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                                Reese could tell that the boy was highly amused by the whole situation, and she had to admit that it was pretty entertaining. There had not been this much excitement at their school in a long time and she was enjoying it just as much as she was sure everyone else was. And the male’s responses only pleased her more. He seemed to be reacting much better than she would have thought compared to how he was responding to Lucy. Apparently she was handling things in a way he preferred. Reese was move of a take action kind of girl than Lucy was sometimes. She figured that was why she and Lucy got along as well as they did with the way that the blonde was about being in charge of things. She let the other female do the talking most of the time but when it came down to getting things done quick like and in a hurry Reese was usually the go to girl.

                                “Oh I’m sorry darlin’.” The male’s arms snaked around her slender frame and came to rest on her hips. He then asked her how he could make it up to her. This question pleased the female even more. She already had him just where she wanted him and he was offering her more obedience? That was definitely the way to this alpha female’s heart. She liked to be in charge and he was giving her that a lot more easily than she would have expected. She felt the cold metal of the ring in his lip as he took in her smell. This sent a little shiver down her spine but she didn’t give away any more of a reaction than that. She didn’t want to give him any sign that he might have some leverage. She could feel him move beneath her to make himself a little more comfortable.

                                He made a comment about how he could have easily moved her back out of the car. Implying that in the situation he had some kind of control. She pressed him back into the seat with a little more force. “Oh honey, you really didn’t have much of a choice,” she replied to this. And from the way his body was responding to her position she knew she pretty much had him. This brought a devilish smile to the girl’s lips. She was still tipped back so that her mouth was almost touching his ear. “Oh babe are you sure you can handle me?” His question was met with a short chuckle. That was quite an amusing question. Oh yeah, she could handle just about anything. That was why she was at the top of the food chain around these parts. And anything she couldn’t handle herself she had Daddy take care of.

                                His hands started to wander then, finding their way to her bare thighs. He really knew what he was doing. And he had not denied her statement either. She liked that. The boy seemed to already know his place in things and was not arguing. She let her hands fall from the steering wheel to come down on top of his, keeping them where they were on her soft skin. “On the contrary, I think it is you that can’t handle me love,” her tone had changed from praising a pet to softly seductive. It was true though, most males couldn’t handle Reese. That was why the female tended to avoid them unless they were used as a slave boy or pet. He then mentioned that he had not even gotten her name. “The name is Reese. Or you can just call me Princess, my little Ollipop.”

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Narcissa Akiame Tolouse
The Passionate Art Teacher

Narcissa heard that she wouldn't forgive her, which of course made her sad. Though that vanished just as quickly as it came as he said he didn't need to. Because she hadn't done anything wrong. But social wise she had sort of...done something wrong. You were suppose to always meet every new teacher and make sure they were welcome. A faculty was like a work family. She gave a nod as she told him "Well a faculty is like a work family which means that I should have socially brought you into it. Because if you don't enjoy where you work and who you work with, your life isn't as cheerful as it should be!"

Soon he did call her on the fact that she was bored. Yeah she wanted to hang out with someone. This is because it was awesome. She heard about boredom. It was underrated, and to not knock it. Because boredom was a friend of his. The blond wondered about that. She felt kind of bad. She asked "Are you normally bored? That doesn't seem fun at all?"

The blond soon heard him describe science. How science was everything. It was everything around her which was made up by the tiny little atoms. Like the super hero Atom. Anyway, which she couldn't even see it. Useful. Practical. Had potential. Saving lives. End hunger. Efficient. Narcissa gave a few more nods to show that she understood and indeed she loved beyond loved how excited he sounded. She felt herself being excited with his excitement.

She listened about how even relating it to what she loved about art. Without science, there would be no art. Which was true. She wouldn't be able to draw or paint or dance without movement. Movement was science. Messeges to a brain and pencil. Cissa gave a nod as she felt herself be really excited. She loved feeling happy and excited. She told him "That sounds way more incredible than how I learnt it. My teacher had this monotone voice and he droned on about mitosis i think? Sort of failed science. Just didn't get it. But your excitement sort of is making me excited. Could you like teach me more about it?"

