down to a reasonable size (Not huge, but not too small either)
                            • A person is only eligible to win one prize so make sure the one you are entering is the one you want judged.
                            • No stealing other people's screenshots
                            • Reposting the same screenshot over and over through the thread will get you disqualified.
                            • Feel free to take screenshots while the party is not active!
                            • For the love of all things good, no scripting to get a desired effect. emotion_facepalm

                              The contest judging will end February 19th at 5pm EST.

                              Image: [spoiler][img](image url goes here)[/img] [/spoiler]

                              Only submit more than one username if you're competing in the couple's category.


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                              A letter, slipped through the mail slot, left on a desk, found on one's bedroom pillow. A simple thing, at first, until one picks it up and takes a closer look. The paper is fine and old, and smells faintly of roses. Or perhaps blood? The scents are faint, and uncertain. Red wax seals the letter, a stamp with an ornate "D" surrounded by ivy decorating the wax. How did this letter arrive? Who is it from? Perhaps curious, perhaps suspicious, perhaps excited, one might open this letter and read,

                              Dearest Gaian,

                              You are formally invited to this year's Valentine's ball, hosted most graciously by Madame D and her husband, Sir Lavelle. Formal apparel is highly encouraged, and those found to be too unkempt may be escorted to a side room where they will be... remade. We have but a few simple requests that we hope you will keep in mind.

                              1. Do be courteous to your fellow guests, and certainly to your hosts. By no means do we wish to see strife within our ranks.

                              2. Follow the rules of the land. We will be watching.

                              3. We wish to be impressed. Do try your hardest at whatever you attempt, whether it be conversation, dancing, or drinking.

                              4. We absolutely discourage wanton behavior. It will not be tolerated, and you will be promptly asked to leave. Though this is a Valentine's dance, it is still in public. Do not embarrass yourself.

                              At the bottom of the letter is a kiss mark in dark red lipstick, and an elegantly swirling signature from the Madame D. Strangely, no such marking is found for the mentioned Sir Lavelle. On the back of the letter list a time, place, and date for the event. And so one is invited.

                              ((Hello, all! I will be hosting a RP thread for Valentine's! Whether you're curious about RP or a veteran to it, I would encourage you to come and participate! The link for the thread can be found -- here --. If a ball isn't your thing, feel free to stick in the main thread and get some tea from Yeata Zi and her fellow servers!

                              Edit/Update: I've wrapped up the ball event for now, please see my ending post -- here --. I hope you all enjoyed!))
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                              For artists:

                              If you'd like to volunteer to be an official artist for this event, please shoot me a PM so I can list your name. If you'd like to include samples of your art, add some links and I'll include them under your name.

                              I will be continuing to edit this post with relevant information. =)

                              Hello Everyone!

                              Welcome to the Heartbreak Cafe Art Freebie Giveaway! We'll likely be giving away art in several different ways so read through this post entirely if you're interested in art. The various giveaways will have different forms to fill out so we can find you and know what kind of art you want!

                              In this event, artists select people at random based on the requests in the thread and their personal preferences. Artists are welcome to do as much or as little art as they want!

                              Please be sure to follow the Freebie Rules to ensure everyone has fun!

                              1. Posting a request for art is not a guarantee of getting free art. All artists in this thread are volunteering personal time to this event so please respect that and don't treat them like they're obligated to give you art!

                              2. Following the first rule, please do not multi-quote artists to guilt trip or beg for art.

                              3. If it looks like your request was passed up or missed, you may re-post it. But do not spam the thread with multiple requests on every page!

                              4. Please do not try to request specific artists! This puts a lot of pressure on people, and can stir up negative feelings. This also means not to quote specific people to request art. Your request is fair game for any one!

                              5. Please follow all other thread rules.

                              6. Have fun!

                              User Image

                              For this giveaway, various artists will simply be giving avatar and OC art out to people at random in the thread. All you have to do is post and wait. But be sure to use the provided form, otherwise we won't be able to find you! But please remember that posting a request does not guarantee artwork--it's just putting your name out there so artists know you're interested.

                              Not all artists are willing to draw OCs but you're welcome to post their information for consideration.

                              [align=center][img]http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc49/eshkenazi/Dream Tank/Heartbreak3.jpg~original[/img]
                              [b]Please draw my: [/b] Avatar/Original Character
                              [b]My avatar/OC is:[/b] Male/Female
                              [b]My OC references are:[/b] (please link to visual references)
                              [b]Extra Information[/b]: (please include other relevant information)[/align]

                              TIPS for random art:

                              --If you're seeking avatar art, please keep your equipped list visible. It's way easier to draw an avatar if we know what you're wearing.

                              --If you're requesting OC art, remember to include visual references.

                              --Keep character info short and concise. We can all go overboard with character descriptions but the art given away here is speed art a lot of times. We want to give art to as many people as possible! So help us out by only giving relevant information.

                              --post multiple avatars! A lot of artists are drawn to specific themes so if you have multiple avatars you'd like to see art of, post them along with your form. You have a lot higher chance of getting art if the artists have some variety to choose from.

                              Current Artist List

                              Nikko Roseus
                              Ren Orenji Doragon
                              Madame Ace
                              Simply Grim
                              Blow Dry



                              TheMainCharacter1 Presents...
                              User Image

                              Have you ever wanted to seen yourself drawn with one of Gaia's beloved NPCs? Have you imagined being set up on a blind date with a random person with whom you can do romantic things like snuggle in front of a fire, share a plate of spaghetti, or fly through space scooping up the kitten stars and bopping them on the heads? Well, this is totally the event for you.

