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Leg strength will really help with your running too. Want to be able to power up those hills?
LOL nobody likes chicken legs
Yes. There is nothing sexier than a man with some well developed quads, hamstrings, and calves. I actually love the soreness.
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And glutes, ladies love developed glutes.
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Well if you run every day, training your legs might go a little into the realm of overtraining as they already get a fair share of work from your running but that depends on your ability to recover and how intense the running is.
Maybe you can try doing something like squats but except with 1 or 2 sets rather than the usual 3 or 4 sets and only once a week.

But yeah, DO THEM.
Legs are essential. Squatting releases more testosterone than any other lift. As such, squatting will cause all of your other lifts to increase. I always do leg day at the beginning of the week because it helps increase my gains throughout.

5 star post
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This will be you:

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The front part of your upper leg (forget the name of muscle group) basically never gets used. If you want to tone it, you gotta work that s**t out.
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I'm not an expert on weight training by any stretch of the imagination.

But I can tell you that it makes sense to cultivate the entire body instead of simply one muscle group, unless you are already disproportionate.

If you have two tons of muscle, you want to be able to carry it while walking...
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Legs are my favorite day! Sure I can't walk the next day (or two) but that's the glory. And besides, who doesn't want some wicked ripped legs? (Or a nice butt for that matter)
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Squats and Lunges are the best! If you're not feeling the pain you're not training hard enough. End result looks and feels great.

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