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Tammi was happy that Luke wasn’t mad at her request of being carried. He did it with a smile towards her. When he held her up in his arms she cuddled into him, getting relaxed as she closed her eyes. "thanks…” She said in a small whisper, again, probably much to quiet for Luke to hear her speak. He was probably the nicest man she had ever met. Most guys either treated her like s**t or seemed nice in the beginning to only show that they would betray her as the time went on. How horrible men treat her in the past, but she let them do it. At least she wasn’t setting herself up for hurt this time, at least she hoped she wasn’t. She slowly let herself drift away. Her comfort levels rising almost letting her drift off to sleep. She had no more worries right now. It was as if when she had left the horrid house almost all of her troubles had been left in her past rundown home. It felt good to let some relief come upon her. Little to know worries that used her body as a host to all the ugly little parasites that ate away at her. As she began to fall asleep in the arms of her boyfriend she heard him speak to her. "We'll probably get the couch. I've only got a single bed and I share a room with my brother.." She smiled. “okay…” He had a brother. She was hoping he wouldn’t mind her staying either. How would his family take her staying the night? She was just hoping they’d be kind to her. That’s all she really hoped for. She didn’t want to be yelled at or have Luke yelled at for her being in his home unwelcome. She then agreed with him that they not talk about what had just happened at her house. That was her intention and she was glad that Luke had thought the same way. That would be a bad idea. She didn’t need her past business known by everyone and anyone more at that. She was then lead into his home. A small place like her past house, but it looked much better taken care of, unlike her old place that got no attention at all, this place looked like it was happily taken care of when things needed to be repaired or cleaned or anything of that sort. After walking in she saw a man on the couch. Either the brother he had spoke of before or his dad. She was hoping he wasn’t waiting up for Luke. That would’ve been horrible. She’d feel so bad if that were the case. He looked at them enter and she was a bit uneasy. She wasn’t really in the mood to deal with anymore men today, but she’d be polite. It was the right thing to do. She had no reason to be rude to the man when he had done nothing to wrong her. She soon the figured out the man who was lifting weights on the couch was Luke’s dad after he had introduced him to her. She gave him a small wave with a faint smile, her still being a bit uneasy. “Uh…hi…” She managed to say to the man. She then watched him as he began to make his way over to her. Did he just call her a bird? Was that a Scottish thing? She was hoping that it wasn’t an insult. She just continued to give off her faint smile as he introduced himself. “P-pleasure.” She said as she held herself a bit lightly. It was no doubt that this man was Luke’s dad, the resemblance was unquestionable. She the gave off a small yawn from her fatigue. “E-excuse me, but is it possible for me to have a place to sleep for the night. I promise to not be too much of a bother.” She said hoping he would not lash out on her or his son for bringing her.

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