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I use gloves but mainly for the wrist wraps on them. My grip is fine without them but it is nice to get have the wrists wrapped up when squatting since the weight I squat forces my hands back and can be quite painful on my wrists.
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A reason why I stopped using wrist wraps, even when I was injured, "The only reason to not use them would be because your gripping (wrist flexors) muscle won't develop with the rest of your body"

On the Bench Press, I powerlifted with wrist wraps for three weeks and my wrists felt the weakest they have ever been, and I really hated the feeling. After those weeks, I had to slowly build up my wrist again because it was too weak to powerlift. I still had pain when I finally powerlifted again, but when I powerlifted without the wrist wraps, my wrists grew stronger with the rest of my body.
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I never used straps because I didn't want my grip to weaken.
I used gloves for awhile, but I've been lifting without gloves the last 4ish months, and I've got calluses now that most lifts do not bother me now with proper hand placement.
We have those "easy grip" bars that have the waffle patterns. They just tear up my hands and because we can't use chalk in my gym I wear some thin, very flexible gloves.

I wouldn't normally recommend using gloves, you should try to build up callouses. But ripping up your skin at the gym can lead to staph infections which is bad times.
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I bought a pair of black, fingerless gloves at the store and was able to use them last week. What a difference they made! I am able to actually keep a grip on equipment since my hands sweat a lot.

So do you use gloves or wraps when weight lifting? Do you find they help more than when you didn't use them?

Edit: I have to wear something with a bit of support now, as my thumbs are prone to strains/sprains due to my joints and tendons being "out of alignment". My rehab therapist is helping me strengthen my muscles and gave me some supportive "braces" to use so my joints don't pop out of place.

I also have very sweaty hands so I need something to help minimize slipping. I almost hurt myself once due to my sweaty palms (I was working with a kettle-ball and it almost slipped out of my hands onto my foot) so I do need something to minimize the chances of slipping.
Our gym doesn't allow powders, even in the locker rooms, so chalk and the like are out of the question.

******** no, calluses are better.
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I do a lot of training for my hands, wearing gloves would kind of slow that down.
I wear gloves mainly to prevent calluses since I was getting some pretty rough hands. XP Still get them but not as bad with the gloves. I also have versa grips for grip on certain things like deadlifts, rows, etc since my grip tends to give out halfway even with gloves.
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I really only use gloves when deadlifting. My grip strength is crap, but I really only need them when I get to my working sets.

Sometimes they do an awesome job at helping, but recently it feels like they're in my way..
I do, I use full fingered gloves, I hate having other people's sweat on my hands and I don't need a rash when I workout plus I do a lot of weight training and I hate showing dry marks on my hands afterwards.
I get sweaty hands and am not a fan of gloves. When the weight gets heavy they always just slip around on my hands, pinch my skin and cause me grief.

I recommend chalk for all situations, it encourages grip strength, allows the formation of natural, healthy callus, and is cooler, allowing hands to dry naturally, and doesnt turn a gym bag all smelly.
I use gloves for deadlifts and sometimes pullups depending on how good the bar is
I use gloves when doing dead-lifts-pullups or something that requires an incredibly strong grip. Otherwise, I think the little blisters are sexy talk2hand
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I own gloves but I've noticed that I only use them for my bike. I tried them for weights once when I was feeling particularly trendy, but I didn't like how they felt (my palms aren't terribly sweaty) and didn't help me keep my grip any. Of course I typically use light weights so maybe I'd use them more for heavier ones.
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I don't use gloves. emotion_c8
I really should though, especially for deadlifts. So hard to keep a grip on the damned barbell.
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I have wussy hands with no callouses and I don't lift little weights, so I wear gloves.
Better than my hands being torn and bloody. gonk
Helps with grip too, since my hands also sweat...and my previous gym didn't allow the use of chalk.

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