                              How this event works:

                              Use the provided form to let us know you'd like to go on a mystery date with a randomly selected NPC! Post the form and generate a random number between 1 and 10. And one of our fine artists will draw you with a random NPC based on the number you generate. Please remember that posting a request does not guarantee artwork!

                              Whether or not an artist is willing to draw your OC with an NPC instead of your avatar, is up to the individual. You may post OC information if you want!

                              [align=center][img]http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc49/eshkenazi/Dream Tank/Mysterybanner.jpg~original[/img]
                              [b]Please draw my: [/b] Avatar/Original Character
                              [b]My avatar/OC is:[/b] Male/Female
                              [b]My OC references are:[/b] (please link to visual references)
                              [b]Extra Information[/b]: (please include other relevant information)[/align]

                              Mystery Date Artists:
                              Ren Orenji Doragon

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Fluffy Faun

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winners are down below, yo

thank you all for participating in this grand adventure!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. On the 14th of February, we shall celebrate the first full moon rising from the darkness, where the infamous outcast god, Nyx has called to us beyond the abandoned pages of the Airship Saga. We are the cult of Nyx, and we come forth to bring good tidings and prizes from the realms of the abandoned plots and scrapped events!

Nothing is without a price, however, and we ask for your creativity in avatar contests. There are not one, not two, but FOUR categories in the contest. Lets see the ridiculous to the spendthrift styles.

Come, and pick your poison...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.CONTEST #1

No one is overlooked when our dark lord rises. An outcast himself, he cares for the misfits of the world. Even the most poor of Gaians would be fit to wear the uniform to serve Him.

Theme description: Ritualistic avatar, must contain at least 1 crescent moon that is highly visible. Not gender specific, nor era specific. Use your imagination!

Total Cost: 500k and under.

Prize:User Image + 2 million gaia_gaiagold
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.CONTEST #2

For every leader, there's a great many top tiered followers who run the scenes to keep things running smoothly. They are the high priests and priestesses of the Crescent Moon, those closest to our dark savior, Nyx. They might be better dressed than the average follower, but they do not hold it above anyone, for all are equal in darkness.

Theme description: Ritual/cult follower avatar. 3 crescent moon type items must be visibly seen. Not gender specific, nor era specific. Use your imagination!

Total Cost: 5 mil and under

Prize: gaia_gaiagold 5 million gaia_gaiagold
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.CONTEST #3

Can't be having a V-day thread without some kind of valentine designs, ya? Show me your most disgustingly cute Valentine-themed Avatar

Theme description: No cost limit. It's gotta be stupid cute. Adorable. Give me kawaii diabeetus for Valentines Day. mad heart

Prize: gaia_gaiagold 5 million gaia_gaiagold
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.CONTEST #4

Oh, my gosh. Singles awareness day, am I right or what? Screw this lovey-dovey sappy gooey crap that goes on and oh look I have no one to share it with but I have all this chocolate for myself User Image

Theme description: No cost limit. SHOW ME YOUR ANTI-VALENTINE SELF. Bitches, it's Valentines Day and it friggen sucks. mad

Prize: gaia_gaiagold 5 million gaia_gaiagold

emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart THE RULES emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

♥ ONE ENTRY per user (a user can submit max 1 entry per contest, but a user cannot enter multiple times in a single contest)
♥Abide by ToS as always
♥Either TekTek version (old vs new) are accepted
♥ Don't like the way tektek layers? Submit a screenshot and a tektek of ALL the items your screenshot avi has equipped
♥Quote if you have questions

Congrats to the winners of the Heart Break Café Tektek Contest!

For the bargain value villainous silks, Hilbilly Hikari wins with her entry
Hillbilly Hikari

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Majestic high priests and priestesses alike will adorn the garb submitted by Kitty Amazing

Kitty Amazing

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

For sickly stupidly adorably cute Valentines entry winner is by papermuse


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

And last, but certainly not least, is sgkat hating Valentines Day with a perfectly scornful look on such flighty ideals

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Click to join our lovely cult today! emotion_c8
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Divine Guildswoman

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Kanoko is still trying to get Rina off that darn Dropplr! But, she recently started showing Kanoko all the Canon Ships and the CRACK Ships! Your mission is to draw the Ships that Rina is showing to Kanoko!

                              ♥ // END DATE: «February 19, 2014»
                              ♥ // WINNERS ANNOUNCED: «February 19, 2014»

                              ♥ // RULES:
                              «One entry per person.»
                              «Please keep it PG-13. And we all know how this works.»
                              «Please use the Dropplr Template located here»
                              «Have fun with this»
                              «You can submit any Dropplr art. Not just Couples. Anything goes now.»

                              ♥ // HOW TO ENTER:
                              «Quote me with your Entry»

                              ♥ //JUDGING:
                              «Odd Cinderella is Judge and a Secondary Judge outside of Gaia will be Judging as well.»

                              WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN

                              Freaque of Nature: Chose "Ships Happen"
                              Jayce Reinhardt: Surprise (I didn't know she asked for Bitter "Frost," so I ended up giving her a prize item + 600k) "Ship's Last Stand"
                              Ookami sensei: Chose "Bitter Frost"
                              Ren Orenji Doragon: "Ship Captain" was left
                              minghi: Chose "In Deep Ship"

                              ♥ //IN LOVING MEMORY:
                              This is a bit more personal. I know it's hard when you lose someone you love. Whether you lost a relative, a loving partner, your cat, dog, bird...etc. This is meant to share those who have passed in the month of February. Or, if you just want to just share your story, I am willing to put it here. You can submit these at any time by quoting me or PM'ing me.

