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Kate "Shock" Douglass
Bad a** and staying that way

Katherine saw him shrug as he told her it was nothing. About how she shouldn't worry about it. Oh joy. So now he was telling her what she should and shouldn't be worried. The brunette did not like it when people said that. She looked at the other as she asked "Really? I shouldn't worry about it? Now you telling me what I should and shouldn't worry about?"

She felt him groan as she stayed on his chest. The heel made him moan. She was amused at him tugging at the bidings. God this was incredible. She was however waiting for the other's answer. He should be telling her what she wanted to know, but no. She heard him tell her that she was losing her touch. Oh really? She had lost her touch? Her? Kate growled "Wrong Answer!"

She dug her left heel deeper into his skin as she moved her other boot onto his face, squishing it a bit. She was thinking about what to do. She wanted to do something painful. But it had been awhile since he had been sooo...disobedient. So what did she use to do. She got off of him as she went under his bed and took out a box, that she had kept here for old times. The brunette took out her whip and went up onto the bed again as she actually whipped him, the lash on his chest as she asked "So care to tell me now? Or do I start making it hurt more than it feels good?"

The brunette smiled as she hadn't used it in a bit. She held the whip. The brunette liked being in control. She smiled "So, let's do this again. What were you thinking?"

Where the ******** am I?:Jericho's House
With Who? Who the ******** do you think?
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Narcissa Akiame Tolouse
The Passionate Artist

Narcissa heard that she could join him. Oh good, because she wanted to hang out with someone before school began. Plus she never had to set up or her class since she sort of went with the flow. Whatever anybody wanted, she did. So it changed depending on the people. She heard that it wasn't his first day here. Oh so he had been here for awhile? Gosh, she felt kind of bad. She hadn't talkted to him before. He soon spoke about...well, how long he had been here. She was really amazed that he knew down to the minute. She didn't. She had just been working for two years. She admitted "Then I am sorry I haven't said hello earlier. I've been here for two years. How rude of me to not bring you a welcome basket. I usually try to make muffins or cookies..do you forgive me?"

She just felt guilty that she hadn't known about it. The blond heard his name was Carrigan. She gave a nod. He was keeping himself amused. Oh well that sounded good. Fun. she heard the other ask about art. But he seemed to be doing all this work just to amuse himself. Wow. Aki would never have done that. Because why waste the time? She also was a social butterfly. Thus when she was alone she ended up getting really really bored. Thus wasn't quite sure what to say, since it seemed this fellow was a little itty bit anti social. She felt kind of awkward now. Anyway she shrugged "Oh well that's good that you are amused"

But what to talk about? Okay, so he seemed to be doing a lot of set up. That meant that she could ask about it. Science. She didn't know much about it. Honestly wasn't her scene. She got all confused and wasn't a science person. In college, she got a D+ and that was passing. So her and bio and even chemistry was not her thing. She just got really confused by everything. However it seemed like his thing. Well it had to be if he did it for his teaching career. Right? So that was a good thing to start with, conversation wise. She asked "So why did you choose science as your subject?"

That seemed like a nice question. She soon heard ask why she did art. What she got out of it. The blond did art for a lot of good reasons. The girl put a hand through her hair. She smiled as she explained getting happier and happier "Art is everything. It is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities. It can be anything, painting, film, photography, visual, music, theater, dance, literature. It is this skill and mastery that is everything that isn't a science. IT is just, beautiful. I love that to everyone, art is different. It is this living thing, it breathes and moves and changes. It is just, everything. I love that! I love that it just changes depending on the person .Have you ever tried learning about art before? Like have you taken an art class?"
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Oliver Damien Dickerson: Nerd
Fighting the O.D.D.'s And Surviving (Hopefully)

Oliver Damien Dickerson moved backwards, her back against the locker. Interesting. She soon heard about how she didn't want people to think she was evil. Well then she should be awful careful of how she spoke then. Of course not. The green-blue eyed girl and heard Snow. And her name was Nieve. Odd numbers. Which made him shiver. As he sort of wanted to hide. He heard that she was doing everything on purpose. The girl looked at the other and stated "So you are evil. Well if you don't start be nicer to everyone I'll tell someone"

There we go, Dami was being a bit braver. Go him go. It didn't last long he sort of wanted to run and hide like crazy. Because everything about her made her nervous. She soon spoke about a game. And it was clear...girls were ******** terrifying. Very very terrifying. He hoped that other girls were not as psycho and crazy. Because this chick was bat s**t crazy. He shivered as she said about a game. She thought this was a game. He asked "This is a game to you?"

