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Mr A s t a r o t h x
I'm sorry you're quitting! :0 Do you have somewhere you are migrating to or are you just done with these sort of sites in general now? :c

I ventured onto Solia in October or November and like it there, so for this type of site, I will be active on there in the future. 3nodding
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I know how you feel, being "done with gaia." I've had many a hiatus since I joined back in '06. What a magical place back then.... Still, I find gaia has its value at times and thats what keeps bringing me back. But somehow, giving all my stuff away at the beginning of each hiatus seemed fitting. First, the pleasure of seeking out a stranger and making their day. <3 Then, coming back, not as a super rich gaian cause all my items inflated like crazy, but rather as quite a poor one save two items I'll probably never let go of. (My cn scarf & coco. The cn scarf was one of the first items I ever quested for. XD I bought it for 400k. Oooh so much gold back then. And the coco was a gift from my best gaia friend.) Starting anew each time I've returned has allowed me to rediscover gaia again and again. So I hope one day you wander back on here and find some more joy. But, if not, may life treat you well.
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Hello all :]
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Hi there, hope everyone had a fairly good day with or without partners. love you all here.

ah 4laugh you having a wonderful day

You too ouo
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Thing is, I'm not really part of the big community. I only come out for events and with events turning into.... nothing but a subforum, I no longer have reason to venture out.
I will still log on, because there's ONE guild with people in it that I've now known for years and I won't quit on them.

But I'm not getting what I used to get out of the community things, because events have become unbalanced and now even cease to exist (and no, Uncle Kenny leaving is no excuse for this, because Gaia as a corporation should have a TEAM for events... and they should've everything in their power to stop him from leaving, which I bet they didn't).

I joined Gaia, because they promised equality among paying users and non-paying users. That's no longer the case and it does hurt the community.
And... for community I don't need items. I'd rather someone else enjoy them. :3

Oh, I see! But if you will be here for your guild, then that's good. I just don't want to see people quitting and saying they lost their last place they thought of as home. But if you still have that, then I understand!

I am fairly shy and come out mostly for events, too. I hang out and post a little in the GCD and SF sometimes, but yes, events are what I prefer as well. I never thought UK leaving was an excuse for this event, and I agree, they should definitely have done more for their anniversary at least! But it's still early, so maybe they can surprise us. I try to be optimistic since I've been here since 2003 and I guess I'm nostalgic, even if the site isn't what it once was.
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User Image
Randomly Bumping! Take care all!!!
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I'm sorry you feel that way. But at least you're not abandoning your guild. No matter how much gaia sucks the people will always be worth the stay! I hope everyone here has warmed your heart and made you feel a little bit better about staying hehe.

If we're playing the birthday card, mine is next weekend. Just sayin'.
Happy valentines!

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Aw well, V-day isn't that big a thing around here, so I'm not THAT upset. It only adds to the bad day.

That's so cute! whee
I found the first time I got flowers so speciall! Do you have any more plans for after work? :3
I wanted to build a snowman, too, this Winter, but Winter somehow decided to skip around here. :<
Now I'm hoping it stays away, because I move to a new apartment next month whee

I've never has anyone to spend v-day with so it's special for once.

Well I work 3rd shift. So if we do anything its going to be tomorrow.
This is the first year since I was a kid that I got enough snow to make a snowman. Moving to something new is nice. I moved to the house we're living in a couple months ago. Then it snowed and I'm not stuck anywhere. Thats the best part.
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Sorry for you going.. :/, I still think about it too sad .... But I only stay on here for the many friends I have made here..
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Kinky Treat
Kinky Treat
Gaia is like a car crash. You can't stop it from happening, but some people can't help but stick around to see how much of it burns.

That's a really great avatar! (Goes well with your name too).

Do you have a Latex Venus?
Thank you! I think you're is pretty adorable. :3, and no I don't, it's on my wishlist though!

I have one I don't want--I'll send it to you!
Oi, oi, oi! Thank you oh so very much! emotion_bigheart
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Fritz 2point0
Hello all :]
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As of this "event" I'm done with Gaia, so I'm giving away nearly all my items.

sad I'm sorry to hear that! I guess I can't blame you at all, considering, but it's still sad to lose a member of the site. More and more as time passes.
I'm in it for the long haul, but you should probably get out while you can.
Can I ask why? Are you unhappy here? Was it this event specifically? Have you been thinking about it for a while?

orz oh, we were supposed to make a case?
I don't know what you've got, item-wise, but keep anything that means a lot to you...
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Thank you for the gift! I have a few I have my eye on just in case. Taking that leap after so many years is going to be hard--no matter how much this site starts upsetting me. ;>;
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I'm sorry to see you leave too. I hope you have a good life.Honestly I'm not comfortable with begging or whatever, so as for pleading my case, I am just a lady with a cat, questing other cats to keep my cat company.

I'm sorry, but I don't have any cats to give away. ._.

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