She heard about the best thing of science! This was fantastic! She waited for it. So other than its ability to continually blow one away time after time, it gave people hope. Well Cissa LOVED hope. She was really feeling happy. The blond gave a nod as she soon waited, waited. for the best thing. For example. Nanotechnology. She told him "Well I did watch a cartoon where a villain used nanotechnology"

The blue eyed girl heard about him explain it. So scientist are currently working on is creating mini robots. people eat the robots inside a pill, well that sounded evil. And yet the nanobots would kill cancer cells. Spoke too soon. That sounded great. And how this would be good for those with cancer. Fully developed. She gave a nod as she asked "So...they are good robots? Aren't robots usually evil. War of machines and whatnot?"

She knew it was weird but she figured she should ask. It was probably a stupid question but she figured she'd ask. The blond heard that he hadn't done art before. Well that was sad, she hoped it would be good. She heard about art before. Always lead to believe that it was a useless subject. Aw yes not academic. She could agree with that. She soon heard that people had led him to believe that was wrong. And he apologized. She smiled "Oh don't worry about it. I get that a lot from parents during those parent teacher conferences. Hey have you ever heard of Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre?"
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                                                    Alistair had to amdit he was amused by when was transpiring, Lucy.s name gone thanks to Kizria Reese now inside OLiver's car was that really a good idea.

                                                    "Don't waist your breath expecting her to show you around, it's far too much work for some one of...her ranking. I on the other had don't mind giving you a thorough tour of anything you like cutie. By the way, welcome to the school. We aren't all as...annoying as we seem. "

                                                    Raising an eyebrow so He guessed Kizria was the flirty one, Reese was the pushy one and Lucy was the b***h. Oliver had the pushy one so that wasn't a problem and well his eyes trailed between the two girls who were left infront of him. "yeah that sounds like a good idea." he replied he knew it could be a trap but then again since these girls didn't seem like they were fond of each other it could not be.

                                                    The short haired blonde seemed to whisper something to Oliver although that was before Reese came flying past her and into the dark haired male's car. Pretty much sitting on his lap. Did she thing what was going to keep him in chest. it would most liekly encourge him to touch her that much more. He was distracted now though since Little Miss sporty seemed to be well in his arms to avoid the ginger haired woman.

                                                    "Sorry, High heeled freight train. Now, I don't know your friend but, I'm guessing that Reese just did something pretty stupid by getting in that car. "

                                                    Alistair nodded lightly. "Yeah considering she doesn't know anything about him." he replied with a light shrug Lucy seemed to well. Talk on and on At least he was left with two little hotties now even if they didn't seem to like each other too much.

                                                    "Oh don't be so rash. I would love to show you around, since you seem way nicer than your comrade"

                                                    Alistair glanced back towards Oliver. "Comrade eh? Well when he is in a good mood." he replied with alight shrug. Although lucy seemed to quickly change her tune. At first she didn't look very impressed but now she was offering her services. It seemed as though she had gotten her way though her parking spot but maybe Oliver would just like draw an extra parking space that sounded like a good idea he would have to ask him about that. Not right now since he seemed bust with Reese.

                                                    "Well Alistair, would you like me to stay around or are you just peachy with Kizira here?For if you want, I could give you a tour...but that's only if you want to know where all the intimate places are."

                                                    Intimate places eh? Well to be honest he wasn't as upfront as Oliver. So that might be slightyl useless for him at least Its not like he would be well ******** at school Oliver on the other hand....He couldn't care less. "Maybe you could both shoe me what places you like?" he suggested raising an eyebrow
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                                                          "Although I'm sure you'd love to see me wet, hot coffee isn't really the direction we should go with. Don't you agree?"

                                                          Jericho could see that Kate was both turned on and angry at the same time. he loved it when she got angry it was certainly kind of sexy. He lightly bit his bottom lip knowing what would be coming since she had her whip in her hand. One lash, Two lashes, Three lashes, Four Lashes. The dark haired male's face contorted with each one his body squirming to cover up each place she had hit although with his hands binded he could really cover all that much.

