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          Valencia Institute for Advanced studies is an astute academy isolated off the coast of the pacific. Open to all kinds of “gifted” beings, the student body was previously composed of many unheard-of species. All of them exceptionally talented in the means of combat, spell craft, and various species-specific abilities. Recently, Valencia has opened its doors to a “species immersion” program, allowing students into the school without having to meet the full acceptance requirements. This means for the first time in history all walks of life are allowed through those doors despite their talents and abilities. The objective? Teach these beings to co-exist and see if some of the most sought after abilities in Valencia can be taught, not necessarily inherited.

          Welcome to Valencia, and good luck.

              With Jupiters Romance's permission, I recreated and moved this roleplay from The Studio guild to the public forums.

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                Ⅰ↝ The first rule of any roleplay: follow Gaia`s TOS. The PG-13 rating needs to be kept at all times. For any intimate situations, time skips need to occur. Swearing, violence, and gore are allowed in reasonable doses, but please don`t go overboard.
                Ⅱ↝ Posts should be a minimum of 300 words as far as post length goes. Decorated posts are optional, but nice to see. Please don`t use blinding colors anywhere in your post. Please use a font size larger than 10 for your primary post [this does not include the post layout], as anything below is hard to read. Posts should be made at least once a week. More often is nice, but we understand that everyone has a life. If you are going to be leaving on vacation or unable to post for a while due to any reason (Work, Finals, Dog ate the computer), just drop us a line in the OOC thread so we don`t think you ran out on us! If you do not post in the roleplay thread for more than a month for no reason, but insist on spending time in the OOC thread constantly, you will be removed. If you fail to let us know that you will be leaving the roleplay for an extended period of time, your character will be placed on hold. If you do not return within two months, the spot will open up.
                Ⅲ ↝ Please use proper grammar and spelling. There are several browsers [for example: Firefox] that offer spell check. You may also use a word processor such as Microsoft Word to check for errors. There is no reason for constant misspellings and other mistakes, though one every now and again is understandable.
                Ⅳ ↝ No godmodding, powerplay, or killing off another`s character. Power playing is a form of god modding, and it pertains to controlling another person`s character without their permission. You cannot type the follow through, reaction, intention, a character`s past, present, or future, or anything involving another character [that has not been previously disclosed to your character] without their consent. No one gets to decide what happens to any character other than the one they are controlling. This means that anything said about a character in the OOC thread or any other form of OOC chatter [Private Message or even outside of Gaia] can`t be used against a character in the actual roleplay. Unless it has been disclosed to the character some way in the IC thread, you may not mention it within your post. God modding in itself means that a character has no limits or boundaries to their powers and abilities, which means they cannot be harmed. Do not kill someone`s character without their permission and consent from the creator of the thread.
                Ⅴ ↝ Staying in character is another important thing to keep in mind when making a post. If you make a sweet, happy go lucky little girl, there is no reason for them to be controlling dark matter and showing their cleavage overnight. All characters grow and change over time, but each change needs to be justified by some occurrence in their profile or in the roleplay thread itself. Any unjustified changes will be addressed. Also, please keep OOC to a minimum within the IC thread.
                Ⅵ ↝ Concerning different species and races, all species and races will be on a first come first serve basis. Each will have a male, female, family, and wild card slot. If you want to create a set of twins, siblings, cousins, etc., the family slot is the one you need to apply for. The wild card slot allows you to make a character of your choosing only if the spot you are looking for is already filled.
                Ⅶ ↝ Send in your reserve first, then send in a profile. A reserve is a simply a message saying that you want to play a specific creature, there is no format for a reserve. After your reserve is accepted, you will have one week (seven days) to complete your profile. PM your reserves and profiles to Inu of the Eternal Music. If you fail to meet the deadline, you will be sent a reminder with a grace period of five days. If you don't have your profile in by then, your reserve will be taken down and the spot will be opened for anyone else who wishes to join. Temporary roles should be sent to Inu of the Eternal Music and will be discussed before approval.