She grinned and stated about her candy before she left. God she was evil. You had to realize this. He was wondering if all girls or just her. He slumped to the ground as he hugged his bear tightly against him. Okay so perhaps he should just hide somewhere. Maybe there was a good closet nearby? That'd be handy. He saw another girl coming to the hallway, she had brown hair. The other looked towards her as he wanted to say hello but at the same time was still getting better from his horribly cruel encounter of the insane kind. So he just stayed where he was, waiting for the bell so he could finally go to his class and hide there.

Where Am I Now? Hallway. Next to Locker 22B
Who Am I With?Myself, PJ but Stella is there too (just too afraid to talk to her)
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                                        xxxxx A pale figure laid still under the clear water, limbs swaying along to the movement of the meek waves. There was no sound at all, except for the distant voices echoing down the corridor of the house. Golden locks floated by her pale complexion, and her sapphire eyes were pursed closed. She had been resting in the tub for more than an hour now, for she was an early bird and rose early, and the water grew colder and colder every minute wasted here. But it did not matter. Nothing would, in fact, matter for silence dominated the bathroom. Of course, except when finally it was fractured by loud, impatient knocks on the door, "Mia! Hurry up, will you?" her brother's faint voice reached her ear, causing her to sit up, little droplets racing down her face. She gasped for air and, once calmed, hopped out of the tub urgently and wrapped a pale lavender towel around her thin silhouette. She stretched out an arm to unlock the door, and spun to face the mirror, her gestures precise and graceful. The door opened almost at once, and in came her older brother, flashing her a cheerful smile as he walked hither to pick up his toothbrush. With soaked curls framing her pretty face, she repeated his movements and once done, they both separated to go into their rooms to dress up. She slipped on a sweater, followed by a long skirt. Soon, Amelia Crawley was ready.

                                        xxxxx Amelia and her brother, after their parents' death in a fire that destroyed their entire house, have lived with their grandmother Tilly for a few years now. They moved across the globe, from one corner to another as if criminals being tracked down. Their family, originated from the outskirts of London, had never really taken the opportunity of simply settling down in one place. Surprisingly, it did not trouble them as much. In fact, they love traveling, and collect memories from every place they're ever been to. With no doubt, the accents and habits streamed through all the generals, but every new one was accepted with warmth. Amelia could not remember the exact particles of her girlhood. She could only recall the love she had for her mother, and their affection towards one another, but it was only at the age of twelve that she was told it was all over. She could also recall that her brother grieved longer than she did, but he said that he knew her longer. Eleven minutes longer. What's the difference? Tilly was a cool grandmother, or at least in their opinion. She was wiccan, and unlike other 'proper' persons of the third age, she was rather carefree and, of course, kind. They loved Tilly. Tilly loved them.

                                        xxxxx So, Amelia was ready. She was, nonetheless, resentful about going to school today. She liked school, truly, despite her results, but the fact that the boys from the neighboring school had to study and walk upon their territory was, simply put, outrageous. Unlike her brother, who was always amazed by new ideas and lifestyles, she could not bear the thought of them having to lurk around and use this situation as an opportunity to make fools out of them. But she would not give up, or at least not just yet. She knew what to expect though. Ridiculous attempts to get her in bed, jokes, taunts, jeers, pranks, and the list continues on and on. But she was ready, and willing to combat back, no matter what the price. If she'd get expelled, they'd move again. That happened whenever one of the Crawley twins got expelled. But Tilly was not as energetic as she was before - traveling has become now a chore she must accomplish to keep the children happy. Climbing down the stairs, Amelia pushed aside the beaded curtains leading to the kitchen and grabbed a little bottle of water. After planting a kiss on Tilly's cheek, she went outside, mounted her bike and off to school she went.

                                        xxxxx What would I be in my following life? Would I be a bird, free from my bounds? Or perhaps a fish, roaming happily in the water? And if i wonder about my next lives, why not my previous ones? Surely I must've been someone - something - grand, brilliant, lovely. Maybe a nurse. Yes, a nurse, that's it. I'll ask Tilly when I come back. She must know.

                                        xxxxx Finally, she arrived at school. After parking up in the special area for the bicycles, Amelia tossed her bag over her shoulder and walked into the building, her brows furrowed into a frustrated frown as the loud noises reached her ears. Boys, of course. She rolled her blue eyes in annoyance and silently made her way to her locker. She glanced around and opened it with a little nudge, her actions soon followed by the taking out of books. Once she closed it, she turned around and just in time, a heavy man fell upon the pile she was struggling to carry, and they fell down, making a sound. With an opened mouth, it took her only a few seconds to realize what actually happened. She attempted to catch with her glare the person who did this, but it was far too late now. The silhouette was entangled within other shadows that insisted on pushing their way through the halls. Kneeling down and picking everything up, Amelia sank her teeth into her bottom lip and made a few steps back until her back hit her locker, trying to avoid being elbowed by the rest of the students rushing past her, "Twats."

