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Ines Verdelet
Ines Verdelet
gonna nap bbl

I wish I was doing that. gonk

Just trying to sleep away my sad.

Why are you sad? o n o


Welcome to BetterGaia.
Need help? See our thread.

I feel better now.. thank you sweetheart

I was sad over stupid stuff
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Thank you for the donation!!!
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Thank you for the donation!!!

your welcome smile
Hi! I'm currently questing for this months MC - Attitude Alleycat! I know it's quite pricey at the moment, so I really don't expect anything, but I thought I might put it out there just in case. I absolutely love the item, and am looking to do a complete avatar makeover centred around that very item. Give my look a bit more of a 'oomph' factor. haha. It would be absolutely incredible if you could make my wish come true. c:

Thank you so much for spreading love and happiness to others through your generosity. I hope you had a great day! 4laugh
Hi! whee
You're probably too busy granting the wishes of everyone here like a wonderful genie, but if you would take the time to consider helping me towards my quest, I would be so happy.

I am currently trying to get funds for The Celestial Queen of Solair [click here for link to mp] for a friend who has given me a lot of help with all my endeavours on Gaia. Anything at all will do, even 10k! I want to pay the kindness forward, and if you could help me get there, I would be forever indebted to you!
Hello!! Is this giveaway still open?
I'm questing Saber Feidae right now. Any help at all would be a dream come true. It would absolutely make my month! Thank you, Crystale, and may your kindness never fade. <3
bump for this lovely thread heart ~
hi there ^^
i am currently questing eternal eclipse, seven day love and aria dannata~
any help to go towards them will be very appreciated! thank you! ^^
heart heart heart
give give give

Are you for real??? eek
Then can I have this:
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I ship Sakura and Syaoran too :3
And I love your signature XD

Thank you! and emotion_brofist My favorite couple. xd

You're welcome~
they are the cutest couple aren't they? XD
where did you get that mini comic from btw?
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                            hello c:
                            i am currently questing the very expensive lavish lucie :]
                            it would be great to get some help

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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D'aw ;_; you're so sweet...

If you don't mind, I'm trying to get winter bride.
I'm trying to finish my wedding outfit >~<
If you can, that'd be wonderful and thanks. <3

I guess it would be questing? Donations? I dunno I just started forum goin' on here recently. >~<


Also thanks for being an awesome person! biggrin
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hello everyone :]

hows it going today?

Soldato Max
Your avatar is pretty cute biggrin also you are being very generous, thank you smile

^_^ thanks i love my avy!

Thank you so much for the money smile
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Hiya~ heart
I'm new to gaia so I'm only really looking for Celestial Emissary,Ruined Souls, Art of Espionage, Sidne of the Cavern, Queen's Adviser, Winters Bride and Rosamund's Revenge
Sorry this is alot but it's all I want - I don't mean to be greedy so if this annoys you please ignore it smile
Happy Valentine's! heart
How are you?

PS. This is really sweet of you, thank you so much if you can help me heart

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