                              «I recently lost my grandmother, on my dad's side. She died February 8, 2014. May she Rest in Peace.»
                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              Logs on to Dropplr

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.« OMG! I have to check my latest Dropplr feed!

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              Rina, please stop! I am worried about you!
                              I haven't seen you in months! Please get off that stupid site! »

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.« Nu, Kanoko! Join me for all these delicious ships!

                              ((♥ // PSA by Odd Cinderella: **Special thanks to Shrimp_Man and lilloulou for helping me make this post more clear so that everyone can understand what I am trying to portray. This is my very first contest like this, and I am humbled these two people were willing to help me out. Again, thank you very much!** ♥))
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Romantic Labtech

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


                              You read that right! This contest is all about PICK UP LINES! Good, sweet, bad, cheesy, and sometimes a bit naughty! PICK UP LINES ALL THE TIMES!! scream

                              With this contest, try your skills in the art of Picking Up. How smooth are your lines? Are you a master Pick Up artist? If you are, then you have a chance to win some sweet booty! Oh and the prizes aren't that bad either! LOOK AT THESE PRIZES!!

                              Winners will be picked by who I feel did the best for the Category!

                              Pick Up Lines Categories
                              Good: Pick Up lines that are actually smooth!
                              Sweet: Pick Up lines that are nice and cute!
                              Bad: Pick Up lines that get an eye roll!
                              Cheesy: Pick Up lines that are so bad they make us all laugh!
                              Naughty: Pick Up lines that might get a slap to the face!
                              Gaia: Pick Up lines that are Gaia related! (this can include Pick up Lines for or from NPCs)


                              To Enter, all you have to do is Quote me. Then state which Category you wish to enter, followed by the Pick Up Line itself!
                              For Gaia Pick Up lines, if using a NPC, state who it's from or who it's to!
                              Keep in mind that while these are pick up lines, Gaia is still a PG-13 site! Let's not get to...XXX rated here. Mostly for the Naughty ones!
                              You may enter ALL of the Pick Up Line categories, but you can not use the same Line for each.
                              However you can only enter one Category once. So Pick a good one!
                              Despite how much they can be hated, PUNS really help chances at winning!
                              Be creative and have fun!

                              THE LINES!!!

                              Cheesy: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. By Castiel Lover

                              Cheesy: Baby did you just fart? Because you blew me away~ By - B I a c k N e o n -

                              Cheesy: "Hey, babe. Are you cheesy? Because you're gouda nuff for me!" By BloodyNewMoon

                              Bad: Hey pretty thing! Are you a illegally parked car? Cause you got FINE writing all over you! By DYRL

                              Cheesy: Thunderstorm: "Hey baby, ;D *BANG* Wanna date with me? *BANG* Can I have your number? *BANG* Wanna go to my place or yours? *BANG* You wanna drink with me? *BANG* C'mon, I just wanna date with you. D: *BANG* Don't you like me? *BANG* I can be your boyfriend! *BANG BANG BANG*
                              Me: *hitting the gas pedal while trying to get home like a dog that had its tail between the legs* OMG OMG OMG! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! T____T By Jisen Meizuki

                              Naughty: Boy, is your backside a planet? Because Uranus is astronomical! By DYRL

                              Naughty This bunny bot's line is so naughty it had to be censored!! scream
                              By Cardinalis
                              Bad: So bad that it is not meant for the eyes of others!
                              By Cardinalis
                              Good: Only those who are gifted with suck smooth skills can handle this line!
                              By Cardinalis
                              Sweet: This one will rot your teeth!
                              By Cardinalis
                              Cheesy: MY SIDES!! THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT!!
                              By Cardinalis

                              Sweet: "I don't know if you play quidditch, but you look like a keeper to me" By A p r i c i t i

                              Gaia: Hey, wanna hear a joke?

                              Knock kno--

                              interrupting cow!

                              No, wait, I always screw that one up.

                              (NPC Ian related) By Jayce Reinhardt

                              Good: Wow!, You look just like my first wife.

                              . . . . . . .Of course I've never been married. By Jayce Reinhardt

                              Naughty: Wow for a little Girl you got a big tank! By Jisen Meizuki

                              Naughty: "Baby, I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock." By x Karurie x

                              Sweet: If I make sad puppy eyes, will you take me home with you? By Jisen Meizuki

                              Naughty: "I feel like a squirrel and you're like my hunger, because you made me bust a nut." By Sacrificed Apple

                              Bad, and a bit Naughty: "If I had to be either a fruit or a vegetable, I'd either be a Strawberry or a Cucumber. Because then, there will be a higher chance of you swallowing my seeds." By Sacrificed Apple

                              Cheesy: "You're Single, and I'm Asian. I think we would make a good equation." By Sacrificed Apple

                              Sweet: "Since distance equals velocity times time, my dear, let's let our velocity and time approach infinity- because I want to go all the way with you." -eyebrow waggle- By Samuel Elias Carswell

                              User Image

                              User Image
                              By Gumby Ningata

                              Bad: Hullo... I-I-I... redface *Faints* By XinYunMei

                              Cheesy: "are you sure you're not a weeping angel? 'cause i can't stop staring" By gummie_sourball

                              Naughty and a bit bad: "does this smell like chloroform to you?" By gummie_sourball

                              Bad: "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see," By Timmish

                              Cheesy: "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put you and I together." By Timmish

                              Cheesy: Hey,Baby how's it shaking?wanna date me? By Michelle Chiba

                              Good: boy: are you a tricycle?
                              girl: clearly not. why?
                              boy: because I ate chicken burritos.
                              girl: wth?? that totally has no connection.
                              boy: yeah, but we do. By KeithKringle

                              Bad: *walks up with clipboard* "Hey, I'm conducting a little experiment, how would you feel about sex right now?"