                                        ooc ;; i know, i know. pure s**t // free for interaction.

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·.¸¸. ·´¯ .¸¸.•´¯`•.•`·.¸¤•´¯`•¤·.¸•.•´¯`•.¸¸.¯`· .¸¸.

                                        Nathan sighed as he stayed still for a moment taking in the women's scent and waiting for a slap or something, he pulled away quickly and covered his face trying to hide the blush that was on his face hearing the women's comment of just asking if he wanted to play with them."W-what are you crazy or something."He said looking at the women for a moment before fixing his hair and walking over and grabbing his piece of paper mumbling a couple of cuss words at it for getting him in this situation right now, looking around he could see some of the girls whispering already and the male just wanted to cry he didn't want to be marked as a pervert just yet. Walking back over to the girl the male cleared his throat to resort back to himself even if he had just been in-between the girls boobs, waiting for the girl to finish he put his hands into his pocket."Nice to meet you Zee names Nathan but you can call me Nate."He said looking at the ground not wanting to look at the girls boobs again or anything.

                                        But the male turned to see the group forming around Oliver's car it seemed he was already becoming so popular with the girls he just hoped his friend didn't flip out. But after just a couple minutes of saying that the male heard music blasting from over in the group, so Oliver had gotten irritated and was now blasting music to drown out everyone how sad he was at his limit. Turning back to Ziggy he smiled."Those girls over there are pretty crazy huh,poor Ollie."He said frowning a little he knew he would be ok since Al was there so if anything happened Al would stop him and call him for back up if he needed it, looking at his schedule again the male frowned he had science first the class he really didn't care for so he was probably going to skip it and look around."Hey you know this school like the back of you hand right, well wheres the chill spot at?"He said hoping the girl knew what he meant, at there old school they had the gyms extra room where everyone just stayed and chilled skipping all the classes they wanted to but of course keeping the room from teachers wasn't all that hard.

                                        They seemed to give up after them missing it three times in a row but of course with people of their high standards they just paid there way to an A he wondered if they could do that here or did they really have to work for it either way school wasn't looking so promising for him.

                                        Out Of Condoms:Complete crap! :[

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                                                          "Really? I shouldn't worry about it? Now you telling me what I should and shouldn't worry about?"

                                                          Jericho at this point was finding it rather hard to breath as she stood on him. She seemed to look like she was enjoying this.

                                                          "Wrong Answer!"

                                                          The dark haired male winced in pain as he felt her heel dig deeper into his chest one of her heeled boots moving to rest on his face she stood there for a while. She seemed to get another idea though getting off of him and going under his bed. She was going for that wasn't she. He flinched slightly as she took her whip out. He had to admit she looked damn sexy with it in her hand lightly he bit his bottom lip before she whipped him across his chest the shot leaving a light red mark prompting a cry in pain.

                                                          "So care to tell me now? Or do I start making it hurt more than it feels good?"

                                                          "So, let's do this again. What were you thinking?"

                                                          He tugged on his binds once again his eyes trailing towards her "Maybe you could throw the coffee on yourself." he said with a smirk. Oh she was going to kill him.....She was going to totally destroy him.
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                                                        - - - - - - - - - - ❤ ♥ ❤ - - - - - - - - - -
                                                        I want to see all of the things that we've already seen
                                                        The lairy girls hung out the window of the limousine
                                                        And of course its fancy dress
                                                        And they're all looking quite full on
                                                        In bunny ears and devil horns in hell.

                                                        - - - - - - - - - - ❤ ♥ ❤ - - - - - - - - - -

                                                        Rory had managed to get a majority of the way past Oliver's car before jumping slightly as the sidden blasting of music. His head turning to see....Lucy's mouth mothing although he couldn't hear what she was saying due to the music. Okay who else would it be besides Oliver. He was a bad tempered a*****e. Letting out a small sigh as he made his way towards the school building and inside toward his locker...Or at least he went searching for his locker. Rory hated being lost and usually his comfort was his locker.

                                                        At least he was away from the group which he was sure he would pay for later.

