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Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again

My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

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Katra Kenyon seemed pleased; unlike her companion, who had seemed to speak to her uncaringly, this Anastasia Clark was quite polite. Katra was unaccustomed to such politeness, but she knew very much how to react to it. With politeness in return. Slowly, careful and wary of her temporarily disabled right hand/arm, Katra took a seat at one of the tables. Close enough to observe Anastasia and her icing of the cupcakes and show interest in her duties, but far enough to not invade her personal space. Katra had perfected the art of close distance. On of the many things she had to learn about as a Kenyon. "I like sweets very much. They look quite delicious," Katra said, conversationally, but she meant it. They were so pretty and irrgardless of the fact that they could be disgusting--which Katra doubted--she was famished and likely to eat anything. She had practically flew out of her home to escape Archeon--which Katra remembered with a shudder of relief and a look of distatse and discomfort--and her family. The ride had been long and boring, but even still Katra had not eaten. And when she arrived at Tospy Turvy Academy, she played her piano until her carpul tunnel rendered her hand useless. She could eat a horse; and she now understood that statement. Katra blinked at Anatasia's question, unsure if it were retortial or not. She reached over and plucked a chocolate chip cookie up and bit into it. Her face lit up with the word "yum" written accross it. "Well I'm not sure if good would be the term I would apply to this," Katra said in a plain voice dispite the look on her face. "That was quitepleasing to my taste buds. Umami." she said, biting into the cookie again. Her face was overjoyed as she tried another one. Katra had to stop herself, modestly, from taking another one. Not only were the cookies good, but she was really hungry. "Sore wa hijo ni oishikatta," Katra said happily, unaware that she had honestly spoken Japanese, one of the five languages she knew. She looked at Anastais with liquid gold eyes, pleased at the tasty treat she just had.

Oh Crappity Crap::okay, I've subscribed once more. What's the plan? Friends?
l m i m i - c h a n l
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м α т т н є ω . м α я ¢ є ℓ ℓ υ ѕ . ℓ є α ℓ
“We can only go up from here~ Can only get better.”

                                    It was impossible to keep from laughing, seeing how the two reacted to his bird. "Oh jeez, woo!" Matthew had to wipe a tear from his bottom lid, not really there but the gesture was enough to express how amused he was. It was really cute how Chieri freaked out, Keaton keeping on with a sharp grip. He felt bad for her, really, but before he could come up with something quick enough to help her out, Eichi had beat him to it. Crossing his arms and standing back, Matt nodded approvingly, impressed with the coaxing success. Crackers... that was cheating. Yet again, he paled to the food. The lint-covered crumby crumbled broken slate of those stale pastries. "Eichi!" Matt began a grossed-out scolding, "Why do you keep food in your pockets!!" He ended up wailing at the end, running in place to get the imaginary linty cracker bits off his skin. But with no reply, and Keaton out of his hair (and Chieri's), Matt took this as an opportunity to pitch into the heroism. "Chieri, I'll save you!!" That was the only warning he tall dark haired male gave the shorter female before taking her up in a tight her from behind, only across her shoulders. She was so small, his forearms were the same length as her shoulders. It wasn't unnatural, just.. uncommon. Could people really be so small? Either that, or Matt didn't hug enough to girls. Before her knew it, he was walking with Chieri in his gentle drag. While her feet remained in place, Matt's shifted from side to side even pivoting once or twice. She was like a little rag doll: small and frail, he was careful not to hurt her.

                                    Their fun was interrupted by a break of laughter, Eichi's voice wedging into audibility. "Hm?" Catch a cold? Matthew never got sick, but he shrugged and released Chieri at the suggestion of heading indoors. He had a strong immune system, but Matt caught onto the other guy's intention. Maybe they'd get sick from the light rain, so sure. Inside they'd go. "Sure thing~" Matthew smiled, following the silver head of hair, after he let Chieri have a head start so she could walk between the two boys. His mother always told him that you always let the smaller, younger children walk between the older, the stronger. It was safer that way, and the fact was proved on a hiking trip one day with Arielle and the rest of the family. For some reason, Chieri kind of reminded Matt of his little sister. They were both small, had short hair, similar personalities in some aspects. Definitely they had their solid differences, but it was just a hint of remembrance. Smiling softly to himself, Matt rushed up to catch up with his new group of friends. A good feeling flooded in, not so much doubting the year ahead. Rough start, but things happen for a reason.

                                    It was good, untill the word '-fish' was mentioned. "F-f-fish??" His eyes widened a little as a force of habit. His pace slowed and his brows knit over his face to show how confused he was. Confused, or again disgusted. Either one. "You. Have a pet goldfish?" Yeah, he had a pet parakeet and it was odd to some maybe, but a fish?! Matt winced. He didn't mean to be so rude.. it was just that... he had a bad experience with the sea and it's floundering slimy creatures. So, as anybody would, and as everybody should, he sort of... hated them. The fish. And water. Getting wet. A hand came up and itched his neck, looking away from the pair of questioning green eyes burning through his skull to attempt eye contact. The light rain was now getting a bit annoying, making Matt's hair damp and skin the same. It was irking him now, out and exposed to the open grayness of the sky, no longer sheltered by trees. Looking up to the dim atmosphere above them, he waved away any comments or question on his previous hinting anti-fish statement. "Nevermind.. Can we go in please? I'm getting.. uh.. wet. Kinda. S-sorry.." He muttered, walking past them and rushing into the dorm building.

