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Afraid of my Own

Frightened Reaper
Samael Alcestis

Suddenly held by the rogue angel, Samael went stiff. Well, it was all in her favor in hindsight. The glowing wings behind the angel was a spectacle in itself, the Reaper temporarily consumed by the sight ash she let them stretch. "P-Pre-" Well, there goes her compliment. Stuck on the beginning of the second syllable of said compliment, Samael immediately shrieked in surprise as they went sailing through the air. He would be surprisingly light, no doubt having to do with his own ability to float around like a piece of paper in the wind. Though thankfully, he didn't sway around erratically like one. Samael was so overcome with fear as the sudden and swift flight sent them through the air, wind blowing his hair about along with the scarf, reflexively sticking tighter to the Reaper like a second skin. It didn't take long for them to reach the inn thankfully. Back on solid ground, Samael simply slumped back on to his rear end, whimpering like a child as he trembled. The scarf sensed his fear, patting his head gently.

As Arelle spoke with her friend again, the blue ball of freight on the ground slowly stood up, brushing himself off and standing amongst the two. "N-N-N-N-Nice to s-s-s-" Painful as it was to listen to the now even worse stuttering mess, he managed to finish the "Nice to see you again" to the blind young woman, the living inanimate object waving as well as Samael hid a bit against Arelle. Why? How much fear could a blind woman insert into a Reaper such as himself? Apparently, a lot. And we're talking like, a lot. Like atomic bomb a lot. Either way, Samael at least managed to spit out something to convey some conversation.

"S-Sewers? A-Ah, yeah..." Samael shivered at the thought of that dirty place. However, his thoughts were soon ended as he jumped at the sight of three new bodies surprised him. Dear lord, it felt like his heart ripped out of his chest at that moment. Patting his chest to calm it down, he looked at the wolf from before, the mean wolf from last night, and a black haired woman he wasn't familiar with. Adjusting his glasses lightly, he swallowed a lump in his throat.

He noticed something and couldn't help but voice it out as well. "A-Arelle? T-The wolf over t-there. Oh, um, the m-mean one." Obviously trying to point at Nick, he kept his voice to a soft whisper. "H-He's a demon, y-yes, but... t-there's something m-more to him, I th-think. His s-s-soul is... t-throwing off my g-glasses." Samael muttered gently, looking from everyone to finally the golden winged angel. His eyes conveyed a sense of suspicion beneath all that jumpiness.

Should she heed the warning...?

OOC: Oh my gosh, for some reason I completely forgot to post as Samael. I'm so sorry. @_@

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Obsessive Vampire

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Meaner and leaner, we take up the slack ▬ R e n e e and L u c y with no way to switch back
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Cuttin' you up with razor blade ▬ Chokin' you on them words you say ▬ Hittin' you rip-rap on you made ▬ And the demon is unafraid


                                          She was right, apparently Nick didn't know anything about what was going on with Stephen. Not that she knew, but that wasn't the point right now. The point was, they had to leave and that's what they were gonna do. That's what she was gonna do. But a sudden feeling coursed through the back of Renee's mind, something familiar yet not. She wasn't sure what it was, trying to shake it off as just adrenaline or something, but the nagging feeling wouldn't go away. She'd just have to deal with it some other time. Right now, leave. Right? Yeah, right. Leave. Now. Let's go.

                                          Out the room, back tracking from whence they came, Renee was following a steady pace with Nick from behind, knowing full well he still knew the way and she did not. Though it was a good thing she was paying attention because suddenly, Nick was bracing against the wall, his body shaking violently with tremors as he coughed. She didn't need to smell it or see it, she could hear the liquid leave his throat to the floor. Renee wanted to go, to reach out and rub his back, make sure he was alright, but he was already up and moving and she had to recover her hand and follow suit. He looked back at them to say something, but there was a shift in the blue hues of his sapphire eyes. It was... violet? When she blinked, his eyes were back to normal and that confused her. Parting her lips to comment on it, her voice died in her throat as a hand reached out to touch her and Nick and was sent through an unfamiliar feeling.

                                          Stumbling forward a bit, she very near collided into a solid floor as she tried to get her footing. Whatever had happened Renee was uncertain about it. Her gaze shot up, the ruby eyes scanning around to peer at everything and everyone. New people, a familiar face or two, and a whole new scene. What the hell just happened?