                                                        Alistair on the other hand was quite enjoy the view he was getting from the three girls on the other side of Oliver's car and took it upon himself to walk around lightly shaking his head as Oliver's motion. At least he would be getting a better view of the three women this way lightly he leaned against the side of Oliver's car pretty sure they could comminucate with Actions rather than words.

                                                        ((OOC: Sucky Sucky post so I guessed I would just Fuse Rory and Alistairs posts together.))
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                                Reese had moved to stand between the other two females. It seemed from what Lucy was saying that the boy really didn’t get it. Silly boys always thinking that they had some kind of say so. Sorry darlings, not here. This was their school and she was not going to let some classless males over run it. She rolled her eyes at the two boys. Yeah they drove some pretty nice cars and that was kind of hot but they were beneath her no matter what they drove or where they were from. They seemed like they were probably the rich kids at their school but here none of that mattered. At least to Reese it didn’t. Here they were the lowest of the low in her books. She watched as Lucy grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote her name on the parking space. This earned a sort laugh from the redheaded female. That was a pretty slick move.

                                Then Lucy spoke to her. She raised a brow at the blonde as she explained that she had been nice to begin with but that the boy, Oliver apparently, was not getting it. She didn’t really believe Lucy had been nice about it but she supposed since the car didn’t have key marks or anything that for Lucy standards she was being rather nice. Lucy then asked how her morning had been so far. “Well, we’ll deal with little Ollipop soon enough. And my morning has been practically delightful,” she responded to the female. Then Lucy turned and spoke to a male that seemed to be trying to slink past them. Oliver began speaking again and everything that came out of his mouth was probably meant to be insulting. Reese basically ignored him. Though pretty much as soon as Lucy began talking the boy in the car cranked up his music to the point that Reese missed what Lucy said to the kid entirely.

                                Now that was just rude. Who did he think he was? Reese would not allow for the disrespect. She moved towards the male now, sliding into the car and onto the boys lap. Leaning over she hit the power button on the stereo to silence the music. “Really now, you shouldn’t be so rude,” she said to the boy. “Don’t worry Lucy darling. I’ll take care of the problem,” as she said this she pulled her legs into the car and stuck them between his on the floor boards so that she could reach the pedals. If he wasn’t going to move the car she would. She pulled the door shut and reached down to move the seat forward. He was now pinned under her. She turned the car on and proceeded to pull out of the parking space. She was careful not to hit anyone as she moved the car a few parking spaces farther down.

                                She parked and shut the car off. She leaned back then and turned her head so that she was right in his ear. Her breath was warm against him. “Thanks for moving your car,” she said in a low whisper. “What a good boy you are, listening so well.” Still in that whisper but her tone was like one would use when praising a puppy. That was pretty much how she saw the boy. A pet, and now he was hers. She decided to tell him so. “And sweetie, now you are mine.” And whether he liked it or not he was. She had laid claim, which in their world meant he was her responsibility but also that he was off limits unless she gave permission. This would save him a bit of grief from others but Reese was going to make it her duty to make the kid’s life a living hell. Though from his attitude she thought he might actually enjoy himself.

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                                Ziggy giggled a little to herself as she watched the boy seem to be a little shy about the situation. It wasn’t like he had dove into her chest on purpose, so she could understand how he might be embarrassed. Though she didn’t really mind at all. It wasn’t the first time that someone had run into her or touched her chest without warning. She had been to quite a few crazy parties. He then asked if she was crazy. Yeah probably a little but that wasn’t so bad was it? She decided to let him know. “Yeah I guess you could say I am a little crazy.” With that she shrugged a bit. She watched as he ran his fingers through his hair before going over to pick up the piece of paper that had caused the incident. She heard him curse lightly under his breath.

                                A smile was on her red lips when the boy came back to her and gave his name. Nathan, but she could call him Nate. She liked that name. He made a comment about the girls being crazy. She looked over at them and noticed that Reese had joined the party and was now moving the boy’s car herself. Without moving the boy out of it first. That was completely and utterly just like Reese to do. She shook her head lightly and returned her attention to the male in front of her. “Yeah, they are crazy too. But we are totally different kinds of crazy I promise.” She laughed a little at her own comment. It was the truth though. Ziggy considered herself the “good” kind of crazy. She watched him look over his schedule and a look of what she would call disappointment.

