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GARY JOHNSON 2012 ♥!!!
I agree with the NOT romney statements.
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I just feel like they need to include more options, most people don't even think about the 3rd parties and dismiss them completely. We don't need a large party system but maybe they should let EVERY presidential candidate into the debates and should include them in the news also.

Good intentions, but it won't happen.. the media is bought and paid for by the establishment that only provides two options, Coke or Pepsi, Romeny or Obama, two sides of the same coin by the establishment.

I voted for Gary Johnson, I hope he gains the 5% vote, as people need to realize it is not a waste to vote for him. smile

Of course, but one day I hope for it to happen. That 5% would be a good start to the end of two party or atleast including them into the [majority]public eyes.
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Romney must lose.
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Reading this thread fills me with hope. I voted for Johnson! I voted for freedom.

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