                                          ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬

                                          Why Lucy never left the Inn, she wasn't entirely sure. She had actually rooted herself into the farthest, coldest, corner the room had to offer, her hedgehog not approving the temperature period. It was too cold for the little guy, and the animal now resided in the farthest reach of her pocket of the black cargo pants she wore. She was supposed to go to her temporary home, just until she said goodbye to Loq forever, but had not found the time to actually get going. And now she had completely forgotten where she needed to be. Not only that, but she was feeling aggravated and calm at the same time, thanks to the others leaking out their emotions for her to unwillingly latch onto like an unwanted leech. It was ******** frustrating, that was for sure.

                                          She had to leave. Now. More so now than ever before. Stopping her foot, mindful of her Knuckles, she strutted towards the door, only to stop when these people, these ******** people, just popped out of nowhere. Hey, wouldn't you know it, it was the virgin. She opened her mouth to call out to him, but then, there, next to said virgin, was the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen. Long, luscious black hair, crimson red eyes, pale skin, oh ******** she was enthralled by the woman's striking features. Which... were so teenagerish. ******** you, it's a word. Teenagerish was a ******** word, Lucy wouldn't let anyone tell her otherwise. In her dictionary, it was a god damn word.

                                          A warm hand reached out to catch the stumbling vampire, Renee's eyes looking up into vivid gold. "Watch it princess. You'll never know who's ready to catch you and steal you away." Lucy cooed, a smirk plastered upon her lips as she held onto her new eye candy. Renee laughed sheepishly, righting herself so that she wouldn't be a bother to the woman who caught her, but was curious when she didn't let go of her hand. Eyes flicked back up to the, whoa she was tall. She had to be as tall as Nick, maybe a few centimeters taller. Renee suddenly felt short. "Thanks."

                                          Lucy felt it the moment she touched her. She had tried to stifle the feeling, thinking it had simply been a lustful encounter with such an attractive woman that she wanted to bed at this very moment, but what it was was something she wasn't sure of. It was dark, blood lusting, and maniacal. It grabbed a hold of Lucy's mind, making a sickly black tar feeling to pour onto her head and run down her body, covering her in a darkness. Renee had to have felt that one, because she was stifling the uneasy feeling of her mind losing her sense of morals. Whatever happened during the teleportation gig, it unlocked something and roused the demon within.

                                          The vampiress looked at the demi-god, only to freeze at the emotions crossing her eyes. Earlier, they were playful yet held a bite of sexuality, as if she was flirting with her. Now... now they seemed all too familiar. She knew that look, the small curve of the woman's lips, the half-lidded eyes that held sadistic lust. The hand that held hers left, only for the arm attached to it to curl around her waist in a vice, pulling the teen into a solid body of lean, feminine muscles. A hard body of soft skin, Renee was too caught up in fear to really pay attention to her surroundings as Lucy leaned in, her lips dragging along the warmth of her cheek to the shell of her ear. Breath hot, her free hand reaching up to cradle Renee's skull, long digits tangling into the locks of ebony, Lucy released a breathless chuckle.

                                          "Aw princess, that's a good look on you. Fear. I can feel it, your body's trembling." The goddess's voice registered into Renee's ears, the sweet poison dripping off her tone as she trembled in fright. It wasn't true fright, she'd have frozen up like a bunny, but fear was fear nonetheless and she was terrified. Her hands had reached up to push Lucy's shoulders back, to stop the woman from finding a way to curl them up tighter, but it was a fruitless attempt. The redhead wouldn't budge an inch. "You're body's so warm against mine. Soft, softer than my own, and smooth. I want to run my hands all over you, tease you, pleasure you, ******** you, torture you. Oooo," She laughed, a rumbling crescendo of dark, evil laughter when she pulled away to peer at the vampire in her grip. Yes, fear was definitely something she liked to see on her, but to contort that face into one of pain, Lucy felt her arm tighten further and hold the teen possessively. "I feel like tearing open your chest and see the beating heart bleed for me."

