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All these people calling each other names simply because they're affiliated with a certain political party.

'Oh, you're a democrat? Let me proceed to call you a lazy obese bum who is the 47% and mooches off of government because I'm extremely biased. Smaller government ftw, healthcare is a personal thing so let's sacrifice millions of people who are in need of healthcare just so I could say "No" to health insurance and vaccinations.'

'Oh, you're a republican? You must be some rich bible thumper who wants to put the bible into women's vaginas and give tax breaks to the actual lazy mofos that don't need it.Legalize abortion and weed, 666 420 blaze it fggt. God isn't real, atheism ftw.'

Or you guys ******** retarded or what? (note I'm not relating your possible lack of intelligence based on what your political party is! *le gasp* )
I've seen others correlate that "Oh they're lazy they must be a democrat" from what they have observed from a person they know. Or they already know these things and somehow connect them together simply because they're biased and have an extreme disliking to another political party that has different views with them.

Why can't everyone be objective and reasonable without trying to put down other people?

afterthought: I don't think Romney is taking the loss as hard as all of you conservatives. He's still ******** rich.

hey you, ******** you and your political party you are whatever you are and that makes you scum... you... ******** you.

p.s. i don't know you or your political affiliation and i read like two sentences of OP..... but, whatever it is you are trying to get across... we still all hate you for your differences. agree with everything i want you to agree with or die slowly.

******** you too mad
let us all hate each other for our differences or die slowly.
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Thanks OP, I was trying to convey this a while back too, but people became aggressive in response to a cry for peace. Honestly, what does that say about people? Jesus.

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