                                She assumed that look was because he was not pleased with the class he had for first period. She leaned forward a bit to see what it was. Science. That was her first period as well. He asked then where the “chill spot” was. Yes, that was definitely somewhere she knew how to get to. Though at their school it was actually an alley a couple of blocks away. In the alley there was a little shack that the girls hung out in sometimes. It was fairly well kept inside, given that it was girls that took care of it. There was a really comfortable couch in the shack and a matching love seat. One of the more rich girls had put them in there once. She gave a short nod. “Yeah, it’s just down the street a bit,” she said in response. “Want me to take you there?”

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Kate "Shock" Douglass
Bad a** and staying that way

Katherine had seen his inability to breathe. It was oh so hard and that was fantastic. Who knows maybe she'd see him gasp for air. But alas this did not happen. She did love how he winced and squirmed. She bit her lip lightly, because she was just getting extremely turned on right now. Him flinching. Him crying in a bit of pain. God, if it wasn't her mission to make him cry in pain she would have done something ... well, i'm sure we all have our imaginations.

She held onto her whip ready to hit him again if he didn't answer her question. Sure she could use this to sort of tease him but the curiousity was killing her and if she didn't get her way, her curiousity would be killing him too. She saw him tug on the binds as he finally told her what he was thinking. And it was...going to be the last thing he ever said. Katherine felt herself becoming extremely angry at this. She smiled "Although I'm sure you'd love to see me wet, hot coffee isn't really the direction we should go with. Don't you agree?"

The brunette gave an enraged growl as she whipped him about four times, not even caring where it landed. She stopped though as an idea came into her head. She breathed in and out and tried to feel less angry. Okay, she had to calm down. If she killed her boyfriend...let's be honest, she wasn't going to get another. There wasn't any other guy that could keep up. However, today seemed to be Jericho's stupid day. She couldn't punish him for one stupid day. She smiled "Now Jericho, I believe you owe me an apology. Don't you?"

She slid back down so she was on his waist. She put her whip to one side as she traced her fingers across the light red marks. She admitted "Sometimes I feel like you do this on purpose, you know? Like you want me to kill you."

Where the ******** am I?:Jericho's House
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If we have no secrets from each other insanity will consume us. We will wish some things were more hidden. After all, what’s more transparent than invisible?

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                                                  Nathan got tired with the talking and nagging so he walked away, he crashed into someones chest. That druggie chick, Ziggy. Well she didn't have much of a chest, but boobs are boobs just like mine. Never really talked to her before. Not that I wanted to. I didn't really pay much attention to them seeing as this other boy, Alistair,was checking me out. His eyes lingered over my body, examining rather obviously the slim and tight figure. He smiled. Yea I know I'm not as classically beautiful as lulu. With her long hair, perfect make up, super feminine aura and fancy clothes. But, I had my own charm. My own sexy appeal and my won charm. The Asian-ish male called Oliver made quite the smart comment to Reese's suggestion. I could just picture a tow-truck pulling her across the street. What a hilarious thought.

                                                  Lucy, like always, was living in her own little bubble. Convincing her self that my sarcastic outbursts were mere jealousy of all her godlike qualities. As if. Then again. I suppose that way of thinking kept her face from getting smashed against someones fist. She simply brushed it off. It was annoying yes, but I was used to it. Oliver on the other hand seemed to be fed up with her nagging. Especially after she drew her name with chalk on the spot. Had she actually just done that? Yup. Very lulu like. This caused Oliver to slide back into his car and blast the music.

                                                  Lucy had made me loose my time, now I couldn't even go for my morning jog. Might as well make someone in this place have a decent morning right/ These guys had to put up with Lady lu and Reeces pieces over there after all. They certainly weren't going to cut them any slack, so I will. I started walking towards the car, stopping in front of Alistair as I took out my water bottle.

                                                  "Don't waist your breath expecting her to show you around, it's far too much work for some one of...her ranking. I on the other had don't mind giving you a thorough tour of anything you like cutie. By the way, welcome to the school. We aren't all as...annoying as we seem. " She winked at him and shot him a playful smile. Then she walked a bit closer to the chalked letters Lucy had drawn. She had opened the water bottle and spilled half the contents on the letters. They dissolved in seconds as if they had never existed.

                                                  "Whoops. My bad. I think his car looks much better in this spot anyhow. Besides, Lu just isn't familiar with the "First come, first served" thing. She is more of a "I get what I want when I get here because I'm me." type person. " She said it to Oliver, who had moved close enough to hear her through the music. Since her actions seemed to catch his attention. She then took a sip of the water and put the bottle away, she had gotten bored of her usual routine as well. She wouldn't get to see his reaction or response though. Why? Because Reese practically ran her over when she passed by her. Kiz skipped rather quickly to the side to get out of her way, god only knows how painful it is to be stepped on by high heels. She landed in Alistair's arms. He was more in shape than he looked. Reese had gotten in the car, on top of Oliver and moved the car out of the parking spot herself.