                                          Renee was terrified. These were all the things she'd want, if their positions were reversed, and she knew that somehow, this woman was exhibiting the exact feelings in her own way. She couldn't say anything, she was trying to fend off the inner voice that cooed dark things in her mind as well. It was easier to fend off that voice than this woman, yet a part of her craved to be in her embrace, to take more, to allow her to show her pain. No, what the hell was she thinking! "I'd sooner die than let that happen." The hushed whisper wasn't aimed towards Lucy, her eyes had unfocused when she did say it, and like a riding crop snapping at her, Lucy regained her mind, her emotions, and released Renee as though burned.

                                          Both women stared at each other, one of them gripping their head as they tried to make sense of what happened as the other clenched her fists. Blisterin' ********' hell, the ******** was that!? Lucy wasn't sure why she had felt those sudden urges, the urge to kill, to see blood, let it run, and murder that beautiful woman and that cute male one over there with glasses and a god damn stutter that just reminding Lucy of an innocent little girl. Rape then murder, yes, she wanted to do that yet not. Not because no, yes because... well ******** she wasn't sure. And Renee, Renee was grateful that they weren't exactly right next to the group, having moved off to the farthest side of the room they were in.

                                          Awkwardly, Lucy cleared her throat and stuffed her hands in her pockets. "Sorry 'bout that. Your emotions came over me. The name's Lucy." Renee had cocked an eyebrow, only for it to click in her mind that the redhead could probably sense emotions and at such close contact, the emotions Renee truly felt must've bled into her. "No, I'm sorry. Renee." Now that they introduced themselves, Lucy eyed Renee and impersonally reached forward to grab a handful of her breasts, the fingers squeezing experimentally. Renee was in too much of a shock to say anything, had froze with her arm raised, her hand in the back of her head, as she stared at Lucy. "The ********] "Sorry, just... looked nice and I wanted to squish them." Lucy hadn't removed her hand, settled for really getting a good feel of Renee's delightful breasts in her hand before she dropped it. "I like them." And thus sprouted the seeds of a beau-

                                          "Don't do it again." "I do what I want." "Like hell you do!" "Like ******** hell I do, yes ma'am, I do!" "You don't go around groping people!" "Shows what you know! I like touching people in their private areas!" "You're insane!" "You're insane! I ******** love those boobs on your chest!" "The hell!?" "Don't ********' lie princess, you enjoyed it! Let me touch them again!" "No, go away!" "Let me touch them!" "Lucy get the ******** away!" "Renee, don't ******** run away from me! Get your fine a** back here!"

                                          -tiful friendship with Renee running around to avoid a very touchy-feely Lucy.

                                          ooc: REALLLLLLLLLY Sorry about the length. OTL. I couldn't stop. T n T
                                          Last time I type that long, promise!
Marina Bel'Fleur

User Image Cries and whimpers came from the white room Marina had been dragged back to. Marina was restrained to the wall with an inhibitor clasped around her neck as Iliad stood in front of her, torturing her body. He had piece of sharpened metal in one hand, dripping with blood, and a finger with a flame on the end on his other hand.

"We have much catching up to do." Iliad said with a smile as he pressed his lips to her neck.

Marina looked up at the white ceiling, breathing through her nostrils. Tears and blood had stained her face as she tried to nudge him away with her shoulder. She could see Mr. Red watching everything, enjoying the view almost as much as Iliad enjoyed pain. Marina's cried and gritted her teeth as the metal slowly pierced her thigh. Once he took it out, she felt warm blood crawl down her leg and her mouth opened about to cry, but her covered her mouth.

"Sh sh shh, love." Iliad cooed. "I only." With the flame on his finger, he burned his claim onto her body. "Want everyone to know you belong to me."

"Enough." Mr. red chimed in. However, this only made Iliad shoot a glare at Mr. Red. "I would like to ask her something."