                New or altered rules will be in Indigo, and we will let everyone know by posting in the OOC thread.
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                I. The word of the Headmaster is law.
                II. Respect the staff.
                III. Be in your dorm by 11:00 PM. Sharp.
                IV. No girls in the boys' dorms.
                V. No boys in the girls' dorms.
                VI. No unsupervised fights.
                VII. Do not be late for class.
                VIII. Do not cut class.
                IX. No drinking.
                X. No smoking.
                XI. No drugs.
                XII. Respect school property.
                XIII. Destroying school property is punishable up to expulsion.
                XIV. No electronics in class unless told otherwise.
                XV. Sexual harassment is not tolerated and is punishable up to expulsion.

                Without rule, there is no order, just chaos.
[imgright]url[/imgright] [color=postingcolor][u][b][size=24]☽☽☽ FULL NAME ☾☾☾[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]Hey, my name is[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](full name)[/b][/color][color=postingcolor#2][size=10], but you can call me[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](nicknames)[/b].[/color]

[size=10][color=postingcolor#2]I'm[/color][/size] [b][color=postingcolor](Height in feet and inches)[/color][/b] [size=10][color=postingcolor#2]and[/color][/size] [color=postingcolor][b](Weight in pounds)[/b].[/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]I'm about perfect. I know.[/size][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]I’m[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](age in years)[/b][/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]years old, my birthday is[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](season and day)[/b],[/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]and this is my[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](years attended at Valencia)[/b][/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]year attending Valencia.[/size][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]If you could tell, I’m a[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](Gender Species ex Male Vampire)[/b].[/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]But I like[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](boys or girls)[/b].[/color] [color=postingcolor#2] [size=10]Don’t hate because I’m unique.[/size][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]Did you know I could[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](Power, max 2)[/b].[/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]I know, neat right?[/size][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]I’m taking a few classes this year, you wanna know them. Well they’re[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](List minimum of three classes, max of five)[/b].[/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]Oh, did you know I’m[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](position: the captain or a member)[/b][/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]of the[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](sport)[/b][/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]team too. Yeah I’m pretty good.[/size][/color] [i](If your character does not play a sport, omit)[/i]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]People know me as[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](personality, one paragraph, three sentence minimum required)[/b][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]If you want to know, my favorite things are[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](likes)[/b].[/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]And if you have to know, I hate[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](dislikes)[/b].[/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]When I’m chilling with my friends, the song I love to listen to is[/size][/color] [b][color=postingcolor] [url=Youtube Link](Name and Artist of Theme Song)[/url][/b],[/color] [color=postingcolor#2][size=10]it kinda reminds me of myself, don’t cha think?[/size][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]So you want to know more about me? Well I guess I can tell you about my past.[/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](History)[/b][/color]

[color=postingcolor#2][size=10]Uh… I think that’s all you need to know about me. Oh wait![/size][/color] [color=postingcolor][b](Extra information)[/b][/color]

[strike][color=postingcolor#2][size=10]PS: Did you know under the character I’m[/size][/color] [size=24][color=postingcolor][b](Username)[/b][/color][/size][/strike][size=10]?[/size]
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Students and staff, that have been created by role players at Valencia. Some of these characters are playable, some are NPCs.

Species Guide

×» Human
♂: Adriel Darren Everhart
♀: Saria Rosa
♂&♀: Daniel and Eleanor Lerner

×» Vampire
♂: Ian McKnight

×» Harpy
♂: Alaric Ashwood
♀: Tayte Fallon

×» Siren
♀: Natalie Florres

×» Angel
♂: Dexter McBane
♀: Reisen Aoi

×» Demon
♂&♀: Yorukage, Yuuzuki & Yuusei Tsubasa

×» Kitsune
♀: Anya Rabinovich

×» Demi-God
♀: Machiko Elkin
♂&♀: Dedrick & Sidney Allistat

×» Werewolf
♂: Tyler Levion
♀: Lilian Kamerka

×» Mermaid
♂: Yang Tamagi

×» Ghost
♂: Cyrus of Gilmead

×» Elf

×» Gryphon

×» Amphithere
♂:Matlalihuitl Coatl

×» Nymph
♂&♀: Shasta Riverfoot, Arazia Scavera & Isabella Viera

×» Dragon

×» Fey
♂: Nathan Braveheart
♀: Asthore

×» Homunculus
♂:Vincent Frost
♀: Sveta Simon
♀:Emily Jones

×» Nekojin
♀: Chloe Lewis
♀: Kahakuhale Maahoe

×» Naga
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These are the classes and teachers that teach them at Valencia. There are eighteen different classes total.