                                                          "Now Jericho, I believe you owe me an apology. Don't you?"

                                                          His body shiver slightly as she spoke asking for an apology. Letting out a small sigh she certainly had him well trained but then again give Jericho what he wanted...What turned him on and it was easy. "I'm sorry Kate." He whispered slowly closing his eyes as she moved back onto his body sitting on his waist as her fingers ghosted over the redmarks she had made

                                                          "Sometimes I feel like you do this on purpose, you know? Like you want me to kill you."

                                                          Jericho knew she wouldn't kill him since she enjoyed doing this too much so that was the advantage he had over her, if he happened to.....disappear he was sure that Kate's need to hurt someone would be slightyl out of control. Slowly reopening his eyes he gave Kate a smirk. "I know you won't though." he said raising an eyebrow.
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                                                  Annihilation will be unavoidable
                                                  Every broken enemy will know
                                                  That their opponent had to be invincible
                                                  Take a last look around while you're alive
                                                  I'm an indestructible master of war.

                                                  Oliver let out a smirk as his hands moved over Reese's body he did like the feel of it as his hands ended up trailing back up the ginger haired woman's thighs until they got to her hips again passing her hips he let them slide up her waist until he ghosted them up her sides to her shoulders. Inching her forwards just a tiny bit to see how she would react. "You now your friend she talks.....way to much." He commented his fingers lightly pulling her dark orange lock's over her shoulder. "You on the other hand. Your keeping my interest." The shiver it really did amuse him. At least he was getting a reaction of out of her since by now she would most likely feel that she had made something rise and it should be poking her right about now. The dark haired male let out a sensual purr. Reese certainly seemed to enjoy the position they were in he was sure it was because she had him pinned the driver's seat but he could make that work to his advantage.

                                                  She didn't seem to like his comment though and showed it rather physically pushing herself back against him to pin him down that little but more, His head coming forwards a little until his lips lay next to her bare neck since she had pushed her hair away from it. Oh my oh my Reese dodn't know how good he actually was he let out a small moan against her neck bathing it in his warm breath before closing in fusing the cold hard metal of his lipring with the warm soft feel of his lips.

                                                  “Oh honey, you really didn’t have much of a choice,”

                                                  Lightly sucking on her skin he let his fingertips slowly inch down her body again down her sides to her waist, her hips over her curves and down back until his fingertips lightly ghosted over her thighs once again. Didn't have a choice eh? he He could feel her head moving although he didn't pull back quite yet give her a little less room make her work a little. It wasn't long before he heard the light chuckle that escaped from her lips his hands once again moving to the outside of her thighs although this time he gave them a light squeeze slowly pulling himself back he let his eyes slowly trail up her face. The devlish smile she was giving him the first thing that came into view the last her Eyes, He had heard things about the girls, And Reese's eyes were certainly one of them. it was needless to stay that they stuck out with her pale skin and ginger hair.

                                                  “On the contrary, I think it is you that can’t handle me love,”

                                                  Oliver smirked slightly his lips hovering dangerously close to hers he was about to slide one of his hands around to caress the inside of her upper thigh when her hands moved to rest on his. Her hands moving from the steering where to rest on his almost as if to keep him pinned down again He hand only gotten about halfway before she seemed to move his ahnd back. Oh well he could work with that. Bringing his tongue to the front of his mouth he slowly trailed it up the middle of her her lip she wascertainly giving him a nice feel of her thigh's though he couldn't help but give him another gently squeeze. Skin like a goddess Eyes like an Angel. Thats what he had heard and so far he wasn't disappointed. He was pretty sure that with her words this was going to be a competition. "Well well it seems like we have both thrown out a challenge." he replied a smirk slowly forming across his features. as he was close enough for his lip ring to lightly brush against the side of her mouth, he was sure that she wouldn't have felt soemthing like that before she was most likely used to the preppy boys. He was in an entirely different league to what she ws most likely used to.

                                                  “The name is Reese. Or you can just call me Princess, my little Ollipop.”

