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Did you vote?

Yes I voted 0.1496062992126 15.0% [ 19 ]
No I did not vote 0.14173228346457 14.2% [ 18 ]
I could not vote due to age 0.1259842519685 12.6% [ 16 ]
I voted for Obama 0.44094488188976 44.1% [ 56 ]
I voted for Romney 0.078740157480315 7.9% [ 10 ]
I voted for a third or fourth party 0.062992125984252 6.3% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 127 ]
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CocoaPocky x3
I would have voted for Obama if I could... My birthday is just next week... ;__;

A lot of people don't know this, but under certain circumstances a 17 year old can vote. I forget how, but if you know someone who really wants to vote tell them that.
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Magnetic Genius

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Total Distortion's avatar


I did not vote. I'm more of a libertarian and they never win anyways. xd
Lunar Real Estate Agent's avatar

Wheezing Codger

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Yes. I voted for Obama.

He may be a bit of a disappointment, what with his bailouts, failure to close our illegal and amoral secret detention facilities like Guantanemo, and subsidies that seem to have been prone to misuse. But, I really don't want some sabre-rattling imperialist who thinks people with problems should sleep under bridges, that obscenely wealthy people deserve even more privileges, and that female bodies fall under the jurisdiction of a state that courts religious bigots.

Ultimately, though, I'm more enthusiastic when it comes to local and state-wide ballot measures.
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Total Distortion
I did not vote. I'm more of a libertarian and they never win anyways. xd

Lol thats why they can't get more than 1%
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I voted for gary johnson.....

however I'm glad to see that the lesser of the two evils won.

I don't think the united states could handle a first, seccond and a third first lady XP
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im canadian but i vote for obama ... i think he has done good for the usa , he s trying to get the states out of the gutter.... wink whee
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my friend did not vote; I did

I yelled at him and was ready to blame him if Romney won (he was gonna vote Obama but didn't)
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For Romney emotion_yatta
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I voted for Obama mrgreen
Obama RULES!
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I turn 18 in around 9 months.... So I couldn't. And even if I could, I would have voted for Romney.

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