                              "No? Okay, next question, how would you feel about sex in an hour?"

                              "I'm going to keep asking these until you say yes, you know." By Amy Storm

                              Gaia: Jet - Hey, baby, why don't you come down to my store? Cause U in LV spells LUV. By Amy Storm

                              Sweet: If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents. By iHeartCookiesx

                              Bad: My love for you is like diarrhea. I just can't hold it in. By iHeartCookiesx

                              Cheesy: Do you have a band-aid? 'Cause I just scraped my knee falling for you. By iHeartCookiesx

                              Naughty: Nice legs, what time do they open? By iHeartCookiesx

                              Naughty: "I don't need Accio to make you come." By Epiphanatic

                              Good: "Hey do you buy your pants on sale?"
                              "Y/N/Uh, the fu-?!"
                              "Well, at my house they'd be 100% off!" By Epiphanatic

                              Cheesy: "Daaaaamn, nice." By Epiphanatic

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              User Image
                              By Sebikaku

                              Good: Hey, don't frown. You never know who could be falling in love with your smile. By _winterdawnn

                              Sweet: Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you're acute-y By _winterdawnn

                              Bad: You put the "Jiggly" in Jigglypuff.By _winterdawnn

                              There be a new contest!! scream heart

                              THE DATING SIM CONTEST!!

                              Dating sims, gotta love them! How about our NPCs...Shut up we totally love them! Put them together and all is awesome!

                              This contest is very simple! Write up a phrase or sentences that you think best fits the images below. Would they be coming from the NPCs themselves or perhaps are they coming from the player? It's up to you!

                              THE NPCs!!

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              User Image

                              Da rules!
                              Once more Gaia is still a PG-13 site! Let's not get to...XXX rated here.
                              You are allowed to do all of the images for the contest but you can only have one entry per image.
                              As said, you can do a phrase or a sentence! If you do a phrase only do one for the image. However if you do a sentence, you are allowed to write up three for the image. Hey it IS a dating Sim game after all! You have to have some options on what to say you smooth talker you!
                              Have fun! Be creative! Write whatever scenario you feel is the best!
                              In the spirit of the season, the more Valentines-y the writing is, the more points you gain!

                              To Enter all you have to do is once more Quote me, State which NPC you are writing for and post your Quote. If you decide you are writing from the "player's" point of view, add Player before your entry! Pretty easy!! Winners will be decided by a highly skill team of judges who know a thing or two about Dating Sims.

                              The big score!!
                              User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

                              The Entries!

                              User Image
                              by Jayce Reinhardt

                              User Image
                              By Jayce Reinhardt

                              For Dating sim contest NPC Ian: He tilts his head slightly with a soft expression coming over his face "You know I've... never known someone who as made my heart feel like this and that gets me so well.... I... ah I mean would you like to go with me to the dance tonight? By KaguraSakata

                              User Image
                              By Jayce Reinhardt

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                              By Hassli

                              User Image
                              By Sand Dancer Shaka

                              For Dating Sim Contest NPC RIna: "It was only when I exited class that I noticed the strange sight. A girl was making her way to the stairwell, her pace nearly a dance, with a small cat in tow. I could almost hear singing though I could not for the life of me identify the song. Her name was Rina, if I remember correctly, and she was the vice president of both the baking and gardening clubs. I paused watching as she turned and descended the stairs. I wondered for a moment if I should follow her.
                              - (Follow her)
                              - No. I promised Murasaki I have lunch with her. [Only available if spoken to earlier]
                              - No. I promised Kanoko I would help with setting up for the Culture festival. [Only available if earlier option was chosen]
                              - No. (Head to Lunch)" By XinYunMei

                              For Dating Sim Contest [NPC] Ian:
                              User Image
                              By Sebikaku

                              For Dating Sim Contest [NPC] Peyo: Peyo: Are you going to be my new daddy?

                              - Um......

                              - No way

                              - Only if she says yes

                              - Yes ....... son By Gumby Ningata

                              NPC Dating Sim Game: "[NPC] Rina:
                              User Image
                              By Sebikaku

                              Images done by CioccoLatte!!

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Shameless Bibliophile

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  • Profitable 100
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                              exclaim Entries Officially Closed! Judging In Progress exclaim

                              I can't possibly be the only one a little in love with the NPCs on Gaia, can I? Sure, some of them have been getting more active in the GCD lately, but do they know how we really feel?

                              Let's tell them!

                              emotion_bigheart Remember, Gaia is still a PG-13 site. emotion_bigheart
                              emotion_bigheart I won't judge you for having R-rated thoughts, but keep them reasonable here. emotion_bigheart

                              The Basics
                              heart Write a letter to your favorite NPC, or write a letter AS an NPC to whomever (another NPC, a friend of yours, etc.)
                              heart Every letter will be judged for their own merits. There's no guaranteed formula to win.
                              heart Just have fun with it. If you had a good time writing it, I definitely want to read it.
                              heart Angry that they don't seem to return your love? Flip that table and send them something less sweet!

                              First : User Image | Awarded to Sebikaku
                              Second : User Image | Awarded to Annabel the Cannibal
                              Third : User Image | Awarded to scullylam
                              Honorable Mentions go to Jayce Reinhardt, for her deep, moving letter-and-response, Hillbilly Hikari for what was undoubtedly a sweet letter, and bear fat, proving that planting your lips firmly upon the contest-runner's a** will get you everywhere. They'll all get a little something special.