                                                  Reese? He kind of liked it, but he kind of liked princess a little more. He captured her lower lip between his teeth he lightly pulled back slightly gently tugging on it. Hmmm Ollipop he liked that it wasn't girly since he had slightly girlish features which was one of the reasons he hated being called pretty. Letting go of her lip he finally spoke. "Anything else?" he questioned refering to what he could call her. He wanted to get all of the possibilies out of the way since Princess was the most likely at the moment. Hmm so if Reese was the princess than that mean that lucy was the attention seeking queen? maybe she thought that all eyes should be on her......What would happen if he, lets say gave Reese his attention for the time being. Maybe that would cause a tiny rift.....How.....fun.

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He was staring right at me. A lot. His eyes were examining me. It reminded me of how I examined my experiments. The small creatures pinned to the table by needles. The soft whimpering as my knife closed in on the surface of their skin. He seemed worried for a second but them he was smirking. Was he going to hurt me, try and touch me? That question was quickly answered. It wasn't a perverted smile, like so many boys, teachers, doctors, shrinks and over all ***** had smirked at her. It was a...sweet smile. No one had ever smiled at her like that. She felt vary curious towards it because it made her feel funny.

He sort of tensed in surprise when I touched him, that's also something that had never happened before. People didn't really react like that around her. Only her test subject, even then it wasn't until she had them tied to the floor and bleeding. She didn't like hurting people. It was too much work. Unless they really made her mad, she wouldn't go there. Besides, torture is more fun. Fear and panic is more fun to see than slight pain. His expression never faltered though. He still had a smile across his lips. His skin got goosebumps as if a chill just ran through his body.

He said yes in a sweet mellow voice, his fingers moving a strand of loose hair out of her face. Placing it gently behind her ear. That made her feel funny again. She still didn't know why. Her tummy growled again. Her moved, his arm going to my back, the other to below my knees. He picked me up much like a groom does his bride. He started walking to the cafeteria. He knew which way to go? That's good. I wouldn't have to explain. She held her bunny in her arms and glanced up at him. He had cool looking hair. He smelled like smoke. It was a familiar scent. She couldn't really identify it but she recognized it. She has smelled it at the asylum a lot, in the courtyard. People smuggled something that made that scent, a lot of fights broke over it, but once the smoke was in the air, everyone got along.

"Pancakes...sound yummy... " They were through the doors and pretty soon he had placed her in a chair at the closest table. She blinked as he asked her what she wanted. She nodded side to side at the suggestion of fruit. She was hungrier than that. Pancakes always made her feel better, she sounded a bit excited when she said the word. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes, a sparkle of excitement in them at the thought of yummy, fluffy pancakes.

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If we have no secrets from each other insanity will consume us. We will wish some things were more hidden. After all, what’s more transparent than invisible?

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                                                  Classic Lucy. Cares not for what no one want's but at the very second that even one person want's it, it must be hers. Most people give in to her power, money and influence. Well, that and her body. Me? I just give her what she want's to avoid her high and mighty endless nagging. Besides, people get tired of her rather quickly, she is annoying as hell. I eventually get what I want one way or another, I don't mind waiting. There is nothing wrong with seconds. On the contrary, if they satisfy her slutty needs, then they will surely entertain me. I see it as a test of ability. So, let's leave Lucy to test this one out. I'm late enough for my morning practice as it is. Kizira leaned her head towards Alistair, whispering in his ear in a playful tone. Mostly she just didn't want to listen to Lucy anymore.

                                                  " If you get tired of the royal treatment with the queen, or want a little change in your schedule, look me up. Kay cutie? " She kissed his cheek and winked as she got out of the car, leaving her spot on his warm and firm body. Giving him a first class view of her body, like she said before "I might not have voluptuous curves and flowing locks but, I have my own charm and sex appeal.". She looked towards Lucy.

                                                  "Your wish is my command, Lady Lucy. I do hope your highness has a pleasant time with the guest. " She said it in a rather good accent and bowed. Then shot a wink at Alister and a smile at Lucy. She started walking to the side of the building, making her way to the track. The coach was going to kick her a** for being late. Not that she minded the extra laps around the field.

