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Table Of Contents:
1. Story
2. Rules
3. What Beings Are Allowed
4. Accepted Students and Profile Skeleton.
5. School Status (Weather, etc.) And News.


Stanley S. Charles is an immortal sorcerer. He developed the school in order to protect and educate other beings like him. His school was founded in the mid 1800s and started with one young girl and one young boy that would attend his house and learn from him each year. He educated beings in order to restore peace and goodness to the world. The school is very strict in it's teaching methods because Mr. Charles loves his children and wants them to learn the very best they can. He strives for each student to be an excellent being and fight for good. This year he has reopened his academy and hopes that new students pour in. But lately, not all his students have been good this year.

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Like every great academy, this one requires rules. So Writers; make sure your characters are briefed of the rules.

1. No Godmodding
2. Please keep it PG-13
3. Romance, Action, and Violence is encouraged.
4. Put dramallama on top of your profile if you read this far.
5. When taking a big step in the story such as killing or fatally injuring another's character, please talk and agree with them first.
6. Post as much as you can but no text talk. I understand writers block as it happens to me all the time. Write what you can and be sure the other roleplayer can respond.
7. mrgreen Put this on your profile if you finished the rules.

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These Beings Are Accepted Into our Outstanding Academy:
-Witches (Includes any being to do with magic)
-Zombies (Don't eat the others please)
-Undeads or Immortals
-Mermaids or Mermen

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My name is _____________
I am ____________ (this one for immortals only! -> ) but people think I am _______________
I would like to join as a (teacher) (student)
My friends would describe me as (personality):
I belong to the race of_____
So, before I came to this school ___(bio)
Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)


Panic With Vanity
My name is Stanley S. Charles
I am 1030 but people think I am 75
My friends would describe me as (personality):
- kind

So, before I came to this school, I founded this school in the mid 1800s to help unnatural beings find their hidden talents to excel and be a force of good.

Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)
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My name is Azrea Knight
I am 15
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):

I belong to the race of:Pixies
So, before I came to this schoolI was living with my pixie family. They didn't really like me. They said I was too good or too happy to be a pixie. You see, pixies are supposed to cause mischief and be mean. I don't want to be like that. The pixies didn't like me and no faeries seem to like me. I hope this school is the right choice to be accepted.
Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)
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Username: Amber_Lee_Sweet
My name is Shilo Sweet
I am 17
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
-hopeless romantic
-athletic both land and water
- Naive
I belong to the race of mermaids
So, before I came to this school: Before she started coming to the school she was an outcast shunned for liking the water so much. Another reason she was an outcast was because she lived like Rapunzel her parents never let her out of her room unless it was for school A drunken man is easily able to get her to follow him into his home she is that Naive. She could never stop thinking about boys, she day dreams about them all the time. When someone talks to her she gets scared of them just by how they look. She is still Naive cause she just starting to go to that school for the first time today.
Here's how people see me as User Image


Username: The Magnate
My name is Marshall Gailan
I am 334 but people think I am 29
I would like to join as a teacher
My friends would describe me as:

I belong to the race of Earth Elementals
So, before I came to this school I traveled the world maintaining and protecting the flow of energy along the planet's leylines. During my journey I visited many strange places and met many people, both good and evil, beautiful and strange, mortal and immortal. As an Elemental guardian I honed my fighting skills as well as my spiritual powers, becoming well versed in both physical and magical combat.
Here's how people see me as:
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Username: EnchiTanaka
My name is: Dezmond Hallowell
I am: 16
I would like to join as a: Student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
- Funny
- Confident
- Gorgeous
- Strong
- Loyal
I belong to the race of: Witches
So, before I came to this school: Born into one of the most prestigious Wiccan Families since the 1800's, Dezmond is the first male born Witch in his family line. Surrounded by witches he has a strong urge to prove his masculinity. Sadly his parents hoped for another daughter to inherit the family powers. Dezmond was born with a gift for magick, the energies have always favored him allowing him to excel past his siblings in his young age. Hence his parents decided to send him to the school to sharpen his abilities even more. Personally he believes it was to be rid of him from the household.
Here's how people see me as: User Image