                              BUT WAIT! How do I participate?!
                              [quote="Super Pantless Girl"][/quote]

                              [align=right] Dear ...
                              Insert Letter Here
                              Don't forget to sign! [/align]


                              Dear President Diedrich,

                              Hello! Hi! Hey! Salutations.
                              Did you know that you are my favorite NPC and I love you? It's true I have seen it!
                              OK! Thank you! Bye-bye! You're my favorite! I love you! Ok! See you later! Bye!


                              Jisen Meizuki
                              Dear ...

                              *It appears that what inside the letter is nothing but ashes. It is unknown what Nyx has written to you.

                              Dear Zhivago,

                              You stand out to me not because you don't sparkle nor participate in wild parties but because you are confident in yourself. It is because of your confidence you ooze charm without trying too hard. Every time I see you transform into colony of bats I cannot help but sit back in awe. When you wield your sniper rifle or the glove weapon I want to slide my hand across yours right before you get off that perfect shot. You are loyal to those that allow you to be free and those that cage you cannot stop you; do not allow them to believe they can.

                              Yours always,


                              Jayce Reinhardt
                              Dear Damian

                              I haven't the faintest Idea if you even remember me or if I even have the courage to send this one.
                              I've lost count of all the others, they lie crumbled up in the trash can each time my weakness overtook me so I fear I must continue writing this and get it out of my system once and for all.

                              But it never really stays out of my system, not for very long anyway.

                              It was in 2003 that I met you, I had just arrived and interested in buying a business. I heard Barton was good for second chances and fresh starts. Something I badly needed since , well, you don't need to know that. I was passing by your shop and a large blonde man in a purple vest knocked me down. You didn't even know me and you had no reason at all but you strode over, extended your hand to help me up. You even helped get my things back into my suitcase. I looked into your eyes and heard your voice ask if I was ok. I didn't think I could ever breath again.

                              I must admit I was completely smitten.

                              But you were never really mine and I accept that. You have never been anything but kind to me, even when I fell ill for the first time after Gambinos ball. I transformed my entire body into one that might be more pleasing, to female, and I still couldn't catch your eye. Who could fall in love with an infirm going in and out of the hospital in G-corp? So many experiments, so many injections just to stay alive until a cure was found. You only ever thought of her, I watched as you pined over her for years. You lost weight as well and I remember trying to bring you some food at times. but you never noticed that I was doing the same exact thing for you.

                              I've seen you reunite with your family, something you've always yearned for. Seeing that make you happy however briefly comforts me. You aren't alone anymore and that makes this decision a little easier for me.

                              I long to hear your voice again, even now, but I have to make a choice. The choice to bury my loving you. This way it harms none except for me but I can manage and it won't affect your chances with her. Ian, I love you, but I know that I will have to kill it somehow. It's not her fault and it isn't your fault . . but it is my own so please don't blame yourself like I know you will.

                              I just wanted to say goodbye to you. I think that once again it is time to move on and try another place for a while. To see if that finds me a place where I belong. but don't know if I have this down right so I suppose I will try and write yet another letter. Something I can actually send to you that won't . . .I don't even know, just something more appropriate and less . . .me. You don't need to know about breathlessly pining, you've enough on your plate as it is. Besides, it's enough for me to have known you. You are very special to me. . . .You always will be.

                              Jayce Reinhardt

                              Dear Jayce

                              While you were taking the trash out from your place, one managed to free itself and fell to the ground. Rufus started playing with the balled up paper and well, you can imagine how that went. I read your letter and before you get scared off I want you to know that what you said means the world to me. I never thought in a million years someone would feel that strongly for me.

                              I know you never meant for me to have seen it and I hope this doesn't add to your fears but I have to be honest. Knowing how you feel for me is an incredible gift but right now I don't know if I can be with anyone. I suppose I am just a slow healer but I did put all of my eggs in my basket and got horribly burned. I won't go in depth because I realize you know the pain just as I do.

                              I just can't right now and I sincerely hope that you understand. I can't say as to what might happen in the future and you are incredibly beautiful, I'm still just a man after all. Your illness doesn't detract from that and they did find a cure if that helps any. I hope this won't cause any further awkwardness between us and I really wish you wouldn't leave because of me. Running away is just another form of hiding, Jayce.

                              I'm not trying to push everyone away, I'm not trying to push you away. I do admit I have been very anti social for a while. Ok, a few years but just as you say you love me, I loved her. Sasha didn't return my feelings and wasn't all that shy about rejecting me again, and again. She chose just about everyone else, including my half brother and left me behind. Please don't do the same thing she did, Don't run from me. I need my friends around me, if I can ask you to be patient with me just a while longer? I don't know what the future holds, if it's even for us but I'm just too wounded for anything right now.

