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I want to build a wide upperbody and a slim waist. I want a big chest the one ZYZZ, Arnold, and many of the other body builders have. Any workouts I can do? Check out my instagram and tell me what I should work on. Thank you.
Instagram: Silkfox2

Weigh: 135
Waist: 28
Height: 5'7
Have you tried just starting with some of the plans on bodybuilding.com? They pretty much tell you exactly what to do (exercise, tutorials, sets, reps, splits, etc) until you figure out what works and can change up your own workouts.
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bench presses and the other variations of it e.g. inclined, declined, narrow, wide. it works different parts of the chest. then what i usually do by the end of an exercise are push ups
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I will tell you that not everyone is the same. It's all part of the genetics. Some people can build their chest faster than others but in the beginning it is the hardest. You don't have much of a chest therefore when you do any chest exercise, it's almost impossible to contract them and squeeze them at the top which is the most important part next to getting a good stretch. What I would suggest you do is start off with dumbbells. Don't listen to anyone else saying to use a bench, because if you want to build your chest whilst benching, you need to have good form. It is absolutely imperative to have good form and it's very difficult to perfect the bench press.

So, as I was saying go with the dumbbell route. Since you're a beginner I would assume, go for a moderately heavy weight where you can get only 8-10 reps. The last rep should be very hard to complete, if you go over 10-12, bump the weight up. 3 sets of 8-10 on flat bench, and 3 sets of 8-10 on incline. Then after that you should do dips with a little bit of a forward lean to hit your pecs as well. That serves as a substitute for a decline bench and it's actually a lot more comfortable for most people.
I'm a big fan of upper body workouts, they are my favorite, mostly arms. I would suggest looking up on YouTube for some workouts, one I recommend is 'SixPackShortcuts' even though it does have workouts for abs most of his videos are core stuff, a lot of upper body that I have been using for a while. He's a fan of using free weights like myself so I suggest checking that out.

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