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Hey guys, I'm curious what kinds of questions are being asked of Diedrich and what his responses have been, so post them here! I'll start with one I did...

what is the best way to create a romantic setting?


Don't abandon your date-- always ask if they would like to accompany you to the bathroom.

...Oh Diedrich...
I tried to hard to get him to say something amusing, but he just wouldn't v_v. So instead...

Question: Are you in love?

Compliment your date on how attractive they look. If they don't look attractive, HOLD NOTHING BACK!
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I asked him what to feed my date and he told me to date his (my dates, not Deidrichs xD) friends instead >:C

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Do girls like cupcakes?

If you feel your romantic partner is becoming distant, leave derogatory graffitti in public places to make sure they don't have any other options.

That sounds so abusive. stare
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i said

"How can I get him to notice me?"

he said

"Showering washes away your natural pheromones, which are vital to attracting mates. I prefer a nice dust bath!"

gonk Weird bunny...
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Does he loves me?

1. Appropriate gifts when greeting a new date are flowers, wine or a stick whittled into the face of an old man.

2. Preparing a romantic meal for your date is always a good gesture, but don't mess up your clothes and get all sweaty running around your neighborhood trying to tackle a goose. Just go to the store! (A policeman helped me out with this one.)

They are really far from each other and he's not even answering, oh dear...
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I asked him what true love was and he said
"Turnip soup!"
How do you know if you're in love?

A good "red flag" to watch out for is if your date has a prior history of pressing charges against you specifically.

Uh, I think that's a red flag for something else than knowing you're in love. That's more "How do you know if you're a stalker?", I'd say.
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How Do i ask a girl out on Valentines Day?

Showering washes away your natural pheromones, which are vital to attracting mates. I prefer a nice dust bath!
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I asked "where should I go on a date?"
he answered: "Make your date the center of attention-- tell the waitstaff it's your date's birthday, then leave when everyone starts singing."
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Mine question was: Should I ask someone who was getting over a dump to go out with me?

People are attracted to interesting and accomplished people. That's why it's important to be a good liar.

...I kinda already knew that one lol
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"Diedrich I'm in love with my radiator. I'm thinking of telling it on Valentine's Day. What should I do?"

Diedrich the Wise
Confidence is important. Show you are the leader of the pack by tying lots of little dogs to your belt to drag behind you."
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I'd ask him how to get guys to date zombies like myself...

; ~;

Most just run away after I try to eat their hearts.
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"How do I keep my date from getting boring?"

"If you don't have good coordination, you can dance just by moving the parts of your face along with the music."


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