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I can outrun anyone i face....

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"Your wrong, There are always miscalculations when it comes to fights. I'm going to take full responsibility! However-" Ezel chocked on his words, watching as Vicious rushed him. His speed, his movement, he could barely see them.

He might possible be faster then himself.

"s**t-" Ezel growled, ducking Vicious first punch to his jaw before raising both his arms to defend against his barrage of punches. Stumbling back, he watched as Vicious went for a low sweep kick, and Ezel jumped over it.

"Your not the only one with speed on their side!!" Ezel snarled, and in a blink of an eye, his left leg flashed forward, aiming a high speed round house kick to Vicious skull. But he quickly followed up his first attack, spinning and aiming a heavy axe kick right at Vicious left shoulder with his right leg's heel, chaining the two attacks one after the other perfectly.

OOC: Dont worry about it smile

Mood: Angry
Location: Fighting Vicious

... But i know one day, i can never outrun fate.
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Daisy Giordano

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Daisy saw as the black faction leader jumped off the roof after that other girl left. She sighed seeing Kasumi walk up to another guy and the blue faction leader came up behind him. When Rachel came Daisy knew there was going to be a problem. She watched them fight before walking off to find Ezel's group. When she got the there, he and V were fighting eachother. She flew up and spiral kicked V before jumping over behind Ezel. She could fight but she was a scaredy-cat. " Sorry V, but my faction is my faction. I don't want to change and I won't." Daisy hid a few feet behind Ezel, waiting for V's reaction.

[[OOC: Late post. I don't have internet so I'm at my friend's house.]]

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