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I run every single day, and have really neglected doing squats and lunges because every time I do them I get so sore I can barely walk at all for a few days. Been noticing how ridiculous I look naked though, and was curious if legs are really that important?
yes legs are important, especially if you are building your upper body
think of it as looking unproportionate, like a spinner top

big upper body
little tiny legs supporting it

if you are super sore try stretching after your workout (because a lot of ppl neglect it)
or if you have some extra cash pick up some glutamine which will help reduce muscle soreness (:
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Please for the love of God work out your legs.
Its weird going to the gym and I'm just as big as the other guys but when you look at our legs i have bulging calves. Chicken legs are terrible.
If your sore thats alright your body will get use to it. I'm rarely sore after the gym now.
I also look better naked or in shorts then any of them
Work out your legs.
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If you don't do it, you better start today.
Weak legs=weak overall body.
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Legs are essential. Squatting releases more testosterone than any other lift. As such, squatting will cause all of your other lifts to increase. I always do leg day at the beginning of the week because it helps increase my gains throughout.
dont be thaht curlbro with chicken legs

get some squats in there! legs day is my favorite day actually
yes. legs are that important. unless you don't mind looking like a chicken.

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Squats are not just a leg exercise. They are the quintessential compound movement, and in addition to what wolfdude said about testosterone (and other anabolic hormones), they require the most activation of your CNS which will shock your muscle into the most growth. They, in addition to bench press and deadlift, are probably the 3 exercises that will give you the most mass.

I suggest you start sucking it up and doing them.
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OP has chicken legs, stick with wearing swim suits and you should be good.
Don't even think about not doing legs man. Just do them and stop crying
I just did legs. I wish I were dead. It feels great.
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front squats for awesome gains brah
Action Bronson
front squats for awesome gains brah

if i could get the form down for the front squats I'd do them more often. but i need someone there to slap me when i'm doing it wrong.
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Action Bronson
front squats for awesome gains brah

if i could get the form down for the front squats I'd do them more often. but i need someone there to slap me when i'm doing it wrong.

internet is your friend broseidon
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Don't be a t shirt trainer bro, pick up some glutamine if this soreness is really an issue... i actually enjoy the soreness, it confirms that ive worked hard
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Do not be one of those guys who neglect leg strength and have a large torso and small legs. It just looks really weird. Plus muscular legs are shecksy.

If you don't have much of a problem running but have a problem with leg strength, I suggest that you either use machines and continue with squats and possibly wall sits. I think I'm more of a sprinter and not a distance runner so leg strength really isn't a problem for me but distance/endurance running is. crying

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