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So what is exactly this based...? Some harry potter... Ideology ? . . .]

They made the towns on Gaia have names according to the 4 houses in Harry Potter.

A house is just like a dorm, really. Students are split into one of the houses to live, based on personality.

So what house can fit on me... towards this video... I have friends like the blue guy... And I'm more like the red one...

I'm at work, so I cannot really watch any videos. Here is a generic rundown on the houses:

Hufflepuff/Durepuff (yellow/blueish silver?): Nice
Griffindor/Gambinador (red/gold): Brave, this is the house of most of the main characters.
Ravenclaw/Aekeaclaw (blue/silver): Smart/clever. Hermione could have been here or Griffindor, but chose Griffindor.
Slytherin/Barterin (green/silver): Sneaky kind of, always cares more about saving their own neck over anything. The bad guys are generally here.
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Otaku: It's okay, just be careful about who you quote.

I'm back to being an Aekeaclaw! ^^
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I've always liked Durem, that's the only reason I chose Durepuff. I'm in no way nice. XD

I should probably go do something productive right now...
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@BAI: That is why I thought durem should have been slytherin, and barten hufflepuff ><

@The anon that has sent me many valentines over the event, using different variations and amounts of "<3", thank you D: Has it all been one person?
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Part one of the event has ended.
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I am being moved to Safeway's corporate office instead of working in the main office, because one of our designers there quit.

I am going to miss my friends ;_______;
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I go sleep nao.
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Lol the only reason I'm durepuff is because I always get Hufflepuff when I take the Sorting Hat quiz. 8'D There should be a quiz like that here on gaia.

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