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Ive never used gloves or straps. My grip is fine without them, probably because i always told myself i never needed them. I used chalk for the first time this month, but it's 120 here in the summer and gym a/c is sketchy. Gotta love deployment.
Unless completely necessary (such as impairments or injury) gloves really aren't necessary. Straps for things like shrugs can be though. I've noticed that a lot of people that compete in things like crossfit competitions are utilizing gloves, and this makes a lot of sense. If you are going to do a ton of kipping pull-ups and then move onto barbell work, you don't want your hands to be torn up and bloody.
I've used gloves with wraps in the past because of wrist issues (gangliac cyst that popped and become calcification on a wrist tendon, which I have to get scraped clean in a couple of weeks) although I prefer straight wrist-wraps for support purposes. I only used the gloves/wraps on bench and OHP because of said wrist issues; otherwise they sat in my bag or stayed at home. In retrospect, I should have probably just tossed the gloves and went with basic wraps.

Chalk is useful too in the summer, and I've found a use for straps when doing heavy shrugs and rack pulls. Straps don't really have an impact on your grip strength unless you use them for everything; if you do grip work (farmer's walks, dead hangs, whatever) and only reserve them for situations where you're intentionally reducing/removing your grip strength from the equation for the sake of doing more work overall, it's not even an issue.

If you have to choose between "not doing an exercise because your grip is fatigued" and "using straps to hit the targeted muscle parts while reducing the use of secondary muscles for a single exercise" go with the latter; you're better off using a mechanical workaround like straps in order to get in your heavy work sets than not doing them at all. Plus, you can always do more gripwork; grab some plates or a trap bar or some heavy dumbbells and go end your workout with some farmer's walks.

I do advocate minimizing the usage of such workarounds though. You shouldn't be using straps for every set of rows, shrugs, deads, or similar exercises. Straps and wraps of any kind should be used to enable you to get more work in, not less. The only reason to use straps on most of your exercises is if you've got some issue or injury in your hands or forearm, in which case you gotta do what you gotta do to stay safe and train hard.
It's better to use gloves when lifting weights so you don't hurt your hands.
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In my experience your grip can suffer from using gloves but at the same time if you're not into rough hands they're a decent way to go.

I prefer without, I just feel a better connection to what I'm lifting with the natural contours of my hands.
I used to not use gloves, but chose to so that all my concentration can be on lifting the weight. Just a matter of preference.
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I don't use gloves or any equipment when I go weightlifting. Except when I Squat and do Dead Lifts, that's when I equip the weightlifting belt and knee wraps.
Wraps I've used, but I don't use gloves any more because I've noticed that my grip strength went down when I used them regularly.

Since I've stopped using gloves, my grip strength has gone up a notable amount. But, if you are starting out, there's no reason to not use gloves. Not until you are ready to work on grip strength at the same time.
Gloves and wraps are for DYEL pussies.
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I've tried using gloves but they never seem to fit right
The threading in the gloves that are supposed to match up
with your hands tends to dig into them and hurt even more :c
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Gloves and wraps are for DYEL pussies.

I wore gloves for a while. I had broken my hand and when I got the OK from my doctor I went back to weightlifting, the gloves helped a lot keeping my hands from hurting too much.
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No but my hands don't sweat and my wrists are okay. Thinking of getting them so I don't build any bigger callus' but that is pretty vain so I haven't wasted the money.
Absolutely! When I first started lifting I didn't have gloves for about a week. That week was hell on my poor hands sad
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i like using gloves! i, too, have sweaty palms sweatdrop

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