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Where I live, coal is a huge thing.
Now, we all know that Obama is only partly to blame for how shi poopy the coal industry has become.
But Romney is supporting it, and maybe, just maybe, if he became president, my wonderful hard-working father would be able to go back to being a coal miner.

And that, is why I really only like Mr. Mitt Romney.
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Cool.. emotion_awesome

*Expecting the obama supporters to dislike, harass*
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Isn't coal mining... Like... Really dangerous?
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That's unfair. I am an Obama supporter. And while I don't agree I can see her point loud and clear. Her father deserves a good job like everyone else. All I ask is that one makes a informed choice based on all the issues or whatever is most important to oneself
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Isn't coal mining... Like... Really dangerous?
It is dangerous... and as crazy as it sounds to some... to others it is also a way of life. My dad is a coal miner as well, and the EPA has put so many restrictions and regulations on the mines... coal mining businesses are quite literally dropping like flies. There is a lot of people out of work in the coal mining business right now. And typically in areas where coal mining exists, that is almost the only good paying job available. When the coal mines disappears in some areas... some of the towns will become ghost towns, because a lot of people will have to move to find work.
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Gary Johnson would preserve your livelyhood and represent your personal freedoms at the same time. 3nodding
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I think it would be better if we could turn coal mining areas into greener power that will both employ your family and keep them safe.
I think it would be better if we could turn coal mining areas into greener power that will both employ your family and keep them safe.
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Over 3000 people in my community got laid off in a day because they started shutting down all the coal mines, including my husband. Everyone was affected in some way. Our local economy was hit hard. Businesses started closing down, gas stations, grocery stores. I lived on the main street and it's nothing but empty buildings now. Were I moved to the States from Canada a few years ago, I still had all my family there, so we ended up having to leave. We came to Canada with whatever we could grab, we've been in Canada just 2 months and I already have a full time job, an apartment and in the process of starting my husbands Sponsorship..

but out of 15 mines there are only 2 left, people do not understand how important these mines were to their survival, living in such a rural area there are not many career opportunities, a kid can just go from High School to the mines and start making a lot of money VS minimum wage. Not to mention that a lot of the older miners more than likely do not have a high school education. =/ Coal mining is the only thing they know how to do.

If anything I wish they would have at least replaced these mining jobs with something of equal pay, benefits, and just as easy to get into. I'd love to see some of these people try and live in a rural area in the middle of the Appalachian mountains.
You NEED a car to get to work, you need money to pay for the insurance, tags, and the occasional break down, to have this money you need a job, to have a job, you need a car. It's an endless cycle.

People are broke, it's choosing to either eat or go to the doctors, or deciding to get yourself pregnant and live on the system.
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Far too many deaths occurred due to collapses etc. and some groups of people got tired of it. If these companies were concerned about the safety and health of their workers in the first damned place beginning a century ago, things might not be like it is now. I don't care how "expensive" it is to safeguard the lives of your workers.
And for a job this dangerous, face masks to limit the amount of dust inhaled would lower the cases of Black Lung disease and the like to occur. That is just a start.
I am ranting again

Think on this also, even as I disagree with the use of coal unless it is the burning of "clean" coal for fuel burning (I think that is what is used here in America), that this does impact a larger portion of America's population as this kind of thing tends to reverberate. It is another way in which we leave ourselves with less alternatives than using petroleum sources.

I see nothing wrong with visiting the use of all forms of energy production including "clean" coal (as I said) AND alternative energy generation. This includes wind and solar energy.

I also agree that something should have been done to encourage job growth in these areas where coal mines have shut down.
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Isn't coal mining... Like... Really dangerous?

Quite dangerous, yes. Coal miners realize that when they take the job, as well. Most people see it as a way of life.
Trust me, I'd never ever go down there. It seems scary. emotion_donotwant

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