                ↬ Dorian Vasilis/Male/Merman: Headmaster.
                ↬ Kadri Saadet/Female/Nymph: Nurse.
                ↬ Ethan De Mona/Male/Human: History, Government, and English.
                ↬ Khalon Gray/Male/Mage: Math, Chemistry, Science, and Potions.
                ↬ Sohnya Parales/Female/Demon: Astronomy, Divination, and Botany.
                ↬ Manami Klein/Female/Siren: Symphonic Band, Choir, and Dance.
                ↬ Jaser Hassen/Male/Centaur: Fantastical History, Fantastical Creature, and Oceanic Studies.
                ↬ Laurent Fallon/Male/Harpy: Myth and Lore, Ancient Tongue, and Combat.

User Image
See what student is taking which classes. There will be a maximum of ten students per class (unless under special circumstances). First come, first serve.

                [7] History: Tayte Fallon, Cyrus, Kahakuhale Maahoe, Isabella Viera, Emily Jones, Reisen Aoi, Matlalihuitl Coatl

                [6] Oceanic Studies: Adriel Everhart, Shasta Riverfoot, Dedrick Allistat, Emily Jones, Ian McKnight, Nathan Braveheart

                [5] Government: Tayte Fallon, Natalie Florres, Kahakuhale Maahoe, Nathan Braveheart, Matlalihuitl Coatl

                [6] English: Eleanor Lerner, Daniel Lerner, Arazia Scavera,Yorukage Tsubasa, Yuuzuki Tsubasa, Yuusei Tsubasa

                [6] Math: Natalie Florres, Eleanor Lerner, Daniel Lerner, Chloe Renee Lewis, Kahakuhale Maahoe, Emily Jones

                [7] Chemistry: Tayte Fallon, Adriel Everhart, Saria Rosa, Sveta Simon, Yang Tamagi, Eleanor Lerner, Emily Jones

                [6] Science: Lillian Kamerka, Natalie Florres, Isabella Viera, Emily Jones, Vincent Frost, Nathan Braveheart

                [6] Potion:Yorukage Tsubasa, Anya Rabinovich, Ian McKnight, Reisen Aoi, Alaric Ashwood, Machiko Elkin

                [8]Astronomy: Tayte Fallon, Lillian Kamerka, Natalie Florres, Chloe Renee Lewis,Yorukage Tsubasa, Yuuzuki Tsubasa, Yuusei Tsubasa, Anya Rabinovich

                [7] Divination: Tyler Levion, Lillian Kamerka,Yorukage Tsubasa, Kahakuhale Maahoe, Sidney Allistat, Anya Rabinovich, Vincent Frost

                [4] Botany: Saria Rosa, Yang Tamagi, Shasta Riverfoot, Anya Rabinovich

                [5] Symphonic Band: Arazia Scavera, Yuuzuki Tsubasa, Isabella Viera, Alaric Ashwood, Machiko Elkin

                [5] Choir: Asthore, Lillian Kamerka, Arazia Scavera, Yuusei Tsubasa, Matlalihuitl Coatl

                [8] Dance:Cyrus, Arazia Scavera, Shasta Riverfoot, Chloe Renee Lewis, Dedrick Allistat, Sidney Allistat, Yuuzuki Tsubasa, Ian McKnight

                [9] Fantastical History: Adriel Everhart, Asthore, Kirk Yoru, Sveta Simon, Cyrus, Yang Tamagi, Eleanor Lerner, Daniel Lerner, Sidney Allistat

                [7] Fantastical Creature: Dexter McBane, Tyler Levion, Saria Rosa, Sidney Allistat, Yuusei Tsubasa, Vincent Frost, Machiko Elkin

                [8]Myth and Lore: Dexter McBane, Cyrus, Eleanor Lerner, Daniel Lerner, Shasta Riverfoot, Chloe Renee Lewis, Anya Rabinovich, Ian McKnight

                [7] Ancient Tongue: Asthore, Saria Rosa, Sveta Simon, Shasta Riverfoot, Chloe Renee Lewis,Yorukage Tsubasa, Machiko Elkin

                ***[DOES NOT HAVE A LIMIT] Combat: Tayte Fallon, Dexter McBane, Tyler Levion, Daniel Lerner, Dedrick Allistat, Yuuzuki Tsubasa, Yuusei Tsubasa, Isabella Viera, Vincent Frost, Ian McKnight, Reisen Aoi, Alaric Ashwood, Machiko Elkin, Matlalihuitl Coatl

                ***Combat shall not have a cap of student allowed in the class anymore. This does not mean make a gazillion characters and place them all in combat.
                It's still a class and if we see that there are too many students in it again, we're going to cap it again.

