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~ Wonderland School of the Gifted~

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Welcome to the Wonderland school of the Gifted where students come from miles around to enhance their powers and possibly meet new people. The Wonderland school is a school that is dated back to many years ago and it still stands tall with only students who recieve a recommendation or scholarship can attend. The school only takes on students if they feel they can handle the mythical beings and secrets around the school without going into some sort of frenzy.

The school has many secrets that students during their time will find out and hopefully endure throughout their time in the school. The school cater to many different kinds of students and adjust their ways of teaching to suit other students so they can get the most out of being at the school.

* Head Master Message*
Welcome to the wonderland school for the gifted. I hope you enjoy your time at this school and learn everything you need to know to enhance your powers. The next few years at this school will be very challenging and everyone will be tested to their full. So good luck and have fun.
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~ If you are a vampire there will be no sparkly twilight stuff going on be a real vampire
~ Respect everyone in the thread
~ Please try to socialise with everyone
~ If your going to be away for a long period of time please let me know
~ Try to post every other day at least if you can dont worry
~ Make your posts to a decent length as it gives people more to work with
~ Make your charachters realistic (Make it so they can improve their skills)
~ No godmodding...Period
~ Respect faction leaders
~ PLEASE make some drama it gets boring otherwise
~ Romance...Yes please
~ P-G 13 please
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~ Life at Wonderland ~

Inside this lovely school of wonder and mystery the school is split up into factions to cause some friendly competition. There are four factions that students can be split up into and they are listed below:

Red faction: Leader: - The red faction is known for their often brutal strength in battle. Using their strength as a sort of wager in most situations and threats. They never seem to get along with most factions but they have a deeper hatred for the black faction due to the technical minded strategies and their weakness in strength.

Black faction: Leader: Sir cumstances - The black faction are known for the technical minds in battle. Instead of relying on strength they use their minds to sneak around people to get where they need to be. They do not get along with the red faction as they find their battle strategy weak against their own.

Blue faction: Leader: - The blue faction are more the type of people who do things behind the scene and decide to screw with everyones plans in battle so they can get their own way. They have a habit of screwing with the green faction more though than anyone else.

The Green faction: Leader: - The green faction are the people who try to stay out of the way most of the time. Trying to avoid all the conflict but they are good with magical abilities. Often having to defend themselves from the blue faction doings.

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~Places to go~

Well outside the school there is a rather relaxed town center where students are able to gather around school times and meet new people or meet old friends. Below are some of the things you can do there:

* Bakers shop where you can buy cakes and other fancies
* Clothes shop for people who like to shop
* Tea/Coffee shop
* There is a park where students can have picnics
* More places to be added

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The powers have a ranking system that helps organize students into easy partnerships, the right classes and priveledges. If you are unsure what rank your power is, please ask me and I'll give you the ranking. The higher the ranking, the more powerful that power is and the more you'll be noticed. Those powers are also rarer so if we have too many, I'll stop accepting them. The five-star powers are only reserved for the faction leaders and their seconds.

Please bear in mind you may only have one power.

5. Mind Control, Teleportation, Time Control, Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Power Absorbtion, Precognition.
4. Telepathy, Super Strength, Super Speed, Abillity Nullification, Growth,Illusions
3. Elemental Control, Self-Duplication, Petrification, Heightened Voice, Gravity Control, Communication with Animals.
2. Phasing, Flight, Barriers/Forcefields, Heightened Hearing.
1. Power Indentification, Smokescreen, Can digest anything, Emmits a terrible smell when in danger.

And these are just a few of the abillities you can pick.


Well there are many different races that you can have in this roleplay but do bear in mind that yu play your charachter to its full potential depending on its race. Say if you pick vampire we dont want any of that sparkly vampire stuff we would like blood thirsty and vicious maybe. So when picking your race just think about to play it and if you can play it well.

Oh and you are allowed combined races such as half angel half demon but there should be a back story to it so that it makes sense how it came out that way.

