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heart Valentines Day 2k12 Event heart

Welcome to my Second Event, Last Poster Wins Item!
The first one was Xmas 2k11.

To win the Last Poster Item
You cannot do:
♥Bumping (Included similar posts or same words repeating)♥
♥Emotions only (Emotion can be used as long there is words)♥
♥Have less than 3 words per post♥
♥Use l33t Language♥
♥Using any of games below♥
(It must be a pure conversation Post to win the items)

All Winners can be found

The First Last Post Wins
User Image
Fragrant Heartbeat

The Second Last Post Wins
User Image
Gin the Kitty

The Third Last Post Wins
User Image
RabuRabu Purikura

Quoting Game
Quote it FAST
Random, I will add in the Quote itself what you will win if you are fast enough to quote it! Also in that quote, I will say how many people can win by quote it.
You have to find this to quote.
User Image

I gave Kill Credit my permission to do Quote when Im not online.

Generating Random Number Game
No Rules actually.
If you are the last poster while playing this game,
You win 25k instead of the item.

Random number, 1-1000

15 - 10k
20 - Art by me
25 - 100k
193 - 8k
255 - Art by me
399 - 15k + Item
416 - 6k
523 - 3k
593 - 1k
666 - 666g + Item.
777 - 50k
801 - An Item
888 - 10k
925 - 5k
998 - 3k

If you win, please PM me with number of Page.

heart RANDOM NUMBER heart
How it works?:

I choose a Page, you post a max 4 posts on that page. If you post a 5th time on the same page; or break any of the rules, you cannot win the random number game for that page. I will have to re-roll the Random Number again if the number that is chosen matches your post.
On the next page, I will do the Random Number including only people that didn’t break the rules, once the number is rolled the person who is the poster of that number wins.
I send the Prize by Trades

If I am not online while pages have complete, do not worry about it, I will do Random Number as soon as I get online and send the trade to whoever won.

On those pages,
You lose your chance to win if you
♥Only Use Emoticons
♥Use Generating Random Number Game
♥Have more than 4 posts on that page
♥Just post the same thing over and over
♥Use less than 5 Words in a post(Same words repeating don’t count as 5 words)


Page 25
User Image

Page 50
User Image

Page 75
User Image

Page 100
User Image

Page 125
User Image

Page 150
User Image

Page 175

Page 200
User Image

Page 225
User Image

Page 250
User Image
[Donated by Kill Credit]

Page 275
User Image

Page 300
User Image
Last Item of page contest

Black Lust Perfume rolled 20 100-sided dice: 79, 86, 83, 29, 28, 87, 53, 62, 19, 38, 43, 88, 23, 28, 36, 37, 57, 15, 86, 24 Total: 1001 (20-2000)

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Try get this number by using Roll Dice
Dice Size:100
# of Dice: 20

Number to get


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ahaha, this will be tough.
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  • Brandisher 100
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
Eat my shorts Valentines Day.
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ahaha, this will be tough.
How would that be tough?

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  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Battle: KO 200
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  • Alchemy Level 1 100
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
posting just to post

see ya later peeps!
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19,700 Points
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  • Bookworm 100
  • Hero 100
O.o I should warn you people tend to abandon threads when I post on them...
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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Hope you have a good one ^.^ heart

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