They both looked at Mr. Red as he stood before them so suddenly and Iliad stood between him and Marina. "Don't touch her." He threatened. Mr. Red merely nodded and Iliad stepped aside.
Marina looked at Mr. Red as he stood in front of her with his hands behind her back.
"Has your mind changed?" He asked.
Marina mouthed something slightly, but even he did not catch it as he was forced to lean his head toward her.
"Go to hell."
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User ImageThe name's Nick, a*****e. ☠User Image

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Nicolò ”Nick” Angelo

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                              Nick wasn't prepared for the sudden leap from one place to another. It was even more torturous on his body, as the moment they appeared in front of the inn where the three remaining members of their party were, he lurched forward and coughed again, feeling the drops of blood upon his tongue. Forcing himself to swallow it, he grunted in discomfort and glared at Sven. That b*****d. "A little warnin' next time, ********] The white maned wolf said with much spite, wiping his lips as he looked at the three. They all seemed in good condition. That was good. It was then that Sven piped up again while he caught scent of approaching Piqs. "A Herald, huh? Wait, what? I have to go? ******** that s**t. That a*****e didn't tell me anythin', so he can walk all by himself to the hideout. Son of a b***h." Nick snapped back, still at a level to where they were only heard to each other. What was going on? Why didn't Stephen tell him anything? It pissed him off more and more at the thought. And it didn't help, his hand clutching his bleeding side. Damn this one was bad, and just to spite him, a divine magically ripped his other wounds open. Lovely.

                              Ears twitching, he looked over to Renee to verify she was ok- Oh lord, Lucy. But, the part that worried him more was what immediately happened when Lucy embraced her so... strangely. It wasn't that of lusty Lucy or not even a friendly manner at all. And he could see the look on Renee's face. Terror. Fright. Fear. Whatever it was, Lucy was doing, she was scaring the vampire to no end. And Nick cursed himself. He was barely in any condition to rush over, yet he tried, moving past Sven. Another cough, and he couldn't shout out for Lucy to let go. Goddamn it, she was pissing him off even further!

                              And in an instant... it ended. Nick wasn't sure what happened, but the next thing he knew, they were making up. And he went beet red as Lucy fondled Renee's bre-, er boo-, oh god, he couldn't say it. Or even think it. But he was looking at them. Gah! You pervert! Nick went even more red and tried to feign anger. By the time he managed to recover though, they were running around the group. All over the place, Renee trying to keep Lucy away from causing more perverted mischief. This was really not the time, especially when his eyes took in the image of approaching Piqs, both filled with the newer improvements of said Piqs. Ugh, why were they doing this now?! Why was everything pissing him off, of all times?! Nick growled when Renee and Lucy managed to swing by close to him. He waited till the vampire passed, then he stood in the way of Lucy, both of them running into each other. The sapphires gazing into her yellow, crazy eyes were unyielding, a low growl in his throat.

                              "Knock. It. Off." Nick barked, his chest heaving from a suppressed cough. God, he didn't look the part right now of an Alpha, did he? "Goddamn perverted b***h. What're you still doin' here? If you haven't noticed, some s**t is goin' down, so it might be wise to get the ******** outta here." Ugh, he might regret it, but he decided to say it anyway. "Keep away from Renee, but we're gettin' away from these damn Piqs. Tag along if you want." Nick had this inkling feeling that he would regret his offer, but they needed to take care of this now. So, without anything further to do with Lucy, the rather short-tempered Alpha wolf walked passed her to Sven once more.

                              "You three." Nick called to Eliana, Arelle, and her little chicken s**t of a man. "We're goin' to my hideout. That's safe, so make sure to follow us." The Piqs were approaching fast. They needed to leave now. Patting Sven on the shoulder, he nodded to him. "Hurry up and take them fast. I'm in no condition to really do much. You know the way back, right?" He hoped so, because that was the end of it. "Come on! Let's-"

                              A green flare went up into the sky, basking each and every one of them in a shimmering light. If any of the ones who recognized it knew, that meant that Faust was there. And nearby, no doubt. Nick barely had time to say anything, a new Piq suddenly landing between Sven and Nick, kicking them apart and rushing after Nick. Should Sven attempt to retaliate, he'd find a squad of Piqs in his way. Nick, however, slid across the ground and bumped into something. Or, someone. Looking up, he was blinded first by the flare, hoisted up suddenly by a gloved hand and cold metal claw. Next thing he knew, he was up against a building wall. More like slammed against it, another fit of coughing seized from him as his previous disguise was further stained with his blood. [********] Opening his eyes, he saw the very person he thought was behind this.