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~ How to apply for this Rp~

The character skeleton. Please fill it all out and bear in mind that the only students here are humans. Once again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. So without further ado...

Username ::
Name ::
Age :: ((between fifteen and eighteen))
Gender ::
Sexuality ::
Faction :: ((can be edited during the story))
Power :: ((only one power))
Likes :: ((at least three things))
Dislikes :: ((at least three things))
Talents :: ((what they are good at/excel at))
Flaws/Weaknesses :: ((where they fall short/what people don't like about them))
Personality ::
Background ::
Appearance ::
Other ::

Post Bio's here when accepted. <3

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Alice had wandered through the mysterious forest. She had mananged to find her way to the swirly gates of the school. She opened them nervously taking a step inside. This was her second year at the school now but the only thing different was that she was a leader and had a bit more authority. She sighed a little as she stepped inside the school clsing the gates behind her. She then walked up the path towards the massive castle like building in front of her running a hand through her blue hair.

"Back again" She mumbled under her breath as she looked up at the building her eyes focussing on it breifly for a moment. She could hear the loud echo of students running around and having fun as it was their first day at the school. She let out a small smile and then it disappeared as she saw red uniforms. She didnt know what it would be like with the ed's this year as they were bad enough the year before.

She opened the door to the school and stepped inside it feeling the same as she did last year. She went to the reception picking up her dorm key and timetable and they handed her a sort of ribbon. "Just so people know you are a faction leader." The lady said with a smile. Alice just nodded taking everything from her. She tied the ribbon around her wrist and wandered outside for a bit sitting down on the grass and looking arund not sure what to expect this year.
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Atticus was sat at home making sure his bags were packed for the new semester. He was always running late which meant Alice had to go ahead of him. He let out a soft sigh throwing his bags into the back of the limo and slamming there door. He looked back at their cosy mansion and gave it a small salut before getting in the limo.

The Limo drove off taking the shortcut through the forest. He had his head rested against the cold glass knowing his sister was already there at the school. His breath fogged up the glass as he wiped it away with his sleeve. Soon enough he saw the building pull up into view and the limo stopped outside it. Atticus clambered out of the car almost stumbling clumsily.

He went to the back and pulled his bags out dumping them onto the floor before sorting out his shirt and dusting it off to look presentable which he had a habit for. He smiled a little and then picked up his bags walking in. His sister was faction leader this year so he wasn't sure how that would pan out for her.He was hoping to see some old friends if they made it back that year but it would look like he would have to wait.

He stopped outside the building looking up before pushing the door open to the reception. He saw his sister giing her a small smile in which she nodded not saying a word. He saw her run off quickly before he went to get his room key and timetable. He looked at the number. His normal room. He smiled and turned on his heel leaving and going to put his stuff away in his room.

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Lightning Elemental█×

Alexis walked through the school gates, a minute skip to her step. While she might not like school and all its boring classes, the students and factions made the school year incredibly exciting. She wondered if there were any transfers into her year, which she doubted since uncontrolled powers were dangerous (especially as you grew older) but the new first years would be a whole lot of fun to tease! On that note, she wondered if Duncan had gotten over the fact that he seen her when she may or may not have been cheating on him with someone from his enemy faction. From the look of the glare he just gave her then no, he has not. Oh well, not that it mattered.

She giggled as a teacher gave her a disapproving look at her altered uniform. In her opinion it looked a whole lot better; form fitting and short enough to tease without giving too much away, and the looks all the hormone-fuelled boys thought she couldn't notice were so worth it, unless they were in a green uniform.

She entered the front office just as a familiar face started leaving. Hurriedly she grabbed her timetable and dorm key before jogging after him. "Atticus! Wait up!" She didn't quite know if they were friends, especially when she found musicians indescribably sexy and his sister was kind of annoying, but she liked his company and so she sought him out if she could.

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