                                                  "Sorry, High heeled freight train. Now, I don't know your friend but, I'm guessing that Reese just did something pretty stupid by getting in that car. " She said while still in his hold, she looked towards the car, un sure of how this new boy would react to the girls bold move.

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                                                  Annihilation will be unavoidable
                                                  Every broken enemy will know
                                                  That their opponent had to be invincible
                                                  Take a last look around while you're alive
                                                  I'm an indestructible master of war.

                                                  "Whoops. My bad. I think his car looks much better in this spot anyhow. Besides, Lu just isn't familiar with the "First come, first served" thing. She is more of a "I get what I want when I get here because I'm me." type person. "

                                                  The look on Reese face it was obvious she didn't like the way he was talking to them she didn't like what he was doing not in the slightest. OLiver couldn't help but smirk slightly he was well known for being slightly ignorant if he didn't like something he would say so if he thought something was stupid he would say so which he was about to do. He let out a light shrug. "It really means that much to you doesn't it?" He questioned raising an eyebrow This little tiny square of land. It was highly amusing for him. Maybe he would have to be a little childish, spraypaint his name across it so he could call it his. That sounded like a fantastic idea. He let out a light shrug He had guess what Kizzira had mentioned pretty much the moment she had said it although she was on the same wavelength os him tipping the water onto the writing that Lucy had written with the chalk. Bye Bye "Luciena - Queen Bee."

                                                  It wasn't too long before the ginger woman was first to move closing in and placing herself on his lap. The dark haired male lightly licked his lips. Oh so he was going to be getting a nice feel of her so easy. Wasn't he lucky. She had then turned his sterio forr. She could have at least turned it down a little so he could still hear it...It was a damn good song. He was feeling slightly playful now since there was a little contact or at least a little more from the little hottie.

                                                  “Really now, you shouldn’t be so rude,”

                                                  “Don’t worry Lucy darling. I’ll take care of the problem,”

                                                  Hmmm so he was a problem to be solved? Now that was rude. Oh well he guessed he would humour her. "Oh I'm sorry darlin'." he replied as he let his arms coil around her slender waist as she positioned her legs inbetween his He guessed she was taking his offer with a little bit of a twist keeping him in the drivers seat as well. She moved the seat forward slightly so he couldn't move all that much since her thighs would just press up against the steering wheel if he tried to get her off not that he really wanted to at the moment. "Rude? Well how can I make it up to you?" he questioned lightly wiggling underneath her to get a little more comfortable in his seat since he guessed that Reese would be here for a while. He let his hands rest on her hips as he leaned towards her just a little the cold metal of his lip ring leaning a small cold trail across her pale shoulder as he took in her scent.

                                                  It wasn't long before she had parked up in a different space and well she leaned back which in turn pushed him back pinning his back to the car seat as her back laid comfortablely on his chest. He felt Reese's warm breath bathing his neck since she had turned her head to face him lightly the dark haired asian bit his bottom lip slightly closing his eyes. It was hard to deny she was turning him on. a small purr escaping from the back of his throat as she whispered into his ear.

                                                  “Thanks for moving your car,”

                                                  "What a good boy you are, listening so well.”

                                                  Her tone was quickly replace by another tone though even if it was still in a whisper. Was she talking to him like he was a puppy? Oliver lightly shook his head. "Well I didn't really do anything. If you hadn't moved it yourself it was going to stay there. I mean I could have like pushed you back out of my car if I wanted to." he replied the way she was sitting since she was still sitting in the same spot making something below her slowly raise.

                                                  “And sweetie, now you are mine.”

                                                  He was hers? Well well wasn't she quick to identify something that she wanted. He couldn't help but smirk. "Oh babe are you sure you can handle me?" he questioned only his fingertips slipping down from her hips past her skirt until he could feel the bare skin on her thighs. his palms slowly dropping down to connect with her skin as his hand coiled around to lightly caress the outside of her thighs. "Besides I don't think I even got your name."