                              "Hello, Mr. Angelo." Faust's voice sounded as level and indifferent as always, the Chief of the Piqs guarded by heavily armed new Piqs while he had the wolf against the wall, kicking his legs pointlessly. "I can't have this struggling, wolf pup." He held out a hand and a pipe was produced by one of the Piqs. Nick felt a clawed fist strike his gut, making him double over. But Faust soon held him by his throat, keeping him steady. Suddenly, Nick shouted out in pain, the metal pipe securing him up on the wall through his shoulder. Faust even let him hang there, making it that much more painful. "You son of a b***h! I'll kill you!" He growled, thrusting both hands forward. Well, he tried. That pipe was effectively keeping him from throwing out his other arm, only one hand remotely near the chief. A Piq knocked his hand away, a pistol in his face as Faust spoke.

                              "You've been a thorn in my side for some time, dog. To finally have the opportunity to erase you from existence is too good to pass up. I'll make sure to apologize to Rasputen for taking his prey." Faust said, the calm voice hiding his disdain for the tanned wolf man. "Enjoy your trip to Hell, Mr. Angelo. Give your brother my regards." Walking away, his boots sounding out under the pavement, he approached the rest of the group slowly, pulling out his firearm from within his coat.

                              Thump. Thump. Thump. Nick could hear his heartbeat pick up faster. He was staring down the barrel of the rifle as the Piq took aim between his eyes. 'I... I can't move.' Nick flailed against the pole, yet he got nowhere. It hurt so much. He wasn't healing properly. No, he wasn't healing at all. And his strength... it was gone. He felt so tired, the blood draining earlier leaving him in a rather poor condition. It was to the point that he couldn't even retaliate. Click. Nick watched as the Piq verified she had a round in the chamber of her rifle. [********! I can't move! I can't even reach this b***h!' The Piq took aim, no doubt a pair of careful eyes gazing down the sights and painting the dot on Nick's forehead. 'Please! Move!' It was no use. Nick's body couldn't even shimmy along the pole as he dangled a foot or so off the ground.

                              The Piq exhaled, Nick went wide-eyed. '... I'm gonna die.' His heart was beating wildly, his own fear washing through his eyes. Those violet eyes watching the Piq as he couldn't even growl defensively. '... This is it. I'm gonna die.' Nick couldn't believe it, but he was staring death in the face. Or rather, the barrel of death. It seemed he was being cheated, and it pissed him off. Yet... this was it. Nick couldn't do anything. It was going to happen. Death. It would wash over him in an instant. His eyes flicked over to the group, looking at everyone. Would they die to? Damn it! He wanted to protect them all. He wanted to make sure they were okay. He wanted to get them to safety. And finally, eyes falling upon Renee, Nick felt even more cheated. Even as his heart began to slow down, he couldn't just... it wasn't fair...

                              Finally back on the Piq and her squeezing finger, it felt like slow motion. Even Death was cheating him out of a quick death. He shut his eyes, resigned to his fate. Here it comes...

                              'This ********' sucks...'

                              Another heart beat.

                              '... Move over p***y.'


                              Out Of Character: Very long post myself, I apologize. But, next post will follow for Nick's shift. :3
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"Cereberus gets to play, baby!"
The Big Bad Wolf
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Self-correction, mass dissection
Death squad brats are in detention
Morning sickness, XYZ
Boys with bombs in NME~!!!

The sound of blood spraying out from an open wound so profusely, it hissed in the air. A gunshot hole beside Nick's head was sizzling, a single string of steam rising up into the air as the Piq that was tasked with killing said wolf found a piece of the pipe had slit her throat. Nick, himself, was grinning devilishly as he held the pipe turned spear. He placed a foot on the wall he was nailed to and pressed on it, effectively launching him off the wall as he stood in front of the collapsing corpse. "Little b***h. Can't kill me." Nick raised his foot and brought it crashing down on the skull, a grotesque sound filling the void of the air as a pair of violet eyes looked on with satisfaction. The head smashed, blood pooling on the ground and splattered on his shoes, he brought his attention to a new Piq that landed in front of him. Rifle aimed at him with a combat knife slashing, Nick easily dodged the knife and let a bullet tear through his arm. Not even flinching, not even registering the new wound, Nick's fist collided painfully with her head, dazing the Piq as she stumbled over from the sheer force. [********, I'm hungry. That little p***y hasn't eaten fresh meat in a year." Who was he talking about? Next thing that happened, he thrust his claws into the shoulder of the Piq and easily hoisted her up, jerking her in a way that her head tilted to one side. A flash of his canines, and he went to work.

