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X3 tehe thanks for the gift Kiara-kins <3 your the sweetest
Oh god no now I'm caught in the cycle!
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so one gifted me a teddy march someone i met once i cried D": it was the sweetest thing ever
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Let's see who I end up with~ heart
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I post and gift.

Thanks for the White Ink! Holy crud, dat inflation. gonk
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happy v-day peeps <3
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Gift giving is fun. :3

Thank you so much dear. ;-; I love it.

And I'm working on my gifts sorry if I'm slow!
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hai lol I will being giving a gift if someone comments below me but please send me a pm for I know who to gift it to wait what am I saying lol nm I get it lol haha wow im an airhead hehe well firend wrote a poem and I asked her if I could have it so I decided to share it on here here it is
when someone speaks of love they have a smile on their face
when someone speaks of love they think of a happy place
when someone speaks of love it is done with fondness
when someone speaks of love it is done with kindness
when someone speaks of love they are pashionate
wont you speak fo love an brighten someoens day?

have a good day all love you x3333333333333333

p,s that firend is me I feel embaressed to say its me though ugh I just did though wow XDD
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huzzah lets gift heart

thank you! you are the greatest!

Something Insidious

thank you! you brought warmth to my heart!
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Thanks you sugary glitch.
so one gifted me a teddy march someone i met once i cried D": it was the sweetest thing ever

Thanks so much! Same to you Sugary Glitch smile
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Thanks you sugary glitch.

xD Thanks for the octopus dress Zinerry razz

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