                              With due respect
                              Damian Von Helson

                              Dear Easter Bunny,
                              In all of the world, there is not enough words to express the love I feel in this moment. There is not enough I can give you, you who has given so much to the world. You bring so much happiness all the time, I do not know if you are aware. Every egg is like a token of the happiness you wish to give, and the explosions they cause are like a burst of fiery passion that rages through us all and warms us with your love! My dear, this year, I just want to share that fiery passion with you, I want you to feel the love I have to send. For all you have given, I wish to return the favor.
                              All my love,
                              Ashlex In Pearl

                              Dear Liam,
                              This is really hard for me to say, but I think we should maybe see each other maybe sometime... emotion_bigheart You're mine now, I've claimed you, and any other girl who even looks at you funny is going to get a taste of my pure wrath! I would love to get to know you better, you seem really cool but don't think that means I won't still kill you if you break my heart! I know sometimes I seem a bit weird, but I'd really like to see you soon... maybe on Friday?
                              You're mine til you die,



                              Hillbilly Hikari
                              Dear Jayce Reinhardt,
                              What would you say when I tell you you’re all I can think of morning, noon and night? That I get butterflies in my belly at the mere sight of you? What would you think when I confess that I remember the electrical caresses your touches caused upon my skin? And yet they’ve only ever been friendly or a pass thought. I can remember all your good and bad jokes as being hilarious to me, not because they were inordinately funny but because they were yours. I wonder what you would say when I tell you that I can go through days and weeks without seeing you or hearing from you, but the moment I do nothing else in the entire world matters but being with you in that moment no matter how short it might be simply because I’m with you. My entire being stops upon seeing you through the window of my shop.

                              When I look at every suitor I’ve had or will have in my life, all I can see that every single one of them has been weighed and measured only to come up wanting in comparison to you; I know that there will never be any other person who I’ll love more then I love you. So many times I’ve remembered how we’ve been together in the past, and the only thing in focus at that moment was you and I. I think part of me always knew you were the only one I was ever supposed to kiss for the rest of my life, you are a gift I was always so scared of losing, one I was scared would be taken from me; and so I never allowed myself to have you. I’ve tried to narrow down what makes you so alluring, makes me so sure that you’re it for me. But the truth is that it’s a million little things that when you add them all up – all I know is its just magic. You and I are magic together, and I don’t think that will ever change no matter how far apart we are.

                              I know that if we were together there would be tough times between us, and that at one point both us would want out of the relationship. But in a relationship you’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the mundane things, the special things, all of it, all of the time, every day. You’re telling each other “Your life will not be unimportant because it will be important to me. You’re life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it and I will be your witness so you will not go unwitnessed throughout your life.” But mostly when you add up everything I want to say to you, it’s that my love for you runs so deeply that I believe your happiness comes before my own; and if that meant not being with you so you could be with someone else I would do it.

                              But while I have you here, right now if I don’t ask you to be mine, to stand by me, and take my heart into your keeping I will regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know when someone asked me what was the best thing throughout the entirety of my life at the end? I can honestly say it was you.

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              Dear Ian,
                              I know you might think it's terribly forward, me writing to you like this, but I simply can't contain my feelings any longer. I want you to know that I think you're utterly charming. Each time I enter your shop, you greet me with such a cheerful demeanor, and always have a kind word to say about everyone. Your continual optimism is absolutely adorable... And I never could resist a fellow who loves cats.

                              Don't be alarmed, dear, I don't mean to be too bold, it's only that I want you to be my Valentine this year. Might I propose a moonlight stroll along the streets of Barton? You're always saying what a nice place it is. We can even have Rufus come with us as chaperon if you think it would be more proper...

                              Oh, do say yes!

                              With fondest regard,

                              *A package appears on Louie's doorstep.*

                              User Image


                              *stuffed awkwardly into a ribbon around the bears neck is a crumpled note covered in tiny hoof prints.*

                              User Image

                              Dear Flynn,

                              When I’m with you I start to wonder if I’m in some kind of cheesy romantic comedy. It was great at first, I buy your chest and I win some gold. Sometimes it was not as much as I hope but other times I was happy. A love/hate relationship that was funny at the time but it’s becoming too much now. Don’t you hear the angry audience of gaians yelling at the screen telling you to get your act together? As for me it’s becoming more of a hate/why don’t you piss off relationship. That’s why I’m ending this. I’m turning the channel from this romantic comedy and won’t come back for another season.

                              Do not stay tune.


                              Dear Anurla,
                              I'm writing you to let you know how special I think you are. Well, clearly I think you're special, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the trouble to slaughter a black goat during a new moon, using its blood for ink to draw a pentagram and write you this note. Postage to the nether realms is crazy!

                              Anyway, I've been a fan of yours for a long time and, considering that we're both incubi, I think we'd have a lot in common. In this business, people have a lot of preconceived notions about who we are; but we know that there's so much more to us than seducing mortals! For example, I like collecting porcelain pony figurines and cooking thai food. I look forward to discovering what makes you special, too. Would you like to meet over coffee and spend a little time learning about each other?




                              T -



                              Annabel the Cannibal
                              Dear Logan,
                              this will be the last time I am writing you; clearly the first 157 letters were not enough. It doesn't matter how many times I have confessed my love, you keep treating me like a stranger. Every time I see you you call me bub, which at first I thought was sweet, like some sort of nickname, but I hear you call everyone that! After I poured my heart out for you, gave you my undying adoration, all you do is meet me with cold distance. It makes me want you even more! I don't understand it. It's like you're leading me on and I must chase you. So my strong, burly gazelle, this little lion is on the hunt. I just want to run my fingers threw your back hair and nibble on your ear. The smell of sweat and fish is just so overpowering: I could just eat you up! Enclosed in this letter is a photo of me as your sexy lion. Please know I have thousands more just like it, just for you.

                              Absolutely out of my flippin' mind for you,

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              Little Dead White Girl
                              Dear Ivan
                              My darling accountant! How can I even begin to describe my feelings for you...
                              When I observe you having your morning coffee from my bush outside your window my heart gets all a-flutter. Sometimes I imagine I'm your favorite mug, having the privilege to be in contact with that stern mouth of yours...

