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Das Destroyer
Hey, Sorry I have not posted laity. I've been ridiculously busy between my two jobs and school. Good news is that I have been sticking to my workout more so then ever. I think I would go crazy with stress if I didn't. I'm glad to hear you're working on sticking to your exercises despite your condition. I know a lot of people would use something like that as an excuse to quit.

I've been working on my diet as well. I don't get nearly as much vegetables as I should but that's not a priority to me like it looks like it is to you. I've been trying to get to 180g-240g of protein a day. I can't believe how much of a challenge that is!

I'm not a fan pf underhand lat pull downs myself. If you're the same I would recommend close grip or just going for the wide grip.

Also, I wish you the best of luck! blaugh I'll continue posting in here as often as I can.

Hey, no problem! I totally get what you mean about being so busy. I work full-time (which is also full-time school so I have assignments, papers, and research to do, and is therefore unpaid) and part-time to pay for the full-time job/school. I hate that I miss workouts when I'm not feeling great, as I did today, but for the longest time I would try and struggle through the workouts anyway and it did more harm than good.

You're right, I'm not a big fan of the underhand pull-downs but for some reason close-grip slipped my mind. I'll do that next time instead. The wide-grip pull downs are also part of the workout or else I'd just stick with those. smile

Wow, that's a lot of protein! I eat somewhere between 60-110 grams and find anything over that is tough, not only for my calorie allowance but just getting sick of the same foods over and over, particularly if you're limiting your carbs and therefore dairy and legume sources are excluded.

I don't workout on Fridays so my next gym day is Saturday. I'm quite behind now so I might restart week 3 again in order to get the full benefit. Hope you have a great week!
Week 3 wasn't the best but I did a good Chest & Triceps day on Saturday before work. Sunday I spent "resting", aka shopping for a toilet and various other house items (why are there so many options for toilets?!)

Today I started Week 4, Day 22 with a strong leg day. I'm definitely beginning to see changes in my calves, and my legs are getting stronger. I really enjoyed pushing on this workout.

Yesterday and today were also much better for eating. While I did go out for supper last night, I only ate half the portion. Today I had half a portion of dessert at lunch, along with lots of veggies. I chose some All-Bran with skim milk and half a banana instead of a muffin for an afternoon snack (I actually really like All-Bran). I went to the gym and then made baked halibut with a homemade dynamite sushi-style sauce, mushrooms and onions, and a quinoa and veggie side dish. I had some strawberries and banana slices for dessert. Breakfast was my usual oatmeal, made with half a banana, vanilla, cinnamon, ground flax, and peanut butter, but without brown sugar. I didn't get a break this morning so no snack.

I don't talk a lot about what I eat but when I'm trying to make some changes, I find it's easier to know you have to "admit" it. Some accountability always helps. smile
Quick update:
No workout yesterday, but my meeting was cancelled so I made some spicy chicken and veggies for supper. Today I ate pretty well, although I was very tired due to going to bed around 11:30 and getting up around 4am. The gym was tough since I was tired, so I swapped Back & Biceps for Chest & Triceps plus a bit of Shoulders. I pushed and did well, although not ideal. Spent about 30 minutes on the bike to loosen up my legs a bit, two days after Leg day is always the worst for me.

Gym tomorrow to do Back & Biceps and the other half of the shoulder workout so that I can do Legs again on Saturday!
Finished Phase 1 of LiveFit on Saturday by doing an excellent leg workout. Yesterday and today were off due to meetings but starting Phase 2 tomorrow!

I took my measurements and photos on Saturday and see some small changes, particularly around my ribs and arms. I feel stronger and have plenty of energy as well. I can't wait to see the changes that happen after Phase 2!

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