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Luciena Ophelia Valerie Ellis:
The Queen of Hearts Who Deserves All Your L.O.V.E
So bow before me pawns

Luciena heard Olive'rs idea. But she also noticed him checking Reese out. Well good for him. Because she sure as ******** didn't want him. The blond looked towards the other as she heard his, idea. His little suggestion. She of course wasn't going to get angry. It was just a boy being crude and having no sense of etiquette. She looked towards him as she told him "Interesting, because I don't remember asking for your suggestions"

She heard the other talk about how it wasn't there when he came to her school. Yeah she didn't give a s**t aobut that. He heard him give her permission. Oh now that was a way better answer. She smiled, as she took the phone and was about to talk on it when Oli turned the stereo. She ended the call. The girl gave a small breathe in and out. Count to three and all that stuff. She saw him cup his ear to state he didn't understand. Rory also seemed to be hiding. Well she'd meet up with him later. She decided "Really? Isn't that a little bit childish?"

Her attention went to Alistair as he just pretty much watched them, like a pervert. Her attention went to Reese. She had to say that she really loved this girl. She always knew how to take control of things like this. And so she was grateful that she had showed up. She heard that they'd deal with Ollipop soon enough. The nickname gave a chuckle from the blond, she liked that. She listened about how her morning had been delightful. She asked "Are you excited at the aspect of this being a co ed school, Reese?"

Reese was nice enough to turn the music down as she had been even kind enough to move the car. She saw her get into the car and she drove it off. See, Reese got it. And was just...way better at this. Lucy was just going to keep threaten to tow it till it was moved. But Reese was a take charge type of individual. It made her happy. She called out "Thank you Reese darling! I appreciate it"

Kizira wiped the chalk off the ground. Oh joy. As the other told him to not waste her breathe. Yeah. Well wait she was going to. Her attention went to Alistair as she first looked to Kizi then Alistair, telling them "Oh don't be so rash. I would love to show you around, since you seem way nicer than your comrade"

She would have been upset about the chalk being gone but...it didn't matter since she could move her car. Lucy heard Kizira talk about her, being a self serving person. Well of course. She was amazing, she was a goddess that had blessed this school with her presence. You are either in line or out of it. She shrugged, since it was all true. So no need to be all upset about that one. She went to her own car and got in, she backed it up and drove down to where her spot was. She then parked her car in her spot.

She got out of her car and felt, way way better. She got out as she put the keys into her bag. She walked to where Kizira and Alistair was. Kizi who seemed to have thrown herself into his arms like a desperate girl, and Alistair who seemed unsure of what to do with it. She looked at the two as she asked "Well Alistair, would you like me to stay around or are you just peachy with Kizira here?For if you want, I could give you a tour...but that's only if you want to know where all the intimate places are."
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Dr. Carrigan Blakely
Quirky Science Teacher


Carrigan had picked up many traits from being a doctor, and also from learning about science. One of these was observation skills. The male teacher noticed the change in her facial features as he'd been able to list of the exact amount of time he'd been a teacher at the school. Couldn't everybody do that? Oh well, he remembered that in particular as he'd gotten a phone call (which, in itself, was an incredibly rare thing to happen) and it happened to be from the principal, sounding all panicky as if it had been some sort of emergancy, remembering that he'd hoped it wouldn't been another of those calls where people expected you to be able to diagnose them over the phone. Thankfully, it hadn't. It had been more of a 'one of my teachers has suddenly left, and I have no cover for science - please step in! Just until I find a replacement, I promise! I'll only need you for... I don't know, two weeks? A month, tops!' It had been such a drag, Carrigan being positive that he'd hate it. Apparently not, as he was still here, even though he did pretend he disliked the job.

You have to be kidding me. And people say that I'M weird. The science teacher thought, as the blonde teacher started to babble about not completing the introductory phase earlier, and how rude she must seem. Yet, he didn't see that at all, completely unsure of how respond to her asking for forgiveness. "Well, no I don't forgive you - I don't need to. You haven't done anything in need of forgiveness." Carrigan said, as he she appeared to feel rather bad about not even realising his existance. To be honest, he was fine with that. Especially since he didn't really notice her existance either - it hadn't been necessary.

In fact, why did she finally notice his existance today? Well, that answer seemed obvious. "You're here because you're bored, aren't you?" Carrigan questioned, fairly confident that he knew the answer. Oh, he was not holding back today, was he? "Boredom is underrated - don't knock boredom." the teacher declared. "It's a very good friend of mine..." he'd added in a murmur. But, an even better enemy.

If she hadn't gathered by now that he wasn't the most sociable person in the world, then there must be something wrong with her. He wasn't exactly helping himself with the whole 'all science teachers are mad' sort of generalisation, but who cared? He wasn't here to prove, or disprove, a point - he was here to teach, and teach he shall. Even if it begins with teaching the teacher.

To be honest, though, it seemed like she was the one teaching him with her answer of art. He'd always been aware that it was a very subjective sort of thing, but the way she described it... Wow. The best thing is, her answer is rather similar to what his view on science is.