The first bite was deep and tore open the Piq's neck. To say it was a gruesome sight was an under statement. Bones could be heard breaking, the sound of flesh being ripped off just as grotesque as the sound of a crushed skull. And yet he continued, not only ripping off muscle and skin with his teeth, but also swallowing it. He was eating this Piq! At the same time, his shoulder healed, his side healed, and his leg healed. It seemed Resilience was sped up dramatically with the consumption of this dead enemy's body. Once Nick was sated, he licked his lips clean of blood, and did the same with his mouth with the back of his arm, tossing the partially eaten carcass to the ground. "s**t, that feels really good after a year." He stretched and looked down to the dead Piq, raising an eyebrow at its coat. It looked big enough for even him. So, with a smirk, he got rid of his preppy shirt and hoodie, shirtless for a moment with bloodstains on him and many scars, kneeling down to remove the leather trench coat and put it on himself. The leather felt nice against his skin, and it just seemed to give him that badass vibe. Nick liked it.

Looking up and to approaching Piqs with their rifles raised, he licked his lips and cracked his neck. The wolf had such a hungry gaze in those strangely different eyes. "I do feel like seconds. You bitches will have to do." A casual step forward, Nick waited for his preys to approach, licking the blood clean off his claws and savoring the flavor. He let out a pleasant sigh, waiting to taste more of the flesh of these Piqs to sate his starving palette.

Meat. Fresh meat. He craved it so badly right now. He could hardly contain himself. Nick could hardly contain himself... if this really was Nick...

OOC: Phew. And without further ado, please welcome Cerberus. Nick's alter-ego. :3

Self-infraction, mass destruction
Programmed for the final function
Lab Rat King, rescue team
Save me from the next life~!!!
Marina Bel'Fleur

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Mr. Red came back into the room to see Iliad bleeding and nude as he stood over a collapsed body. Mr. Red had to admit that Elementals harbored interesting connections, but he only wanted one thing from the woman.

Marina was some place else in her mind as she laid on the cold tile floor. It was like she never left and back to how things were. Her eyes regarded Iliad as he spoke words to Mr. Red about something, she didn't care. If Stephen was truly dead, maybe she might join him; she'd take death over this any day. Marina closed her eyes, her body cut and burned except for the one spot Stephen had repaired.

A snap of fingers grabbed Marina's attention as she opened her eyes.
"I won't bother asking if you had a chance to rethink your answer." Mr. Red said. He nodded and Piq officers appeared, forcing her to her feet and holding her there as she could not stand.
"Faust recommended him highly." He said as a odd Piq officer stood in front of and placed his hand on either side of her head. "He will seal away certain aspects of your mind that will prove useless to me in my endeavors."

Marina looked at the man and saw he was blind and had a scarred face. She looked from him to Mr.Red and he was the last thing she saw before everything went dark.
Iliad had Marina in his arms, regarding her before looking at Mr. Red for answers.
"She will be better once she wakes up. Follow the officers and put her in a Piq uniform." He said with a wave of his hand. "We have a new addition."
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Mega Noob

User ImageThe air pulsed within the small room as a man appeared before Mr. Red. "I am the Herald of the in-between." he said, and his very voice caused a shaking in the earth. "You believe you have destroyed him. The man you refuse to admit that you fear. You believe his life is over. But I tell you, Mr. Red," the man spat his 'name' with venom. "The Riftwalker cannot die, and he is coming. For you, for your sister, for everyone who has helped deceive the innocents you have lured into this city that was meant to be a haven. He is coming, Ashurei, and you will not escape." The man turned to look at Iliad, who had Marina in his arms. "He will come for you as well, Elementalist." It was unclear which one the Herald was speaking to.

The man drew a strange blade from the air itself, Holding it to Red' throat. "I wish now that I could kill you myself. An Ashurei, a deceiver, like you would provide much power from your soul as I feasted upon it." He turned away then, and as he turned, the air pulsed again, and he disappeared, going back to 'Hell.'
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I can't make my own decisions...