Username: Halin_Princess
My name is Kathleen Everheart
I am 21
I would like to join as a teacher
My friends would describe me as:
I belong to the race of telepath
So, before I came to this school I attended one similar. My increased intelligence made it easy to graduate 3 years early. Although my powers are useful I rarely speak of them. I prefer to excel on my own abilities. My telepathy allows me to hear others thoughts, whether I wish to or not. I teach now at this school teaching defense. I also teach the art of fighting to a select group each year after school hours.
Here's how people see me as
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My name is Trigger Maxis
I am seventeen
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
- Playful
- Outgoing
- Sporty
- kind
- Witty
I belong to the race of Shape Shifter
So, before I came to this school ___Trigger is the youngest child of his family. Coming from a noble family of shapeshifters you would figure him to be uptight, focused, and serious all the time, but being the last of six children has its advantages. He grew up like any normal child because he was so far out in he line of succession. Normally his family would go to a nable private academy but he has decieded to explore the world with his freedom.
Here's how people see me as:
User Image


mrgreen dramallama

My name is Silver Olivand
I am 945 but people think I am 24
I would like to join as a teacher
My friends would describe me as:
- self contained
- observant
I belong to the race of elves
So, before I came to this school: Silver was roaming around learning different things such as fighting, culture and just observing changes in the world. She never stayed in one place long and only recently was sought out to teach at this school. She is a bit hesitant to trust people with things about herself. She is completely oblivious when people like her.
Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)User Image

]Username :Crusnik Priest
My name is Jor Magand
I am 18
I would like to join as a Student
My friends would describe me as:
I belong to the race of Horned Red Naga
So, before I came to this school: Jor was one of the privileged few naga that was born to the red species of naga, however there was one problem for the prestigious family, he actually grew stony horns and spines as he grew older. Virtually unheard of this made him an outcast even amoungst the rare and few. Thus he was immediately sent off to live by himself in the wilderness. His mother's concern however is the only reason why he got a letter to come to the school to learn how to hone his magical abilities and the rare strength that came from bloodline and perhaps learn the reason why he was growing horns.
Here's how people see me as User Image

My name is Acheron
I am 17 but I look like I am 21
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
- Distrustful of others that are males.
- Kind to females
- Loyal to those he cares about
- stubborn
I belong to the race of centaurs
So, before I came to this school: Acheron's mother and new stepfather forced him to go to this school so that he would be out of the way. Acheron doesn't like males around his mother as she always gets into abusive relationships and he is always the one protecting her. This makes it so that he doesn't trust males whether they be teachers or older students. He is fine with guys of his age. He respects women and is kind to them. Acheron can change his lower half to be fully human in appearance at will. . His tattoos are markings of passage after going through the transition of puberty.
Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)User ImageUser Image

Username razz anicWithVanity
My name is Timothy and Asmaralda (Mara) Charles (Stanley's twin great grandchildren)
We are 120 but people think we are 16
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
We belong to the race of witches
So, before we came to this school we've actually lived with our greatgrandfather our whole lives. We've only attended this school before. Timothy: And I've learned the rules and will abide by them and learn what I can. Mara: I tend to break the rules and follow my own path.
Here's how people see me as (if there are multiple forms, post them all. pics)
User Image
User Image

smilies/dramallama.gif smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif
Username: Kiwani_Fire_Demon
My name is Jai'theia Shauia
I am 110 but people think I am 18
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
- Quiet
- Calm
- Doesn't like to listen at times
- Rude, only if he goes several days without feeding
- Sarcastic, if he wants to
I belong to the race of vampire; daywalker
So, before I came to this school: Jai'theia knows nothing of his human life, only that he once belonged to a poor family. During his early year as a vampire, he would hunt and kill just about anyone that he could get his hands on, since he could not control his bloodlust and had no one to teach him. As he was feeding on a helpless young woman, an older vampire scolded him for killing for fun and not hunting to satisfy one's hunger. After that, he learned how to control his hunger, though at times he still looses control from time to time, being as young as he is.
Here's how people see me as

Username: 0Jason Voorhees0
My name is Greyscar
I am a lycanthrope.
I would like to join as a teacher.
My friends would describe me as:
-A person of blance
I belong to the race of werewolves.
So, before I came to this school I was raised in a clan never touched by society. I learned to be a shaman. I was a shaman for about twenty years before my village was destroyed by a great evil that I accidentally unleashed. Where it went, I do not know. I came to this place to find sanctuary and to teach others about magic. I know much of magic, but I only practice the spiritual magic. I am of natural born werewolves, so I do not have to transform, but I prefer to stay in my halfbreed form.
Here's how people see me as Human: User Image Wolf: User Image Half-Breed: User Image

