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Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

I've always been rubbish at anagrams...I think one of the words is meant to be very or year...but that's all.
Dreylen's avatar

Shadowy Cultist

War leaves its trail,
In moonlight so pale...

I got all the letters too I just-~hears iPod beep~
AGH! Gotta scramble off to work! Bye!

Its shadows, they flow,
In rivers, in rivers...
See ya Dreylen, have fun.
Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

Bye bye Dreylen, good luck.

And I don't know where to start I hate those things.
LittleDemonMegami's avatar

Lonely Phantom

You're looking very elegant Ash.
Oh, someone figured it out, it gives you an achievement.

Megami: Thank you, I do like your new look.
Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

Oh, I don't want an achievement...I want an item *greedy*

Hehe you both look pretty
So you don't want to know what means anyway?
LittleDemonMegami's avatar

Lonely Phantom

Just an achievement? Boo.
Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

No tell me please! Please Ash? Share the knowledge
Hmm... To tell you or to make you beg some more?
Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

Please Ash? Pretty pretty please? I'll give you my carrot.
Very well~

It translated to nineyearshacktheplanet if you add that to the standard gaia url it'll give you the achievement.
Barmy Bunny's avatar

Shy Bunny

Oh ok, that's pretty impressive
LittleDemonMegami's avatar

Lonely Phantom

Heh, funny achievement. Too bad achievements on Gaia mean absolutely nothing.

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