                                                  "See ya around! " She yelled back at Alistair and waved before disappearing around the corner. She had caught a glimpse of Reese and Oliver a few parking spaces down. He looked rather entertained. Boys at the school is definitely the best possible thing that could happen. Out of all of them, he looked like the most fun. Why? He seemed like the kind of person who got his way, every time. The dominant kind. Rare around these parts seeing as the girls control relationships at the school. Who would fight back with personalities like Lucy and Reese? They are every teenage boys wet dream. Him on the other hand...Id keep an eye out for. Those Asian like features just turned her on. Wonder if he had any tattoos....I'd have to find out for myself. Anyway, looked like he was having fun for a benefit. Heh, I wonder. Seeing as Lucy always want to win....if he does cause a fight between Reese and Lucy, that would be interesting. Although, seeing as his first impression wasn't to her liking, I doubt he'd have much of an effect.

                                                  She walked on top the track, the coach glaring at her. She sighed and put her bag on the bleachers, then started stretching. She was in better shape than the whole team....she didn't get why she needed to do morning work outs. She began to jog around the track, the morning sun warming her body.

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Kate "Shock" Douglass
Bad a** and staying that way

Katherine loved how his body squirmed. And his face when it contorted like that. How he tried to cover up all those places but couldn't. Because she had him all tied up. But just looking at him, it made her anger melt away. And replaced it with...well pretty close to happiness. since Kate had never really felt the sunshine and rainbows type of happy. But she had gotten what she wanted. Well along with him shivering. God that just turned her on. She breathed in and out. Calming herself down.

Count to ten which was bull s**t. But whatever. She soon heard that apology. That wondrous apology. Which she was glad to get because the second thing was to literally strangle him with the whip and make it look like a suicide. Mind you she wouldn't ever kill him. Just sometimes the thought of it made her happy. Just imaging him swinging from the ceiling. Made her smile. She accepted his apology "Good boy"

Kat smirked, oh she knew what she was going to do. It was a bit unorthodox...but why not? She heard him smirk as he pointed out that he knew she wouldn't kill him. Which was ******** annoying. But her blood loss would go out of control without him. Her lips trailed across his neck as she made it to his ear "True, you are the one person who I just can't kill..."

The green eyed girl moved backwards a bit as she trailed her hand, along his inner thigh as she told him "However, you should be punished for wanting to hurt me. Whatever should I do to you?"

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·.¸¸. ·´¯ .¸¸.•´¯`•.•`·.¸¤•´¯`•¤·.¸•.•´¯`•.¸¸.¯`· .¸¸.

                                        Nathan smiled at the girl when she said she was a little crazy, they all where crazy in this small small planet they called earth. Setting his hands in his pocket he listened to the rest of what she had to say, so what was a good crazy like Oliver..well Nate thought he was a good crazy or just insane either way Nate liked Oliver even with his slick comments even though the male was of course crazy. But Nate and Ollie along with Al had been friends for a long time so a little bit of crazy had to wear off on all of them on some point."Well then we can both be crazy together." He said laughing a little the whole thing coming out completely wrong and not sounding right but he still laughed at it anyway, running another hand through his hair the male smiled at the girl when she talked about the little hide away they had in the alley. An alley getaway? who ever made ones like those and what was it like a trash can or something?

                                        "Yeah sounds like a plan why not get away for a moment."He said smiling at the girl for a moment."But first I believe my friend would like to come to not a big school fan."He said nodding to his comment before lightly grabbing the girls hand lightly and leading him to the group that was still going on seeing the girl named as Kiz walk away the male waved to her lightly he liked the girl she was funny and slick mouthed at that reminded him so much of his best friend,seeing the commotion going on in the car the male rolled his eyes not even fine minutes away and both his friends were trying to get up some girls pants."Well anyone else wanna skip first period with me, not a big science kid darling Ziggy here said she knows a spot so..who's in."Nathan said smiling at his friends or well Al and Ollie he really didn't know the girl who was on the boys lap now and Lucy well from her attitude earlier he didn't really think they could of course become friends and since she was a bit of a b***h he would just have to see."Or is miss queen B here scared of missing the first day of class?''He said giving the female a sly little smirk knowing she probably wouldn't do it.