Username: ~raindowhana~

My name is Vivian

I am 1020 but people think I am 17

I would like to join as a student

My friends would describe me as:

I belong to the race of The Leanaí

So, before I came to this school I was working with the Angels. We Leanaí are immortal like the Angels. We have soft white wings and have some powers like them. Such as teleportation and healing. Though we are also part feline. We have the stealth, eyes and teeth of a cat. Though in our first from we do not have wings or the full set of teeth, only the two sharpest on the top, making us resemble a vampire at times. I eyes are like human eyes in First Form as well. In Second Form our wings are shown, sometimes as shadows against the wall or floor, other times fully with the feathers present and all. Our eyes are like cats and our teeth are the full set. What are Leanaí? Well...Angels used to have friends, or pets, depending on what you like to call them. These were called Leanaí. Working for the Angels at one point before suddenly going missing.All of them. The Angels had looked for some time for their lost companions, then, assuming they were dead, the Angels stopped their search and kept on as they had been before the Leanaí had gone missing. As they had assumed, this species had been killed off, all except for very few that still lived. So as the few still live, they search the world for a way back to Heaven or for their Angel masters. Though some give up or others are pulled away. Some try to blend in and just hope for the Angels to come upon them. So that's what I am. I have been wondering the world for a while before I came here. Though as much as i know now, i have no recollection of the day we all went missing. I do believe that none of do. Though I may be mistaken, I think we regain our memories at the sight of our Angel master or such...I'm not sure, none have remembered at all, so maybe we will never remember. I don't know what my Angel master's name is either. But I haven't given up. But I have grown restless and find the need to settle somewhere. So here I am, I guess I'll just have to hope my Angel Master will find me.

Here's how people see me as:

The wings in the Second Form picture may be pink but really, anything pink is white. The only thing that stays a pinkish reddish color is the hair. Eyes in both pics are green.

First Form
Second Form

User ImageUser Image

Username: Annawuvyou
My name isKylea Mitchell
I would like to join as astudent
My friends describe me as (personality):
Shy (when I first meet someone)
Sensitive( at times)

The race I belong to:Werewolf
So, before I came to this school:Kylea's parents died when she was young from then on her older brother, Asuka, has taken care of her. He is very protective of his little sister. The two siblings have been very close ever since their parents died. Kylea has never felt like she was an orphan because she never had the chance to she also knew that her brother was trying his best to raise her so she never felt down. Ever since she was little she knew that she was a werewolf. Kylea loves her big brother.
Here's how people see me as:
User Image[/align

dramallama mrgreen

Username: RyujoouChakushi
My name is Rozie Flowerz
I am 15
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as:
- Intelligent
- Carefree
- Artistic
- Witty
- Sneaky
I belong to the race of Sirens
So, before I came to this school I was raised in a small cottage by myself and my siren mentor. I was taught the wiles of the ways sirens were raised. However, as I reached the age of ten, I was cast out of the 'clan' when my mentor was killed on a hunt. As she was my only link, they saw an untrained siren who was of no use, and chased me away. On my own, I reached a city and had been trying to go to normal school for four years, however, when I received an invitation to the school for supernatural beings, I couldn't resist.
Here's how people see me as: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Username: MrsAmberlina
My name is Ambience Karanight
I am 19
but people think I am 10
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as personality):
- quiet
I belong to the race of shape shifters
So, before I came to this school I lived alone in a human world. Creaters like me wernt heard of. My parents adopted me when i was an infant from an orphanage, due to not being able to have children, thinking i would be their perfect chield. They had everything, money, power, status, and now a child. I grew to the age of 5 before they noticed anything weird. I started vanishing and animals would be where i was supposed to be. It confused them for awhile, but before long, they figured it out. Being the high class people that they were, they hid me. Telling their friends that i was ill. I wasnt aloud out of the house until I was 16, with the promise I wouldnt show anyone my gift. It went well for awhile, until a party when i was 17. With alchohol in my system, i found it hard to control my...transformations, and changed infrount of my whole school. My parents didnt take that well and dropped me off half-way across the contry with nothing but my stuff and 1000000 dollars in a bank account for me. After awhile, she heard about this school and was eager to be around people that wouldnt think of her as a freak.
Heres how people see me as