                Class Schedule
                (In no particular order)

                AM Classes
                Ancient Tongue
                Fantastical History
                Oceanic Studies

                PM Classes
                Myth and Lore
                Fantastical Creatures
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For those who are athletic and like doing sports, Valencia offers a variety of sports.

Men's Sports:
Football // Captain: // Members:
Baseball // Captain: Dexter McBane // Members: Vincent Frost
Basketball // Captain: // Members:
Soccer // Captain: // Members:
Tennis // Captain: // Members:
Volleyball // Captain: // Members:
Swim // Captain: Matlalihuitl Coatl// Members: Adriel Everhart
Water Polo // Captain: // Members:
Track and Field // Captain: // Members:
Cross Country // Captain: // Members:
Lacrosse // Captain: Daniel Lerner // Members:
Rugby // Captain: // Members:
Golf // Captain: // Members:
Gymnastics // Captain: // Members:

Women's Sports:
Cheerleading // Captain: // Members: Shasta Riverfoot
Softball // Captain: // Members: Emily Jones
Basketball // Captain:Machiko Elkin // Members:
Soccer // Captain: // Members: Isabella Viera
Tennis // Captain: Anya Rabinovich // Members: Lilian Kamerka
Volleyball // Captain: // Members: Kahakuhale Maahoe
Swim // Captain: Eleanor Lerner // Members:
Water Polo // Captain: // Members:
Track and Field // Captain: Reisen Aoi // Members:
Cross Country // Captain: // Members:
Lacrosse // Captain: // Members:
Rugby // Captain: // Members:
Golf // Captain: // Members:
Gymnastics // Captain: Tayte Fallon// Members:Yuusei Tsubasa

Unisex Sports:
Dance // Captain: Chloe Lewis // Members: Arazia Scavera, Yuuzuki Tsubasa

Fall: Tennis, Volleyball, Cross Country, Water Polo
Winter: Football, Soccer, Cheerleading
Spring: Basketball, Rugby, Lacrosse, Tennis, Cheerleading
Summer: Track and Field, Gymnastics, Golf, Swim, Baseball/Softball

Gym usage: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis
Football field: Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, Soccer
Baseball field: Baseball/Softball
Pool: Swim, Water Polo
Other: Cross Country, Track and Field
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User Image
What day, time, and weather it is in the role play. Don't go to the beach in a bikini during a thunder storm unless you're expecting your character extra crispy via electricity.

Date: Summer 25th

Time: Morning [ ✓] Noon [ ] Afternoon[ ] Evening [ ] Midnight [ ]

Weather: Sunny (Clear Sky)[ ✓] Cloudy [ ] Windy [ ] Rain [ ] Snow [ ] Hail [ ] Thunder and Lightning [ ] Storming [ ]
[If more than one are marked, it's both. If sunny and windy is marked, it's sunny and windy.]

Temperature: 0°F [ ] 10°F [ ] 20°F [ ] 30°F [ ] 40°F [ ] 50°F [ ] 60°F [ ] 70°F [ ] 80°F [ ] 90°F [ ✓ ] 100°F [ ]
[If more than one are marked, average it. If 50°F and 60°F, it's about 55°F]


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Upcoming events at Valencia! These may be school or student held events.

Snowball Fight - Winter 8th
A school sanctioned snowball fight for those willing to participate.The event will take place in the afternoon. It is not mandatory, but it's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. There will be no disguising rocks or ice in the balls of snow, any who do will be punished accordingly.

Combat Class Tournament - Winter 10th
An all day event consisting of 5 one on one matches at various times throughout the day. Opponents do not know their tournament setting, or opponent until minutes before their fight is to commence. Performance is worth 20% of your grade. Supervised by Laurent Fallon.