                                        Out Of Condoms:Sorry its short gfs harassing me xD

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                                                          "Good boy"

                                                          He really wished he knew that Kate was thinking she was so hard to figure out although he guessed it wouldn't be good for him at least a small purr escaping from the backof his throat as she spoke. He did kind of like her tone He smirk she gave him made Jericho take a sharp breath. At leas thse agreed what she wouldn't kill him. he was safe while most other people they were most likely on Kate's hitlist. Hmmm unless of course Jericho stopped her.

                                                          "However, you should be punished for wanting to hurt me. Whatever should I do to you?"

                                                          The movement across his inner thigh made him squirm and shiver slightly as a small gasp escaped from his lips. What should she do well he was the one bound so he didn'think he had a choice at the moment. It was almost as if she was stalking him. The dark haired male slowly closed his eyes feeling the light touch down his legs.
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                                                    "If you get tired of the royal treatment with the queen, or want a little change in your schedule, look me up. Kay cutie? "

                                                    Alistair raised an eyebrow as he noticed that Kizira was leaning in almost as if to leave her mark and that she did. He raised an eyebrow. Oh well he would make sure that he did look her up even without her number. The kiss that Kizira had gave him on his cheek leaving a small lip prink on his cheek. So she had managed to leave a more visable mark on him before Lucy had he was sure that was going to cause problems. Well it seemed Oliver had found a person of interest and he was going to be getting his tour from Lucy since the short haired blonde had moved. giving him a nice view of her walkign away. She might not have the curves the Lucy had but she was certainly just as beautiful.

                                                    His eyes trailed towards Lucy giving her a charming smile. "Well it looks like I get to have your tour Lucy right?" he questioned raising an eyebrow looking for some confirmation.

                                                    "Well anyone else wanna skip first period with me, not a big science kid darling Ziggy here said she knows a spot so..who's in."

                                                    "Or is miss queen B here scared of missing the first day of class?''

                                                    Oh so Nathan had returned. Unlike Oliver he wasn't an a*****e and didn't insist on teasing Nathan about his rather small stature. He thought for a moment before he let out a light shrug. "Well I'm pretty sure I have practice Might get on the team. I'll have to give it a miss as for Olli. I think he is slightly busy by the look of it." He commented. Maybe Ziggy's spot was right next to the field so they could see how OH so amazing he was.
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Luciena Ophelia Valerie Ellis:
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So bow before me pawns

Lucy pretty much ignored everything that wasn't about her. This meant Alistair talking to Kizi. This also meant Kizi talking to Alistair about things that were not about Lucy. So it was pretty much blah blah blah 'I'm sporty and flirty' blah blah blah 'I'm Oliver's friends' blah blah blah. Yada yada. Soon he talked to her so she did pay attention. Heard him point out that it was a comrade only in good moods. She smiled "So quite rare?"

She had gotten the gist. Oliver seemed to be a moody b*****d. She truly wasn't a fan of his nor would be any time soon. Thus was grateful that Reese had laid claim. This meant that he wouldn't be in her hair and would probably be teased to death. If that. So win win. Alistair seemed to want two rather than one. She asked "Both? Well I suppose we could do this"

Then Kizi had decided that she didn't want to hang out with Lucy. which was fine, really. Luciena wasn't really fond of hanging out with her either. The other pointed out that she had her own sex appeal. True. She was quite sportsy. That did give her an advantage. Being so worked out. She decided "That's true, Kizi. You have your own version of sex appeal"

Soon Kiziri took her leave. Sure in the same ******** sarcastic way as she had come, but whatever. She figured that was just how the psorty girl was going to be. And as long as she didn't get in the blonds way, she had no real reason to fret or be overly annoyed. She gave a nod and should her away "I shall try..."

The Queen Bee soon saw Nathan arrive again. Well well well, couldn't stay away could he? And look, he brought Ziggy. Which was fine, since Lulu had no real issues with anybody unless they stepped on her toes. So unless Ziggy did something to infuriate Lu, she had to just deal that the girl existence. She gave a nod as she heard the other. Spoke about ditching on the first day of school. Well that seemed stupid. Ziggy knew a spot. Uh huh. A druggie spot. God her clothes would smell for days. She thought about it "Hmm, not sure. What type of spot? Because if all we are going to do is drugs I'd rather not have my clothes smell."

