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Conservative Victory

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Prince Ikari

Have you checked out Gary Johnson, candidate for the Libertarian Party?

He's on the ballot in forty-eight states, and is actually running strong in quite a few states, including swing states. I personally don't believe that a vote for the candidate you believe in is a wasted vote, even if they don't win. You stood up for your beliefs. I won't bash you for how you vote though, this is a free country after all. ^^ But I would highly suggest looking up Gary Johnson. In my opinion, he is by far the best candidate this year.

I am aware of Gary Johnson, since he ran in my party's primaries. Or I should say appeared in two debates then dropped out and ran as a Libertarian. I agree with him on the economics and limiting the size of government, and somewhat agree with him on foreign policy, but his social views are too liberal for a conservative like myself. Sorry.
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Prince Ikari

No need to apologize, I totally understand. No one can force you to vote for someone you don't like. This is a free country, after all. Just cast your vote for the candidate you like the most, and be proud that you stood up for your beliefs. :3
Funding and marketing. It may not seem like it, but if an Independent wants to win an election, they have to market it. They have to make signs, advertisements and commercials. They have to be accepted that they actually have a chance of victory.

This is why I think we haven't had an Independent President yet.

Then they should run a positive campaign. The one thing that irritates me is that presidential elections have almost become a trolling war between the sides. Enough of that. Focus on what a candidate would do and why they are best for your vote.

Until a candidate seems viable, I don't really seeing an independent or a third party really ever winning a national election and the presidency. Most have the perception that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote because they have no chances of winning. That is probably due to the fact that they never market themselves. You have to spend lots of money to win votes and get invited to national debates.
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Elections should be settled by the Popular vote, not Electoral College. But, beware, of too many parties.
We are a Democratic Republic. Georhe Washington said that two parties, in his opinion would be disaster. ell, I don't know about that, but I do believe that if we have three, then maybe four, then maybe five, etc.... we would truly be on the path to disaster.
Research the positions in depth for yourself. Don't accept the Media-hype. Then make your choice. I know, clearly, who I feel the country will be better served by .... but, in deference to others, I will not express it here.
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Czar Valentine I

Because he's the Libertarian Candidate. Being a third party candidate for President, the media doesn't cover anything involving him. It's a shame, really. He was governor of New Mexico for two terms. He ran as a Republican there, in a state that is 2-to-1 democrat, and got elected as their governor twice. Turned around their economy and helped fix the state. Not to mention, I really like his views and policies.

I saw that. I like his stance on most things. He seems a better candidate than either of the options we have now. I wish the media wasn't so biased and gave ALL choices equal and fair time. Wouldn't that have been a debate worth watching - all 3 of them together! biggrin More people I know I so sick of just the 2 options radically opposed black and white. whee
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Even if he doesn't win the office this year, Gary Johnson already said that he'd be running in 2016 as well. And right now, the Libertarian party's primary goal has been fulfilled. They've reached a five percent approval rating, which means their party gets more funds for every other election now. $9.6 million isn't much, compared to the other two parties. But now they've established that they are a power in this country, and they'll now be on the ballot in all fifty states for every election. It's looking good, so far. :3
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Honestly what (in your opinion) would an independent party need to be like or do to get your vote?

i just wish we could choose more than red or blue...

The political system would need to be changed. What we need is a proportional representation that would end the cycle of absolute winners or losers and allow for coalitions of like-minded parties and a third party could actually gain traction by having their amount of representation based on the percentage of their vote. Right now we have a two party system which neither party is willing to end and republicans and democrats encourage this system because they realize how much it benefits them and gives them control. If we had say a system that gave representatives based on the percentage of the vote they received then even if a third party received 13 percent of the vote they would get 13 percent of the representatives instead of 0 like they currently do. Most countries do this and it allows the injection of new opinions, but we are back asswards America..so...
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My problem with independent parties is that they tend to be far too extreme for my tastes. The Libertarian party leans way too far to the right for me - sorry, there's a very good reason why Dept of Education is around and why we're still in Afghanistan. I do like the idea of legalizing marijuana, although I HIGHLY doubt it'll fix our issues with immigration. The Green Party tends to be way too far to the left for me - uhh, yeah, money doesn't grow on trees, lady.

Interestingly, in 2008, while I wanted Obama to win because of his intelligence and level-headedness, I wouldn't have thrown a fit if McCain had won (minus Sarah Palin). I felt they were well-matched (although I'm sure hardcore conservatives didn't see it that way). I would've SO VERY GLADLY welcomed McCain over W. Bush and even over Kerry.

I will say, though that considering whether a vote will "matter" is becoming more popular. More and more people, I think are really questioning the 2-parties-that-matter system.

I think an independent who's got fresh, yet analytically and practically sound ideas would get me. Right now, all four parties actually sound pretty much alike with the line still drawn between dems + green and repubs + libers. I wouldn't think in terms of votes mattering or not. I would always vote for the person who I really think is the better leader.

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