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Flamboyant Cannibal
Don't take Creatine bro. If you get higher quality sorts, it is worth it, but it's very expensive. Otherwise, once you stop using Creatine, your muscles will turn to water weight.
lol its not expensive

If you want good stuff, it's more expensive. But I guess you're right. It doesn't cost that much.

It's one of the cheapest supplements that exists. It's also one of the few that actually does something for most people.
most suppliers will sell you a 100% creatine product and thats what you'd want to take. Not other fancy pre-workout drinks that happen to contain creatine, thats where they get your wallet.

There is water weight gain that comes on straight away, and will go away again when you stop taking it, but the muscle doesn't turn into water or anything.
While you're taking it however, you'll probably notice better workout performance, leading to better results.

It also requires no loading because it's a basic nutritional supplement with no effect on your hormones or body's system outside of the energy transfer stuff it does.