GENDER BENDER DAY - Winter 16th (Not a school sanctioned event)
A potion's student sent a spell gone horrible wrong through the school's vent system! So now the little boys are little girls, and the little girls...well they're all playing in the urinals now! But don't worry, the spell is only temporary!

Winter Formal - Winter 18th
A masquerade ball for all to attend! Held in the Gymnasium, there will be decorations, refreshments, dancing and enjoyment to be had by all! A mask is required for entry, though couples are allowed to attend despite knowing their dates identity.

Spring Break - Spring 1-7

Kraken Day-Summer 4th
Through a combination of innocent events,a migrating pod of giant squids-AKA Krakens-have diverged from their normal path to their summer mating grounds and focused their attention on the school. The teachers are baffled at this sudden visitation and the students are advised...to fight like their lives and good names were on the line! Maybe with enough negative reinforcement,the squids will return to the sea and keep their tentacles to themselves...

Combat Intensives-Summer 6th
With summer classes still in full swing,it's time to open up an event that's a little different for the students to take part in. The combat class is opening up its intensive course for all to take part in! But given Laurent Fallon's reputation for...intensity...it may not be such an easy event for people to get through. He really enjoys making people work for the grade and watching them bleed for it!

Beach Day-Summer 25th
Summer and summer classes are quickly coming to an end and to mark the occasion, the school has provided the students with everything they need to throw one gigantic party on the beach! With perfect wearther and conditions in the ocean, all students are free to hit the beaches to kick back, relax, have some fun, find some love and just enjoy themselves! They better make the most out of it because classes start again tomorrow!

Mandatory Classes Begin - TBA

Talent Show-TBA

Fall Festival (Halloween/Dia de los Muertes) - TBA

End of Year Celebration - TBA

Graduation - TBA

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Explore the island and Valencia. See where classes are, where football games are held, and more.

User Image: The Islandxxxxxx

User Image: Valencia Institute
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Filling up space with BATMAN DANANANA!Don't remove me. :]

Breakfast with Dexter's new friends ended with results that he wasn't really expecting. First he met Dedrick,a former Ventrilo student-a nice enough guy but he still found a way to make Saria light him on fire. Really,he didn't see that happening...and all because he liked the witch. ...yeah,still trying to get my head around that. After that, he met a water nymph named Shasta and a nekojin that liked to call herself Squeaks. ...what's her real name,I wonder... Anyway,the angel found some company to spend the rest of his breakfast break with before he went to class. Before that though,he somehow got talked into taking surfing lessons from Squeaks. How did that even happen? I'm still learning how to fly and I need to get ready for baseball! Dexter thought about all of this during his time in his classes. It was getting harder to focus on school work with the weather getting so nice... I should be outside practicing,flying and hitting the beach... Needless to say,Dexter didn't have his head in the game for a better part of the morning. Flying and the beach sounded better than school work...especially if he could sneak Tayte away to come join him. The idea of Tayte on the beach in a swimsuit kept Dexter pretty distracted until lunchtime.

The ringing of the bell snapped Dexter out of his daydreams and he started walking towards the dining hall. He wasn't hungry yet but he was looking around for his friends. Especially Tyler. He hadn't seen the werewolf since yesterday and he was starting to get a little worried. So since it was around lunchtime,the angel thought he would see him around there! Dexter stationed himself around the dining hall,pulling out some sheets of paper from his bad. He was going over the list for the baseball team again and working on the schedules for practices and what they should include. ...the team's list is pretty short. Maybe I can have Ty help me look for guys that want to play! The angel didn't want to be stuck with a small team and have to help couch the girl's softball team. Nothing against the girl's softball team...but softball sucked! ...yep. I'll need to get more guys to come and play on the baseball team. For now,he wanted to find his werewolf friend.
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17,600 Points
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  • Magical Girl 50
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I am the wandering shadow of the night, the crow's son.
Tsubasa Yorukage


Yorukage was hungry, but his mind was not on food.

He'd talked with the Divination teacher, and she'd recommended some exercises to open up his 'inner eye,' as she called it.

What he'd seen through a vision in her office that day, he would never tell. But it had changed him.

Not only that, he'd received another letter from his father, and it was regarding his sisters. They wanted to come and join him. Whether or not they actually would do so would remain to be seen, but it had gotten him thinking. How would they deal with the real world? He'd have to look out for them, that was for sure.