                                    Once he'd reached inside, he instantly stripped from his vest and shook out his hair like a dog. Anything to get dry again, anything. He'd willingly roll around the carpet if it didn't look so dirty. Crossing his arms, Matt waited for the other pair to catch up and reach the dorm building. While the wait, he breathed to cool his head, rid of the ache growing on his temples. Cracking a faint grin when they entered, Matt blew a quick whistle and let Keaton retreat to his forearm. "Sooo... Where's your room at?" He asked, again stepping a few ahead.

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¢ σ м ρ α η у :Eichi, Chieri
ℓ σ ¢ α т ι σ η : Fields..ish. I think?
ι η ѕ ι g н т : Hey, um. Thanks?
α в σ υ т . м є : Male, Outfit: //Nerdd.
Italian / Portuguese / Japanese
5' 9 " / 138 lbs. / Freshie / 14

σ σ ¢ :

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░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░[☾ℌḯεґї ℳїкαᾔ ]░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
ℓσ¢αтιση: the fields -> Inside the dorms User Image | 15 | ƒяєѕнмαη User Image | 5' 2" | 110ℓв User Image

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                                “Don't laugh!!” Chieri's voice whined as she looked at the silver haired male who was OBVIOUSLY enjoying this scene more then she was. Lifting up a fist she glared over, giving him a reminder she wouldn't mind stuffing his gut again. She stared over at him while still hanging on closely to Matt. Still relying on him to let Keaton get off her head. She narrowed her eyes and notice him pulling something out of his pocket again. A disappointing face was what she wore now, “Eichi! I don't think lint gummy bears are- Are those crackers!!?? No-no. Don't come near here- Eichiiii! ” Too late, Eichi made no fair warning and was now up to her trying to feed the crackers to Keaton. She stared up at the tall male, getting annoyed by his tallness again but at the same time the main thing occupying her mind was the fact that they were really close. A slight blush was on her cheeks as she glanced away, looking to the side and leaving Eichi to do whatever with the bird. He looked like he knew what he was doing. Seconds later, there was a sudden lift of freedom and the bird was off her head and now on Eichi's hand. Honestly, she kinda missed the bird on her head at this point. Maybe she shouldn't think it was really bad to have animals be attracted to you. They were fun to have around right?

                                Blinking a couple times she stared up at the bird that Eichi had decided to put on his own head. Which was weird, because that basically meant her comment about telling Keaton to fly on Eichi's head was true. She blurted out a laugh, if he looked ridiculous she must of looked 10x worse. Trying to hold in her laugh she smiled looking at up Eichi. “ehhhh. Oh wow. You're surprisingly good with animals Eichi. Though I guess you aren't too good with cats then.” She remarked, rubbing her messy hair with a scowl about to say something else. "Chieri, I'll save you!!" She heard that from behind but before she could turn back and look, two arms were locked around from behind across her shoulders. A hug. Bright red flashed her face as she tried to look up at the obvious person who could of done that. “M-Matt!? What are you-” The rest was her mouth moving but nothing was heard because she couldn't put the voice through her mouth. That was sly of him.

                                The next scene consisted of him walking and dragging her around like a doll. She wasn't sure what to do. Hitting him in the gut was a possibility but that was only reserved for Eichi. Matt's reserve was....she'd figure that out later. He was just really tall compared to her. “ahah. seriously, dragging me around like a doll. It's must be great to be tall huh?” She laughed a bit smiling up at the male who still clung onto her. Upon closer inspection, Matt was pretty attractive huh? Like how she thought Eichi was when she first saw him. He had this charm to him that just made you want to wittingly smile at him, ironically she smiled at that thought. After hearing Eichi's voice she turned to look at him with a thoughtful look, “Oh you're right huh? We're getting soaked out here! ” She felt the arms around her shoulders release and couldn't help but feel a bit sad that little drag thing ended. Though she wouldn't say that. She followed along after Eichi, noticing Matt letting her walk ahead. How nice~ “A goldfish named Herman? aww how cute. I wanna see~” She remarked to Eichi's comment, she envied how these two had pet animals. A gold fish had to be cute though, especially with a name like that. The voice behind her begged to differ though. Turning her head over her shoulder she looked as Matt who looked pretty dissatisfied. Did he hate fish? She couldn't see why since they were all kinda harmless. Tilting her head she was about to ask for his well being but he was already was walking past them towards the dorms. “Ahh he's right. I don't want to get sick." Pulling up that cat like hood of hers, the girl ran ahead past Eichi to catch up with Matt.

                                Once getting inside of the dorm with the others, she shook her head to shake off any wet remains like a dog. Her hood falling back and her messy hair not looking any different. A sigh came out as she ran her hand through her hair to fix it. Didn't make a difference. “Geeez. What a bad day to start going to school huh?” She adjusted the Atari clip in her hair before turning back to the two boys. “Seeing as how the single dorms were full just before any new students could get one, I'm guessing you have a double dorm?” She knew that because she tried to steal a single dorm for herself, but alas fate struck. She didn't mind having a roommate anyways.She ran ahead and turned around, starting to walk backwards while facing both of them. She liked doing that. “hehh..An animal playdate with a fish and bird sound cute. Ehh..maybe I should find a pet...oh! wait- ” She paused, pulling up her cat hood and curling her left hand while doing some cat like motion with a little wink towards the boys. “Meow~?. . . . PFFT. What am I doing- ” She shook her hood off turning back forward, embarrassed at what she just did. “Aha sorry sorry, That was bad huh? Still, I should go have a pet myself to match~ ”

this is a bad post though. //can't think// I is gomen! ;u;

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Goro Domo


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