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Monthly challenges!
I keep an instagram for progress shots + general vanity, but lately I've been seeing lots of April challenges!
So I'm doing the squateggedon this month with two friends and my sister (who'd have thought I would be a motivator?) so it was 50 on the 1st, 100 on the 2nd, 150 on the 3rd, 200 today on the 4th, rest, 205 on the 5th and so on and so forth. I do these in addition to my other workouts but it's a great way to kickstart a fit lifestyle.

Next month I'm doing the wall sit challenge! At the end you do 5:00.
Iago McDohl
Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press.

Learn what they are and practice proper form with them. This can be done by getting a length of PVC pipe the width of a barbell. 3/4" or 1", can't remember off the top of my head and Im too lazy to google it for you. Watch videos on youtube, should get you like, 90 percent of the way there. Practice high reps, since this is low weight, and volume will build muscle memory, like 5 set X 50-60 reps with as much rest as you need to keep good form.

Then look up Starting Strength or some similar beginner level barbell program. But up the set x rep scheme to more like 5 x 12 for the first four weeks, then switch to 5 x 8 for the next eight. After the initial 12 weeks, take a de-load week, basically a week where your do the same exercises, for the same number of reps, with the same weight as the week prior, but with half the reps.

E.G. Week 12: 5 sets x 8 reps @100lbs Week 13: 5 sets x 4 reps @100 lbs. Basically a week of half the intensity to allow your body to consolidate gains.

After this I would jump into the program as designed 3-5 sets x 3-5 reps with the core lifts, add cleans and bench if you want. Also pullups and dips. Broad jumps never hurt anyone either. Well, I mean, they might have...but its unlikely.

Don't follow the Starting Strength diet advice though, it is crap. I prefer paleo, just make sure you are eating enough. If you start losing overall weight (not just fat) that is not an issue unless you start getting weaker or stagnating, if you do, eat more. Especially more carbs after training.

With this plan you will put on a good bit of muscle in a year, probably ending up close to your genetic strength and muscular potential if you do everything right, which is individual and might include deviations from the plan as I have laid out. If you stick with it for longer, you will be beast.

But you only have to work out for like, less than an hour a day, 2-3 times a week. Warm up, 3 lifts, 3-5 sets each with 3 minutes between sets. Too easy.

Very informative; thank you.

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