Username: First of Four
My name is Professor Hyde Lock.
I am seventy-eight but people think I am twenty-five.
I would like to join as a teacher.
My friends would describe me as:
-immature for my age
-annoyingly wise
-a wannabe ladies man
I belong to the race of human.
So, before I came to this school I was an adventurous no-name archeologist, and I still am. In my twenties I stumbled upon an ancient wooden mask at a dig in southern Norway. Fooling around with the mask a bit I placed it over my face. What happened next was a blur but I woke up hours later, the mask gone and a splitting headache. I asked myself what happened in my head and got a chuckling response in my mind that was not my own. You woke me up, and boy did we have a party. It seemed that the mask had a deity or demon of some kind trapped within it and now having place the mask on it was able to transfer into my body. So now I share a body with a rather annoyingly mischievous being. There are perks however. Since fusing with the mask I have not aged, and I have some crazy powers, even a second form. However when I change to my second form I really can’t control myself. Recently I happened upon Stanley S. Chares’ School for Unnatural Beings and got a job as the school’s “archeology” professor.
Here's how people see me, as a regular guy, and when I let my “friend” have his bit of fun.

Username: Honorless Horror
My name is Ryon
I am 19
I would like to join as a student
My friends would describe me as (personality):
I belong to the race of Undead
So, before I came to this school So you wish to know a little about me? So be it.I grew up in a wealthy home, sure we were rich but it didn't matter, I was always the black sheep, by the time I was ten my parents had disowned me. They kicked me out onto the streets to fend for myself, my father said it was to "Teach me a lesson." That b*****d, he didn't know anything about me. You see I had a secret I kept hidden from them and everyone else.I didn't murder my teacher because I disliked her, no I felt quite the opposite in fact.The voices told me to kill her, told me that it would make things better, it would make things right! They lied, they always do. Anyways what does it matter, you want to know how I died? Fine, when I turned 15 I found a place to stay and a job, I ever got medication for myself and went back to school. Within a year of being at school I was still the outcast, it didn't matter. I could keep them all if I wanted who would care about a little more blood on my hands right? It was late one night I had come in because I thought there was supposed to be a "reward" for me. How stupid was I to believe that note sloppily placed in my locker, it was clearly not a girl's handwriting. When I walked into the front door of the school the entire football team was waiting for me, it seemed that my little adventure with the cheerleaders locker room had gotten me in trouble. They took me outside and began to beat me, breaking all my bones one at a time until they thought I'd pass out due to the pain. Oh how freaked out they were when I started laughing at them, after awhile they began to grow scared. I wasn't passing out, I should be dead by now, and that's when the idea came to one of them."Lets finish the job," He said, that b*****d got a rope and hung me up on a tree. They held me up so I wouldn't break my neck but then it happened. The darker half of my mind took over, I snapped one of their necks with my bare feet, in retrospect it was a stupid mistake because as he fell dead I did too. Snapped my neck and killed me without so much as a scream. What a shame, what a shame, Why am I hear? Haven't the slightest, I suppose this is to repent of all the murders me and my other half did, don't know and don't really care.
Here's how people see me as User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


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Sunny and windy

School Schedule:
Business as usual

Person Of The Day:
Hyde Lock


Dorms: (Since dorms are like houses I might have to dorm boys and girls together. But they are under close watch... Don't try to do anything tricky people!)
Student Dorm 1:
-Dezmond Hallowell
-Timothy Charles
-Asmarelda Charles
Student Dorm 2:
- Jor Magand
-Shilo Sweet
-Trigger Maxis
-Azalea Knight
Student Dorm 3:
-Jai'theia Shavan
-Kylea Mitchell
-Rozie Flowers
Student Dorm 4:
-Ambience Karanight
Teacher Dorm 1:
-Marshall Gailan
Teacher Dorm 2:
-Kathleen Everheart
Teacher Dorm 3:
-Silver Olivand
Teacher Dorm 4:
-Stanley Charles
Teacher Dorm 5:
Teacher Dorm 6:
-Hyde Lock
(5/5 You're finished!)
Stanley walked back and forth on the stage supported by his walking stick. He looked over the empty auditorium and sighed. He fixed everything on the stage and made sure it was all perfect. Satisfied with his work, Stanley sat in his chair on the stage.

