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Higher amounts of testosterone and naturally greater percentage of muscle mass. Women require a higher percentage of body fat to support reproduction so our amount of muscle mass is less when compared to males.
Or just because women usually use the light Pilates weights at the gym and don't really bother breaking down their muscles properly to rebuild them.
Men have incredibly higher levels of testosterone, thus more muscle gain.
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There is this chick at the gym who tops me in size big time
shes huge
Combination of the above. But I definitely agree with the comment about not lifting enough. Most women don't make their workouts intense enough.
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Men produce larger amounts of testosterone which is what supports muscle growth and recovery.
Even if a woman did a more intense workout than Pilates and light weights, it would still take a little more time than a male to build the muscle.
Testosterone, plain and simple.
Last I heard, it was testosterone, and body shape. Women tend to get wider in the hips (makes birthing much easier) whereas men can get wider shoulders. A male body is (generally, of course. Exceptions all around) able to better proportion the muscle.

Also, a lot of women don't seem to lift heavy enough. I know a few women who are scared they'll look like men if they lift something heavier than a gallon of milk.

Take this woman, for example.

Captcha: Do More Sit-Ups
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Captn Pikachu
There is this chick at the gym who tops me in size big time
shes huge

******** dude, I know right?
My step-mom is a professional body builder.
She's a ******** tank.
It's funny to see her outlift the football team though.
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It's the testosterone and skeletal structure. Men get bigger faster, it's just nature.
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Agree with pretty much everyone else. Not complaining though, I lift heavy regularly and I'd rather be a cute sexy little girl than looking manly..
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As stated above, just nature. Hundred of thousands of years of nature.
lactic acid
There's obvious reason like others have posted such as TESTOSTERONE, ACIDS and from common stuff is physical. A lot of men like to get 'big' where ladies like to be 'slim' or 'slender' I have a lot of friends who work out, some take it to different levels such as bodybuilding (both male and female) and others like myself focus on certain groups. I myself like having a bigger upper body, it has to do with being an 'Alpha Male' thing if your a bigger wolf your feared lol but it's true.

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