He was also waiting on the approval or rejection of the staff to make his switch to Astronomy official. He'd submitted the paperwork, and had been told that he'd receive notification by tomorrow morning.

The crow youkai walked toward the dining hall, wondering who he'd see today. It always varied, it seemed. He laughed to himself, wondering if Sveta was still going to try and find him 'the perfect cupcake' as she'd called it.

He hoped to talk to Asthore again soon. He wanted to share with her what he'd learned. Though he would not tell her the details of his recent experience, he wanted to let her know that he was pretty sure now that he was not being manipulated. There was still a slim possibility of that, but it was an unlikely one. Meeting with the fey would also probably lead him to spend more time outside, something he also wanted to do. Nature always seemed to bring him a sense of peace. The sensation was something that he craved. He didn't get much of that back home.

It wasn't long before he noticed Dexter, and decided to say hello. Earlier, he'd been so distracted that he'd bumped into the angel, but he managed to avoid that this time. It seemed that the sound of someone else's footsteps alone had brought him out of his thoughts.

"Thank you for the advice earlier," he greeted. "It was very helpful. So...how has your day been going? By the way...isn't Tyler-senpai usually with you? I haven't seen him around lately. I wonder if he's come down with something."

He was worried about the werewolf. It wasn't like Tyler to not be around, and he hoped that nothing was seriously wrong. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about it.

Actually, he was also worried about the way Saria had acted that morning. Setting someone on fire...it disturbed him. It made him wonder if she wasn't actually a long-lost member of his family in disguise. It was something he'd never express to anyone out loud, but he was going to stay as far away from the witch as he could. He was doing that already, but now he was even more determined to stay out of her way.

At least he'd managed to convince Yang that he wasn't a psychopath. It was the first time that he'd talked to him since his first day there, and though he didn't think they'd hang out often, at least he knew that Yang wouldn't run away from him now. It seemed that they actually had something in common, which had surprised him. He wondered who else he hadn't talked to that he had something in common with, whether it was similar family issues, a hobby, or something else.

Truthfully, Yorukage spent most of his time in his room or in the library, so he really hadn't talked to a lot of people yet. He wondered if they thought he was deliberately avoiding him, but in reality, he just hadn't worked up the courage to talk to them yet.

In fact, it seemed that there were quite a few new students that had come to the school since his arrival. Arazia, for one. Maybe he'd try and talk to her next...

Maybe he couldn't really make anyone feel welcome, but he could at least attempt to be friendly, right? Most people here didn't know about his family anyway, so he didn't have to worry about that right off the bat.

One day I’ll surely reach the place that can heal my lonely heart.
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Don't touch me! D: Because. Yes, because is an answer. If you're reading this, you owe Arrivederci Pandah xx ice cream. Mint chocolate chip please. :]

Sveta...wasn't entirely sure how things could have led to this. After classes,for some totally unknown reason,she found herself walking outside and towards the docks to take Dedrick up on his offer to hang out by the sea. The homunculus wasn't sure why she was doing this but she was doing it. She spent the whole morning thinking and rethinking their conversation and everything that happened that morning and the homunculus still couldn't make sense of it. Logic said that she shouldn't be doing this,that Sveta should have disliked Dedrick...but there was no logic in why she should dislike Dedrick. Saria...Saria turned him down! She wasn't going to date him. But...she never said that she didn't want to date him. Nothing made sense the longer Sveta thought about it. But thought about it she did.

Sveta found a bit of peace as she walked down to the beaches and the docks. It really was a nice day out...sunny and hot. The homunculus distracted herself with thoughts of switching to sandals and loosing the socks soon...but her mind just wouldn't let things go. Dedrick seems nice...I can see why Saria liked him once...but does she still like him? And Dedrick never told me if he stopped liking her back... Sveta walked over the boards of the dock and looked out to the sea. She rarely got to see the ocean and it never looked like this. Everything was bright blue and calm...the oceans she saw were normally dark grey and choppy. Oceans in this part of the world are so different...they so much prettier to look at... It was a calming effect on Sveta to say the least. Now all she had to do was wait for Dedrick...but she was happy being by herself for the time being. Sveta wasn't normally a loner by nature...but it was nice to have some space so she could think and be by herself for a while. It just made things easier...

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