                              Forgive me if this letter is damp when you receive it, I seem to keep drooling when I start imagining your lips pressed against mine. I assure you my tax papers are much neater, just for you Ivan. Speaking of taxes, I heard you're letting people schedule appointments with you to get help on their tax returns. I've already bought the special "tax accounting bundle"! So you can expect to see me next week. Everyday. For a minimum of three hours each day.

                              Happy Valentine's my sweet tax man, I hope you're prepared to spend time with your biggest fan.

                              Much love, and stalking
                              Little Dead White Girl



                              Dear Nicolae,

                              You may not see this until a week… or maybe a month passes. You are everywhere but here. I know I don’t see you often because of how our lives are going in opposite directions. But… I want you to know I love you. I always will.

                              The key’s in the flower pot next to the door. Fresh undies where they always are. And the fridge is stocked with your favorites.





                              You. Me. Later.



                              Dearest Nicolae.

                              Let me count thy ways. Every minute. Every second. Every moment you fill my mind and heart. How I long for you and will love you until my last breath on this earth.

                              Just kidding. razz

                              Happy Valentine’s Day love. <3


                              Dear Carl:
                              Forgive me for sending this on such short notice, I know how much you hate when things aren't sent at proper times, but I must tell you this now before our relationship goes deeper. I know you have feelings for me. I knew from the very minute I walked into your shop. The smell of cheap, discounted toilet paper and the sight of possibly used underwear could not deter me from seeing your loving gazes. I remember the first time you hinted your affections towards me when we were alone on a slow Sunday afternoon.
                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                              I remember from that moment on, you would attempt to catch my attention by giving me chewed up roses you stole from Rina's flowershop. You were obvious about it too, I remember how you would always captivate me with your smooth moves and loving gestures.
                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                              I even noticed when you would purposely perfume yourself with the scent of mud and catnip just to capture my attention once again.
                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                              But alas Carl, that is not the point of this letter. You see Carl, while I loved being by your side, helping to place various garments of clothing on your antlers, I fell in love with another. This pains me to say, but the Junk in this Trunk is not for you. I have fallen for one who notices me in ways I never knew I wanted to be noticed in, and I have no regrets on our romance. Goodbye Carl, I have left a collection of sagebrush and pine needles behind the counter. Do not write back to me, for I shall be busy spending time with my new beau. A beau who I absolutely adore, and who absolutely adores me.
                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


                              bear fat
                              Dear Ashley,

                              Will you be my Valenti

                              Are you tired? Because you've been running around my mind all da

                              Okay, I'm clearly new to this whole love letter ordeal. I haven't a single idea how to go about it; I've never written one in my entire life, but Crescento insisted that this kind of thing was popular among the ladies... And to woo you, I'd do anything.
                              So, here I am, baring my heart to you. I hope you'll accept me.

                              It was exactly five days ago when I caught a glimpse of your gorgeous face passing through my store. Yeah, it was only a glimpse, but you made me almost fall off my stool. The way your vanilla skin glowed warmly in the sunlight and the way your dark hair was lifted lightly by the breeze as you passed by... I swear my heart started beating twice as fast. The first thought that came to mind was, 'how could a mere woman set off such a reaction from me?' But even then, I already knew you weren't just a 'mere' woman. Nothing about you was simple. All I could think of for the next few days was how much I would love to lose myself in your mysterious complexity. You've got my hands tied behind my back, Ashley. I don't know what to do with myself. I need to see you again. I need to put this yearning heart to rest.

                              I hope you don't mind that I sent one of my frequent shoppers after you to ask for your name. I didn't chase after you myself because I didn't want you to see me in such a shameful state. Yes, it was a cowardly move on my part, but I'll make it up to you if you'll allow me to. When we meet, face to face, I'll be ready to capture your heart for sure.

                              And I won't stop until I have -- to me, you are the most precious treasure there is.


                              P.S. I'll be waiting at the Heartbreak Cafe tomorrow. I won't leave until I see you again.

Adorkable Chocho's avatar

Kawaii Kitten

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                              Ladies and Gentle, Boys and Girls, welcome to the Heart Break Cafe's Sing-Off!!!

                              Have you ever had a passion to sing? Did you ever want someone to listen to your beautiful voice? Will this contest is the right one for you!
                              For this contest, I, trrtls, along with many other gaians will have a chance to listen to you. What does that mean? You get to sing a song to us and possibly win some cool prizes~! wink

                              You can choose any song you want, as long as it has to do with love, friendships, or break up~
                              You also don't have to sing the entire song. If you wish, you may sing part of the lyrics. smile

                              Also.. I didn't quite think it thoroughly, so you can upload your video to any website you want!
                              As long as it's viewable to the public so I can look at it along with other gaians. xD
                              I know you can upload videos to tinypic.com.

                              As for only recording you voice, I believe you can use vocaroo.com I'm not sure though.