Azrea leaned on the wall outside of the auditorium waiting for people to let her in. Her small black wings fluttering a little excitedly. She released her wavy pink hair from her bun and let it fall loose. She couldn't wait to start this school year.
Waking up early Shilo goea into a water pipe to get to thr assembly first. Jumping out of the watet pipe turning into a human she walks and takes a seat and see a teachet on stage walking up to him. "Do you need help sir" she asks sweetly. Looking at the teacher smiling nicely.

((Sorry on moble cant make it as pretty as i would like or as long))
Marshall Arts's avatar


User ImageEntering the assembly hall via a side door, a tall, muscular man with black hair made his way to the stage and stepped up to the row of mostly empty chairs perched upon it. Standing roughly six and a half feet tall with wide shoulders and arms covered in a dense layer of toned muscles, the man was practically a giant. He wore a black, suede leather vest, a pair of loose-fitting orange cargo shorts, and a pair of heavy black boots with thick soles. His knuckles and forearms were bound up with white cloth wrappings, and he had a thick growth of stubble covering his square jaw.

"Hmm, good, I'm not late." The man said as he took a seat on the stage, his deep voice thrumming in his chest like the idling rumble of an engine. He looked over at Stanley, who was seated to his right, and gave the elderly man a polite nod.
User ImageKathleen sat with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap, trying to look composed. She wasn't scared so much as nervous. Her age barely separated her from the students which made her a little uneasy for how much respect she would receive. She had only taught for one year prior and this was by far the largest number of students she would have to handle. The thoughts of students nearby hummed in the back of her mind and she hardly noticed another teacher take the stage. She glanced over just long enough to see that he was big...Not just big, giant almost. Her small frame and 5'6 height would probably make her look even more child like when standing next to him.
Marshall Arts's avatar



User ImageThe enormous man, who went by the name of "Marshall Gailan", turned his head just in time to meet the gaze of the young white-haired girl sitting a few yards down the line from him. He gave her a lopsided, friendly grin that was meant to be encouraging, but the exposure of a few of his jagged teeth might have made it a bit more unsettling than he intended.

Marshall wasn't really familiar with the other teachers--this being his first year teaching at this particular school--aside from Stanley who he'd met previously. He did, however, know a bit about them by word of mouth, enough to know that the white-haired young lady was indeed deserving of her spot on the stage in spite of how young she appeared. She had cold eyes, he thought, but she was quite lovely. Perhaps after school hours he'd try asking her out for a drink.

Eliciting more creaking groans from his wooden chair as he shifted to a more comfortable position, Marshall drummed his thick fingers on its arm as he waited for the students to arrive.
User Image
A small smile pulled at her lips with the large mans toothy grin and she looked away to hide it. She could tell his smile was meant to be comforting, his thoughts were sincere which made her feel a little better. Looking down at her clothing she started to rethink her outfit. The black mid thigh length skirt and white silk blouse with a golden belt she thought may not look as professional as she had hoped. Trying to ease her doubts, she ran her hands along her skirt trying to somehow make it cover more of her legs.

Maybe I'll ask her out for a drink. Kathleen froze for a second. She had been trying hard to drown out the low rumbling thoughts of the man to her left but they were so distinct. She straightened in her chair and looked forward pretending she didnt hear anything. She did not want to make him feel awkward id he somehow knew her gift.
Marshall Arts's avatar


User Image"Not much of a turnout so far," Marshall abruptly muttered, letting out a snort like that of a bull. He got to his feet again, as he was feeling too restless to sit still for long, and began bouncing on the balls of his feet and throwing punches at the empty air. His jabs were quick and precise, with no wasted energy, the air itself whiffing faintly as his knuckles parted it. "I wonder what's keeping the students."
User Image
Kathleen stifled a chuckle when the man stood up and threw punches into the air. She had never been the patient type either, but she knew how to sit still. It was amusing to watch his large man body act as impatient as a boy. Come to think of it she was getting a little tired of waiting as well. She stood and walked gracefully over to Stanley, who she had known only briefly. Her tall black heels clacked against the hard wood of the stage.

"Stanley if you would excuse me I am going to get some fresh air." She had to lean slightly as her heels gave her an extra 4 inches and Stanleys slouch put a distance between them. He nodded and Kathleen looked over to the impatient man before walking across the stage, in front of him and down the stairs toward the large double doors leading out of the auditorium.

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