It was indeed meant as an insult to Ziggy. Just in case that was subtle. The blond looked as he asked if she was afraid of missing her first day of class. Like Lucy was a nerd. And ******** that. She was not a nerd. She was popular and beyond pretty. However if she stayed here...then she was a nerd by Nate's standards. If she left and left without Alistair that'd just be boring as ********. So decisions decisions. She was indeed glad that she didn't have to leave because Alistair was staying. She asked "I'm going to stay for Alistair. Rain Check?"

The blond moved her hand towards the other as a sign for him to take it while they 'toured' the school. She asked "So shall we Alistair?"
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Kate "Shock" Douglass
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Katherine heard the small purr that escaped him as he seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Which was good because it would work well towards her end goal. That and she just really loved the sound that he made. All she had to do was to get him excited. That was all she had to do. Which meant that she could tease him as much as she wanted. She lent forward and started to whisper a few rated X things that she was planning on doing later on.

She stopped for a moment as she felt him squirm and shiver. She loved how it felt, how he gasped. How he just seemed to be feeling everything. And taking it in. The brunette soon moved her hand from along his inner thigh to the area where she could gauge how excited he was. Which was pretty much as delicately as she could say it. She started to bite up the others neck, sucking a spot every now and then. She made it to his ear as she asked about her rated X ideas "Sounds like a good idea or did you really want to go to school today?"

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Dami was beginning to feel much much safer. that Snow girl was gone, thank god. And he was relatively safe for the time being. But where to go from here? Should he just go to class early? Save himself the trouble of finding someone else that might be horrible. Because he did see two girls that were in the hallway but at this point in time, he was pretty sure of one thing. Girls were evil. Very evil. And dangerous. So those were two things he didn't plan on being near. Now he should be able to find someone he knew around and about, right? so he text

To Rory And Addison
From Damien
Is anybody at school?
Because girls are evil.
What class do you two have?

He pressed SEND. He would have text other people but those two were not as threatening as most of the other boys at their school. yeah let's go down that list. We had Nathan who was terrifying. You wouldn't think it, since his name did have six letters, which should tell you that he's a good person. But he smoked and didn't seem to really be nice to Damien. We had then Alistair who, again, had eight letters but he terrified Damien. He also forced Damien to do his homework. Which he did in return of not getting beaten up. We had Oliver who although sharing his first name....was psychotic. Made him feel so scared that he actually made it a hobby to avoid the guy. That left us with a few people. But Ainsley had seven letters in his name which meant that he was most likely a cruel person. And Jericho was so insane that it was truly a miracle that he wasn't in an insane asylum. So what did that leave us with? Two people. Ta da. Math.

Where Am I Now? Hallway. Next to Locker 22B
Who Am I With?Myself, PJ
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                                                          Jericho let out a smirk as he watched Kate lightly biting his bottom lip as she told him the things she was going to do to him later. needless to say it sounded....Enjoyable. It certainly seemed like she was trying to push him andhe was eating it up, He always did he always loved Katherine's attention because she was unpredictable. One minute she could be kissing them the next throwing punches at him. Light bites on his neck he was pretty sure that she would leave a mark as she sucked on his skin, it didn't really bother him all that much she was just leaving her mark on him to show people he was hers.

                                                          "Sounds like a good idea or did you really want to go to school today?"

                                                          He thought for a moment a smirk forming across his features as he wiggled underneath her lightly tugging on his handcuffed wrists. "I think it would be amuising to do that stuff at school." he teased raising an eyebrow. He was pretty sure that Kate knew the school pretty well....Him on the other hand it would be his first day since the prank not that he really cared all that much about it. It wasn't like there were many who knew how to handle him. Besides he wasn't very loyal to either side there was only one person he was loyal too and that was Kate. I guess you could say Jericho was for hire. Whoever got there first.

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