                              Anyways, have fun! heart

                              // END DATE: February 16th, 2014 ENDED

                              // RULES:
                                  • One entry per category.
                                  • Please keep it PG-13. If the song you have chosen has too much cussing words, please try replacing them or censoring them out.
                                  • Please place your entry in THIS thread so I can keep track of all the entries.
                                  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! smile

                              // THE CATEGORIES:
                                  • Love
                                  • Friendship
                                  • Break Up

                              // THE PRIZES:
                                  • Candy Heart (1st place)
                                  • Bom Bom the Bunny (2nd place)
                                  • Miss Chimes (3rd place)
                                  • 500k (runner-ups)

                              // THE WINNERS & RUNNER-UPS:
                                  • 1st Place Winner Is.. Yeata Zi
                                  • 2nd Place Winner Is.. Ashikubi
                                  • 3rd Place Winner Is.. Alkinus

                                THE RUNNER UPS:
                                  • tsupii
                                  • Sweatpants Princess
                                  • Princess Piffle
                                  • Pixitella
                                  • Angels at Dawn
                                  • scullylam
                                  • Amy Storm
                                  • bear fat
                                  • Sebikaku
                                  • crystal cascades

                              // SUBMITTING AN ENTRY

                              [color=#930a00][size=15][color=black]♥[/color][/size] // [b]Username[/b]:
                              [size=15][color=black]♥[/color][/size] // [b]Song Name[/b]:
                              [size=15][color=black]♥[/color][/size] // [b]Category[/b]:
                              [size=15][color=black]♥[/color][/size] // [b]Entry[/b]: [/color]

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                              Hello! My name is Zi and I am Head Maid over here at the Heartbreak Cafe! If there is anything you want to drink or eat, dear, please don't hesitate to let us know! We have waiters and waitresses on staff ready to serve you!

                              ♥NPC Matchmaking!♥Daily Prize!

                                We needed more reasons to give out prizes, so every day the cafe will be awarding a prize to a random person who has posted somewhere in the thread everyday from today until Valentine's Day, Feb 14th! This prize will go out to someone who is found having a fun time in the cafe ordering drinks, serving folks, or what have you. How do you enter? Just post anywhere in the thread and you have a chance to win! But the posts can't be spam posts. Good luck!
                                • Monday: Madam Ace awarded a Digital Music Mystery Drama
                                • Tuesday: Government Toast awarded a Thoughtful Groom
                                • Wednesday: Magnificent Moonbeam awarded Lovely Heart Clouds
                                • Thursday: Lyonel Noale awarded Hey Doge
                                • Friday: Lapsis Stella awarded Box of innocent objects
                                • Saturday: H3av3n awarded Barentain De no Keki
                                • Sunday: The Trancy Brat awarded Le Pavot Rose
                                • Monday: Ariacotal awarded Miss Chimes
                                • Tuesday: Meushi awarded Primrose Path


                                If you are interested in joining our ranks as a staff member, please shoot me a PM. Staff members work hard to keep our guests happy by serving them food or drink when they come in.

                                    Yeata Zi
                                    Gumby Ningata
                                    Lapsis Stella
                                    amazing clare bear
                                    Ridley Starsmore

                                    Davidicus Bellefonte
                                    Madam Ace
                                    Freaque of Nature

                                    Jisen Meizuki

                                    Finni (She's a bunny. She can only carry one thing at a time! Be nice to her!)
                                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                    Banners for staff provided by Davidicus Bellefonte
                                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                    We do have uniform requirements and expect you to dress accordingly. This means you must dress like a Maid or Butler while helping out in this establishment! Try to choose Valentines colors if you can. We have a few example uniforms provided by the ever-stylish XinYunMei.

                                    ♥Maid Uniform Ideas
                                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                    ♥Butler Uniform idea
                                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


                                Here is the Menu we serve in our cafe. If you don't see something you like, you can ask one of our fine servers and they will see about getting something for you.

                                yum_tea Drinks yum_tea
                                Earl Grey Tea
                                Chai Tea
                                Green Tea
                                Hot Cocoa
                                Mulled Spice Cider
                                Strawberry Ginger Green tea
                                'Winter Blossom', Strawberry Mint tea

                                yum_cupcake Cakes and Pastries yum_strawberrypie
                                Buttery Croissant
                                Blueberry Muffin
                                Cinnamon Bun
                                Slice of Red Velvet cake
                                Raspberry Cheesecake
                                Strawberries and Cream
                                Lemon Cream Cupcake
                                Key Lime Pie
                                Chocolate Mousse
                                Strawberry, Banana, and Chocolate Crepe

                                gaia_spoons Hot Soups gaia_spoons
                                (Provided by Ariacotal)
                                Chicken Noodle
                                Broccoli Cheddar
                                New England Clam Chowder
                                Squash Soup.

                              ♥Want to Order Something?

                                Please use this form and we will try to serve you shortly! If the thread is going very fast, we might miss your order! We are very sorry if this happens. Do not be afraid to repeat a post if we miss your order.

                                yum_tea yum_cupcake yum_tea yum_donut yum_tea yum_pie yum_tea yum_icecreampie yum_tea yum_strawberry yum_tea yum_strawberrypie yum_tea

                                I would like to order something from the Cafe!

                                Drink: (Place order here)
                                Pastry: (Place order here)

                                Thank you!

                                yum_tea yum_cupcake yum_tea yum_donut yum_tea yum_pie yum_tea yum_icecreampie yum_tea yum_strawberry yum_tea yum_strawberrypie yum_tea

                                Order Form:
                                I would like to order something from the Cafe!

                                Drink: (Place order here)
                                Pastry: (Place order here)

                                Thank you![/color]

                              ♥Thank you for stopping by!

                                Thank you so much for stopping by our little event thread! We hope you have a nice time.

                              ♥Link to our thread!

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                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Mississippi Black Velvet's avatar

Rhea Byrne's Wife

Hardcore Muse

/Uses the giant scissors she found in Pete's dumpster to cut the ribbon.

WOOO! We're open for business guys. C:

Everyone is welcome and please enjoy this thread as much as we enjoyed creating it.

I'd love to stick around but this mommy needs to get her butt to bed. But feel free to post, mingle, and participate in the contests. Overall have fun though. ^ _ ^

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