"Sort of a similar thing - only... science really is everything. Everything around you is made up of these tiny little atoms, which you can't even see. It's... useful, it's practical... it's got so much potential - saving lives, ending world hunger, making things more efficient for the future generations." Carrigan paused, the passion seriously coming out within his voice, unable to control the movement of his hands and arms, maximising the effect of his words, and he didn't want to stop talking, convincing her of how incredible science was - so many thoughts of why it was so incredible filling his mind, and being aware that these thoughts and ideas wouldn't be there for long, he was trying to pick out the best bits. "Even relating it to what you like about art, without science, there would be no art - like... you wouldn't be able to draw, or paint, or... dance without movement, and that? it's science - the messages to the brain, telling you to pick up the pencil, the..." he trailed off, having been about to go on, but unsure of where her knowledge of the subject was, it was probably for the best incase he confused her.

"But the best thing about science?" Carrigan said, making sure his hands remained firmly in his pockets. "Other than it's ability to continually blow you away time after time, is... it's ability to give people hope." he said, looking back at the woman. Even if she hadn't been able to keep up with his explanation from a few seconds ago, when he'd been aware of just how fast he'd been speaking and how excitable he sounded, he was speaking at a more normal pace now so she should be able to understand. "For example, have you heard much about nanotechnology?" the man asked, continuing anyways. "Well, basically what scientists are currently working on is creating these tiny little robots which people can take inside a pill, and once inside of the body, these little nanobots go around, killing cancer cells. Can you imagine how it must feel to be told this if you're at risk of developing cancer in the future, or if someone who has cancer, is told about this when it's close to being fully-developed?" Of course, the description of how it worked had seriously be dumbed down so that any idiot could understand, just in case. Yet the point still stood.

Still, it was probably for the best that he stopped there, talking about science before he got carried away. Instead, it was probably for the best if the subject was changed for now. Hadn't she asked a question? Carrigan tried to remember what it was, before eventually managing to remember. "No, I've not done art before - I've always been lead to believe that it's a useless subject for those who are simply not academically minded enough to succeed in other subjects." Carrigan explained with a shrug. Still, he had no intention of making enemies by trying to make her subject and herself sound useless. "But... Obviously myself, and those who led me to believe that, were wrong. And for that, I apologise - I should know better than to pre-judge and listen to such people."

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                                When the orange haired girl looked up at him with those sad eyes it nearly broke his heart. She was clearly not okay. At first he worried that maybe he had hurt her when he had tripped over her leg. Her eyes were such a perfect shade of blue and he was a little lost in them. That color was stunning and he wished he had a camera to capture their beauty. But then that would probably be seen as rude to just snap a picture of someone he didn’t know. It didn’t matter though, because at the moment he was without a camera. A sweet stoned smile pulled at the corner of the male’s lips. She was very small and somewhat childlike but none the less very beautiful. These thoughts swarmed through the boy’s mind as he took her in.

                                She reached out towards him then. Her fingertips came in contact with his hands that were rested on his knees. Her touch was a little surprising to the male but he just smiled down at the girl. When she spoke he listened intently. She was hungry. That was why she was so upset? This confused him a little but he figured maybe she had some kind of illness where she had to eat or she got sick. He remembered hearing about something like that before. If that was the case it was no good. The poor thing, stranded in the hall and starving. She asked him to carry her to the cafeteria in a sweet innocent voice that gave him chills. “Pretty please?” she had added at the end.

                                How could he say no to that? Not that he really could have said no if she had said it any other way. He was captivated by the female. Her beautiful blue eyes and that strange orange hair. He wondered then how she got her hair to even be that color. He thought maybe later he could ask her but at the moment there were more pressing matters. Like getting this girl some food. “Hey, don’t worry. I’ll get you there,” he said in that sweet mellow tone as he brushed some hair out of her face to behind her ear. He scooped her up like a groom carries his bride and headed in the direction that Ziggy had told him to go.

                                It wasn’t long before the made it to the big doors that Ziggy had mentioned in her directions. He pushed them open with his foot and went in, being careful not to bump her into it as he went. When they were inside he took her to the closest table and set her gently in a chair. “Alrighty, here we are. What do you need me to get you sweetheart? Some fruit or something?” he asked looking down at her in the chair. She looked so tiny and fragile. Her pale skin making her look almost like a porcelain doll. He had pleanty of money in his wallet for whatever it was that the girl needed to feel better. He hated to see anyone suffer. Especially someone as beautiful as this girl.

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