Where? On a street, in front of the inn.With who? Sammy, and Eli. Mood? Paranoid.

...Or make any with precision.

User Image

                                                      xxxxxThe appearance of the three people in front of her came as a relief, and a burden. That damned wolf was with them. No, not Sven. As frightening she found his display of hatred towards those Piqs, she could trust him. But that other one, he just pissed her off by being present. Sammy was slightly hiding behind her, and spoke to Arelle about the tall, injured wolf. Everything scared Sammy, so why did she let that accusation get to her. His soul, huh? She eyed him carefully, and stepped further in front of Sammy and Eliana, who was completely oblivious to the situation. Eli seemed to like him, but...Eli liked everyone. Except that Faust guy. From her explanation of last night, she wished him dead. Sven shouted at them about how much they needed to go, and she was all for it, until she heard the word, "Hell". No way she was going anywhere like that. Wouldn't that be proving the Angel's right? They always told her she'd end up there anyway.

                                                      xxxxxA green light swallowed everyone up. The angel was caught off guard, and her sword instinctively left it's sheath. It was now pointed to a newly revealed swarm of Piqs. They were surrounding something, but what? Or who? Everyone was present except...That damned wolf. She was caught with what to do, so she stood there, in a defensive position in front of her friends. Plural? Ah, what the hell. A man exited from the swarm, with a claw on his hand. He was heading in their direction. '[********]' She quickly reached into the sac of gold coins fastened to her hip, and pulled out a crystal secured to what seemed to be a necklace and reached back and placed it in doll's hands. She could see a growing pool of blood, which she assumed was Nick's. She was wrong. The blood soaked wolf became visible, hunched over... Eating a Piq? Now her sword was turned to him. What the ******** was going on?

Well, maybe you should tie me up...
☆═━┈☽[[Out.Of.Cocoa. I'm going to post for Eli soon.]]☾┈━═☆

...So I don't go where you don't want me.

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                    Mr. Red picked up his head when the air shifted randomly. It was then he was met by a stranger with long, black hair. A Herald, as he appeared to refer to himself. Interesting. The only person that he knew of that spoke in such ways like that were...hm, Mr. Red didn't spend too long in making the connection that somehow this Herald was linked to that white haired intellect. Stephen would be returning, hm? It seemed Faust and Rasputen didn't necessarily do the job right. Well, this wasn't good news for what was planned. Mr. Red adjusted his bifocals and narrowed his eyes at the messenger.

                    "Well, we'll have to welcome him back with Loq hospitality then." Mr. Red replied softly, looking to Iliad and Marina, waiting for the male Elementalist to do as previously told. "This'll be a handful, Iliad. I'm glad you arrived just in time for the festivities."

                    OOC: Short is short. Just gonna borrow Red for a second, Archer. ^^;
Marina Bel'Fleur

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Iliad regarded the black-haired man with an intrigued look as the man warned against some unknown He coming to this city. Well, Iliad believed the man was referring to him since Marina was out cold. Iliad smiled at the ominous messenger, giving a slight chuckle.

"Well this person you speak of sounds as if he as good taste." Iliad smirked. He turned his head to Mr. Red after the stranger had disappeared and smiled. "I'm here for less than a day and already things are going my way. I believe this city will be quite enjoyable." With that said, Iliad disappeared with Marina through a door.

It's nice and quite. Marina thought. It's safe here, wherever here is. Marina's eyes were closed, she felt naked, but neither warm nor cold. How did I get here? These questions and more seemed to fill her head.

"What's your name?" Asked a Piq office as he stood close to Marina who was staring half-lidded at the ground.

"Marina Bel'Fleur." She answered in a flat tone.
"What are you?"
"An Elemental."
"Do you know a Nicolo Angelo?"
"Have you ever heard of Eliana Poupee?"
"Who is Stephen Moriarti?" There was a pause and the Piq officer cleared his throat. "Who IS Stephen Moriarti?"
"I don't know." Marina finally said.
"Very good. What is your purpose?" He said, glancing at Mr. Red who was observing the results of earlier events.
"To give my loyalty as a Piq officer."

The slightest smile appeared on Mr. Red's face. "Good, very good."

Ooc: Mr.Red isn't mine lol I was only using him for a bit.

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